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  1. No pulis played 1upfront now we are playing 2 we are winning
  2. If pulis is being sacked because we wanna keep championship status then why would we sell sell sell??? There's a bigger plan you watch
  3. Players not getting paid will not help and also what player would want to play for a club where numerous times now wages haven't been paid on time?? Needs sorting
  4. Tommy spurr in my eyes 100% effort every game played because loved the sport loved the club loved the fans. He was consistent and one that wore the shirt in my eyes with pride x
  5. This team is bobbar and I mean bobbar what sins did I make in a previous house to be lumbered supporting this rubbish haha
  6. He might be our best center half but we still have dunkley to come back we have boroner and lees. If iorfa can show versatility it might see the exit of pelupessy? End of day pulis already looks like someone that has a clue and a plan B C D instead of monks plan A ermmm didnt work stick to plan A with different players didnt work stick to plan A with a plan A option haha
  7. I dont think the rumours of him upsetting are tre tbf I think its a case of out with the old in with the young with jos and monk. Monk had the vision of the future of the club which ment some of best players like Westwood lost out.
  8. Just gone on to sort match tomorrow whats the package at £45 does that mean if I pay £45 I'll be able to watch every match for rest of season ??? Or is is only avaliable as £10 each game im confused with it sorry
  9. Ability has nothing to do with weight at all. Look at hooper for example scored loads but everyone said overweight at one point
  10. Thing is hes been trying with them since monk gone so had a couple of week so happy days perfect timing for the international break
  11. I cant believe we can't score against the team thats conceded the most god we are tripe
  12. Said this we look decent on ball but poor without it
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