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  1. Lomas613


    Get in lad good debut haha this is why you sign new players . . . To play them !!!
  2. Lomas613

    Training Photo's

    Ok but am I wrong in saying they should train in shorts n T-shirt just like a game?? Reason I say this is because of body conditioning if they wear all the warm gear for training but not for matches then their body is susceptible to get injury??? Temperature differences etc? I’m sure I’ve heard this before may be wrong though
  3. Let’s face it if you was selling something and multiple interest was in it you’d say one has bidder this price hoping the other interested will pay more and so on. Chansiri is playing a smart game of keep saying there’s interest to get the other potentially interested parties to hurry up and make a decision and a move or to up there fee. Even if he’s not actively trying to sell just by doing this alone will potentially bring more people out of woodwork etc not many would want to miss and opportunity like buying Wednesday
  4. Lomas613

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Not got it :/ gutted
  5. Lomas613

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Any streams ?? Wanna watch it
  6. Lomas613

    Club Shop

    I sent my lads in football kit then threw them a programme told them if they moan show them this book I ain’t spending more money on stupid costumes for 1 day haha
  7. Lomas613

    So after all that...

    I have a huge feeling the wage bill of all the players out of contract will be a huge significance towards our financial situation goodbye to majority of them mark my words
  8. Lomas613

    Our Penalty Decision

    My thought exactly at that same moment I often wonder if we had a corner we would have maybe had a headed chance or even miss leading to goal kick etc and the game wouldnt have panned through frustration up the other end immediately to then concede a penalty
  9. Fair dos mate well said I just think something can be done to make football more like that etc but your opinion makes perfect sense
  10. I think your missing the point mate. And seems like your one of the minority that sees it as an issue. End of day we don’t sell games out every week do we so if the away end is sold owt I don’t see anything wrong with other ticket being allocated/allowed to purchase by away fans end of day money is money and if there is security and people be sansible (how it should be that’s what I was meaning above) then I don’t see why not
  11. This is how football should be if the ground sells out who cares who sits in the seats as long as they behave have few banter but nothing too OTT!
  12. Lomas613

    In the home end

    Omg that match was amazing I was there in away end was we as loud as we sempt jeeees my ears rang after that game haha
  13. Lomas613

    P&S issues

    He se why I put a ? At side of each mate only writing what I’ve heard
  14. Right so we could be staring down the barrel of P&S rules sounding quite significant on next transfer season. So it’s got me thinking the players we haven’t had for a while etc this season too. 1. Hooper 40k a week? 2. Lee 30k a week? 3. Abdi 40k a week? just in these three alone there’s 5.7 million a year wages. If we did the sensible thing and not offer them a contract at end of season estimated surely I’m not far off anyway the purpose I’m writing is to say these 3 are an example there is a couple more but if we wasn’t to resign the players we’ve got along ok without surely we will save ourselves from transfer embargo this is the avenue id be looking at if I was chansiri I wouldn’t look to sell out top current performers???