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  1. On 22/02/2020 at 17:57, asteener1867 said:

    The EFL..The f.ookin'  courts..How many points ?...The endless not knowing whats around the corner..S.A.G?, SYP?  Is the Lepp open?...Is it shut?.

    .Can I afford next seasons season ticket..before this season is even f.ookin' over?

    But you know what....?

    I absolutely hate being timid of the next game in front of us....and thats what we have had the last few weeks.

    Scared out of our socks cos its Brum away...Scared out f our socks cos its Bloody Reading ..at Home...Blackburn, Cardiff, Millwall..at home

    The whole sodding set up is built on being scared sh*tless of what happens next.


    Hutchinson. Westwood...Mental health....


    I'll give you summat that will test yer mental health...support this lot and watch ME in goal or playin' holding midfielder...Please do f.ook off.


    This endless cycle of Jam tomorrow...spaffing millions on f.ooking abject tat.

    Any of you f.ookers on the staff worried that Owls fans are sat gibbering behind the bloody sofa?..every sodding Saturday when you lot trot out to do whatever the f.ook you seem to be doing lately?

    Any of you f.ookers having to smile and take it on the chin as Blades fans rip the p* ss?


    You take yer wage, and you whine

    You whine about abuse on Social media...But ONE f.ookin' win...and there you are...on twitter or whateverthefook...


    You lot get this pressure cos Wednesday fans  actually f.ookin' care..Do you?




    I sodding doubt it!




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  2. 4 minutes ago, Rev Owl said:

    Not wanting to be critical but you're a bit late to the party with this.

    Already covered in great detail on page one.

    My sympathy for your mistake.





    See what I did?





    You took the wee wee out of me when I was taking time out of my evening in an attempt to help, rubbing my face in it using "Not wanting to......but.....i will anyway".


    I hope this doesn't lead to psychopathy...

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  3. 20 hours ago, Bez said:

    Right, come on.  Out with it.


    Before we play B'ham, what do you EXPECT.


    • We are playing poorly, 
    • New players who haven't developed chemistry yet, 
    • Birmingham in great form, 
    • Unsettled team, 


    Set your expectations here.



    I expect:


    • Much better performance than previous games
    • Tighter at the back
    • Still sloppy up front
    • 1-1 draw but could have won
    • Fox plays a part


    I expect nothing, anything else is a bonus...

  4. 20 minutes ago, 2roland2 said:

    so regardless of who’s in charge you are happy with performances and our form and league position then ?


    This topic is about Monk, so feel free to track back the conversation that includes the comment you quoted for my opinion instead of isolating points that aren’t relevant and taking them out of context...

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  5. 53 minutes ago, rickygoo said:

    I don’t expect much but I didn’t expect to be tonked at home by Blackburn and Reading, be outplayed by Barnsley and lose to Wigan and Luton. 

    Interesting that all the matches you have focussed on are defeats. So you expected all of the wins?


    This is why I think the season should be seen as a whole, results won’t always go as expected, for or against, so is there any point in dissecting it all?..

  6. 3 hours ago, OughtibridgeOwl said:

    How many managers would go to a club knowing they won’t be allowed to bring in their team? 

    im sure it’s not many 



    Maybe that's a sign of Monk's confidence, to be able to acheive something without.


    Let's not forget he hasn't had pre season and a mid season transfer window isn't the best time for long term additions.


    I believe he's doing a decent job on the fly and has tried different angles. Initially he tried a mostly settled team, recently it's adding new faces and mixing teams up.


    He's trying to figure things out for immediate results and the longer term and it's only recently things have gone awry.


    I think some expect too much too soon, and this has been amplifyed by the early season push that saw us reach third in the table. It would be unrealistic to expect that run to continue considering the circumstances, and he should be given credit for managing to acheive that.


    Step back and see the season as a whole, rather than point to a season high saying "we should be maintaining that".


    We have seen these players for many years and we have seen similar things occur with previous managers, I think he deserves a fair crack of the whip...

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  7. 21 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:

    Given the circumstances, I thought Monk spoke pretty well after today's game, particularly when pushed on Hutchinson and Westwood's current situation:


    I've been 25 years in the changing room. I know what  a successful changing room looks like, I know what the environment looks like.


    Every single player knows where they stand.


    I know what goes into a changing room and it's not just always football; it can be certain other things: influences, character, all this type of stuff...and I make those decisions on knowing what a changing room looks like, what it needs to be to be successful.


    So again, that's a bigger picture thing. People will question am I right doing it in the here and now - who knows?


    But at the end of the day, I can't go against what I know is right.


    The temptation must be there to bring them back in from the cold in order to preserve his job, but if he feels so strongly that whatever has gone on is bad enough to merit their exclusion from the squad, then surely he has to be admired for taking such a principled stance which he clearly feels is for the greater good of our club?

    That’s what Jos tried...

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