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  1. Money would be more wisely spent on players better than DG is what I think people are suggesting. Comparing Nuhiu to DG isn't really productive seeing he is already on the books.
  2. So he's not competition for Forestieri then?..
  3. Thats my point. I think he's that good...
  4. No better than signing Bus or May. Would rather give Lavs a chance as a striker...
  5. His best patch was with Watford in the Championship http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/danny-graham/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/29152
  6. http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/danny-graham/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/29152
  7. If and buts. They didn't. If we'd scored more than Bolton we'd have won. If Fulham hadn't saved the other chances the scoreline would have been more comfortable. P.S. It was one game in one attempt
  8. Too early to be worrying about the tables...
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