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  1. Who cares about defending, ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK
  2. It's an outrage. Before you know it, fans will be demanding lots of big money signings...
  3. Has anyone mentioned it was a friendly?
  4. To be fair, Bus hasnt had much time. I reckon he will be will do something with the attack we have now
  5. Yes. I was looking at improvements on last season which was painfully dull to watch most of the time
  6. From the released friendly clips I am actually enthused by the team movement and passing,with players in lots of space, providing lots of options.
  7. The team are concentrating on fitness and tactical play/movement. A competitive mentality won't be high on the agenda for a friendly. It doesn't mean anything.
  8. Apart from if we destroy everyone odds will be less than 1/2...
  9. But it's not a multiple selection headache if he has committed to playing the loanees regardless of how they perform, quite the opposite.
  10. Tut, I checked the threads before posting and didn't see anything. Just seen the other topic...
  11. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/sheff-weds/sheffield-wednesday-loan-players-get-carlos-carvalhal-s-game-time-guarantee-1-7356358 “I have said to the chairman, if we bring a player on loan we should be absolutely sure we can promise they will play all the matches.” Surely a little risky to publicly announce this. What if the player isn't up to scratch or just doesn't fit into the team for whatever reason? Isn't CC then under pressure to play the loanees regardless of the team performances? How will the permanent players feel/react after committing to the club and facing being shunned for a "must play" loan contract player?
  12. I think this is when he was on loan...
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