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  1. I went to see him on New Years day v Torquay. I know it's only league two, but he linked well on the wings, with good close ball control and goal hunger in the box. He was always asking for the pass and showed confidence bordering on an air of arrogance. ( After a foul he dribbled past 2 players before kicking the ball back :st2: )
  2. Decided against pictures to respect their privacy as they were with family and because of the gesture. Also Miguel had a toddler on his lap :)
  3. . Well I braved the consequences just to spread the story of goodwill !
  4. Eeeek, no chance. I'd rather not know, especially with the recent burger scandal...
  5. We were at a restaurant in Hillsborough Sat night after the Wolves match near a table seating a large party that included a couple of families with young children. The kids were being "kids", animated and active but not quite annoying around our table, and we thought nothing of it, even interacting with them at times throughout the evening. We polished off deserts and asked for the bill, and were puzzled when the waitress enquired what bottle of champagne we preferred. Looking totally flummoxed, she explained that some footballers were offering us a bottle to apologise for their lively children. Further investigation revealed that the footballers were Miguel Llera and Jose Semedo and their families that were dining nearby and the champagne was their offering to compensate for their children's behaviour. We graciously accepted their kind offer with many thanks, insisting they were no trouble at all, but were touched by their fine gesture. Bottoms up to Miguel and Jose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in a cheers, drinking kind of sense, of course...)
  6. I was at the Wolves match last night and from what I saw the Owls seemed to be doing things the wrong way around. When the defence broke down the wolves attack, they tried to pass their way out of trouble and through the Wolves players only for the ball to be returned to the opposition more often than not, yet when they were in space with no pressure whatsoever, they were playing long ball hoofing football which, again seemed to end up in Wolves possession. Surely vice versa would have been more effective...
  7. He didn't say "Pig", he typed it...
  8. Welcome to thuggery... http://www.oldhamathletic-mad.co.uk/news/tmnw/bully_boy_tactics_work_for_wednesday_717545/index.shtml?
  9. You're a Bellend. But don't take it personally...
  10. Fine, I'll edit to keep the nit pickers at bay, but I'd hoped people were intelligent enough to know what I mean...
  11. Yeh, knew someone with time on their hands would make this comment. There's always one......
  12. I'm just concerned and am looking for a little reassurance from more level headed supporters :smile: :smile: :smile:
  13. as well as Wednesday are doing right now, the backbone of the team includes 3 players on loan. What on earth are we gunna do when we lose the keeper, a defender and a quality winger???
  14. I think it was Madines fault Wednesday didn't get as many fouls as they could have. He went to ground far too easily so I can understand why the Ref wasn't convinced with the genuine fouls. Towards the end of the match he stayed on his feet a little and a couple of fouls were awarded. The penalty claims mostly involved him.
  15. Not really, it highlights that Madine dives or just collapses to try to win free kicks.
  16. I actually blame Madine for Wednesday not getting as many decisions as we should have today. Most of the time he was involved, he went down too easily, so I can understand why the Ref wasn't convinced when the fouls were genuine. Towards the end of the match, he stayed on his feet and fouls against him were given. The decisions in the box involved him too.
  17. Last season was Championship opposition.......................
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