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  1. 26 minutes ago, We are all Wednesday said:

    I like probably all Sheffield Wednesday supporters was really pleased to see Forestieri amongst the goals on Saturday... but why did he not celebrate either goal? He actually looked really unhappy...


    I'm not looking for negatives and have a lot of time for this man but you couldn't miss it...

    He did celebrate. 

    Maybe he wasn’t doing backflips for his goal because it was an equaliser and there was more to do. 

    Second goal he celebrated in the same way as at least two other players...

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  2. 2 hours ago, Mick De Lyons said:

    What is your opinion ? 

    Interesting observation. 

    I don’t quite understand the reference to Carlos because I remember feeling confident at the end of matches that a lead would be maintained or that a winner would be scored as they were well organised and applied the game plan through to the end more often than not...

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  3. 2 minutes ago, SquirrelSlingshot said:

    Unpopular opinion:


    Westwood needs to be be dropped.


    I've given him the benefit of the doubt this season because he's been such a good player for us, but these mistakes are becoming far too frequent.


    I think the positives still outnumber the negatives, especially without a replacement of similar quality and experience...

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  4. 11 hours ago, Owl 44 said:

    but we need to cut out those soft ones. 



     It could be the result of the way they have been applying themselves defensively. 

    Not giving them away might have resulted in a good shooting chance or goal anyway. 

    Changing it might ruin our approach to matches and progress...

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  5. 35 minutes ago, kilnhurstowl said:

    Could not see a thread on this lad ,so sorry if it's already been answered.  Just wondered what had happened to him? He came over with good rep but not seen much of him. Is he injured?

    Lost in Meadowhall...

  6. 24 minutes ago, Maltby owl83 said:

    You're splitting hairs:biggrin: I'm talking abilities and standards. Like I say I've not got an issue with the lad per say, other than we need better, at the minute it's impossible so he will continue to get my support. 

    If you didn’t have the abilities or standard you wouldn’t play 150 games...

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  7. 2 hours ago, thewookieisdown said:


    This could do with being printed out and handed around the bit of the north where I sit

    Wouldn’t make a difference as to them if a player isn’t running and chasing the ball they are lazy and not doing anything...


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  8. 31 minutes ago, Yellowbelly said:

    Sorry to be that guy but 5 to 3 is nowhere near a 50/50 split 

    Sorry to be that guy but the OP stated “almost 50:50” which is one game off...

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