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  1. That wasn't a square ball. A square ball travels square from the provider, that pass went very much forwards, towards the keeper. Not much May could've done there in my opinion.
  2. Yes, true, but it's good to be able to do it and keep the ball from the opposition, thereby restricting their number of chances and being able to play the way they want. I was beside myself at the number of times we used to play a loose ball. In this instance they scored more goals, but that won't be so in every game, some of those shots that were peppered at goal will go in most of the time.
  3. By the sounds of his record, that's his playing ethic...
  4. Looks intriguing. I would go Nuihu instead of Madine tho as a target man to bring in May and Maguire
  5. Looks like Hillsborough curse. Millwall having probs with their audio,
  6. He's not that good. He exactly hasn't scored many
  7. I reckon Lavery can come good. Was hoping to see good things from him this season, has shown good ability with direct attacking/dribbling and not scared to have a pop.
  8. Don't you think he's too old and injury prone to go on loan? Surely wouldn't be worth it...
  9. Nice. Cupla tweaks; Stevie may is magic He wears a magic hat And when he drove past hillsborough He said I fancy that He could have gone to rothrum But they are proper poo Instead he came to wednesday To play in blue & white
  10. It's a bit long. Might forget the words...
  11. He'd be good to keep as a target man. If anyone messes with him, he'll just knock em out...
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