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  1. 1 hour ago, CraftyCockneyOwl said:

    I wonder when fans will be allowed back in stadiums and if we will see reduced capacities for the foreseeable. 


    As much as it is good having football back, not being able to attend is frustrating.  I wonder if 20/21 will be a right off for the most part...which then begs the question what will the financial implications be?  

    I don’t...

  2. 3 hours ago, Owls Loyal said:

    Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.


    He is now failing miserably at SWFC.


    Mick McCarthy is available and would be a steady pair of hands in these troubled times for the club.


    Just for the record Mick McCarthy achiveved:


    Promotion to the Premier League - Sunderland

    Promotion to the Premier League - Wolves

    Play Off's - Ipswich Town


    Qualified for World Cup Finals and reached secondf Stage in South Korea with the Republic of Ireland.

    Who would replace him in a couple of months though?..

  3. 3 hours ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

    Monk for falling out with our three best players; Westwood, Hutchinson and Forestieri. I really can’t stand Monk and if we go down and he stays then I’ll seriously have to think about not bothering anymore. That’s how bad I think he is.

    Yeh because there were no other apparent issues with any of them over the years...

  4. 4 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


    OK. Why is that controversial, though?


    There's nothing shown up on the scan but his hamstring's feeling tight, so best not to risk it with plenty more games still to play - what am I missing here!?

    It’s not interesting enough to talk about or effective ammunition to throw at the manager unless there’s some bullshit mixed in...

  5. 7 minutes ago, toooldforthis said:


    The game has moved on, his fitness/pace has gone...he's been rubbish for 2 ½ seasons now. If you think Reach is a great player for the Owls that's ok. I bet you think Nuhiu is good too.

    So you’ve gone from doesn’t have a clue how to play football to not being a great player. 

    Trying win an argument by changing context. 



    Not worth any more of my time. 

    Cheers though...

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