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  1. Did you have your eyes open? Cus its clearly onside...
  2. Thats the picture I was referring to. The ball is in the air so already been played. When it was first touched, the attacker was in line...
  3. But in the picture the ball has already been played, so what does it matter if hes in front of the defender. When the ball is touched he isnt in front of the defender...
  4. Just stating what apparently many blinkered fans are unable to see He wasnt offside. When the ball was touched, he was at least in line...
  5. Good job you're not an assistant referee then...
  6. But he was behind the ball passer therefore the ball didnt play forward, therefore onside
  7. But hes not affecting the defenders positioning hence not interfering with play
  8. , you can post all you like. It's still onside
  9. It wasnt offside. In that picture the ball has left his foot. Take it back a frame on contact with the ball he was onside, timed his run to perfection.
  10. We'd be well in the mire without him, defenders are too slow.
  11. My point here is MM has invested more than a lot of people realise. I can't argue figures because they aren't official.
  12. MM paid of a lot or most of the debt. Even if some of it was written off there was still a substantial amount to settle. The tooth fairy didn't cough it up.
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