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  1. Made a good point there any sanctions should be taken out in this season like Birmingham has otherwise it would be unfair to start next year on a minus
  2. Let’s be honest it can’t be no worse than Birmingham’s 9 point deduction so wouldn’t worry too much about that look what Bruce has done in such a short space of time them points are less than the ones lost under Jos haha. Fine so what just pay it wouldn’t bother us surety embrgo tbf wouldn’t matter we’ve shown we’ve got the quality in recent weeks so should be ok with squad we’ve got considering players coming back etc and Bruce already admitting wants to cut squad down. So let’s just say bye to a fair few wasters in team and we will be good. I’d quite gladly take another close but not close enough season to have a BIG BIG PUSH with no ffp the season after tbf helps build abit of stability for future too
  3. I was talking before that too they just always seem so have the financial income to be able to spend and stay within regulations
  4. My question is how the efff does Bournemouth do it 12k fans and spend on players too how do they keep within FFP aka P&S
  5. The only fault I can pick is as soon as Westwood not in net we look shaken and panicky in defence just hope that gets sorted then we will be firing can’t wait
  6. On a plus not next season looking good for us I’m happier now and a pre season under this think we’ll be fantastic next year. Almost fantastic enough to get go compare guy to sing before each match fantastic haha
  7. Funny you should mention that I’ve been thinking for a long time that due to too many players it’s had opposite effect instead of pushing each other i think it’s contributing towards the injuries. I mean think about it allll them players training at once not all will get the same attention and or some will jog at back of pac having a chin wag whilst others bust their @rses sort of contributing to less training if makes any sense
  8. The only issue is Boyd has been playing as of late and before fessi too ?? So either one will be leaving I think
  9. Will he do enough to earn new contract especially considering financial issues
  10. Not on at all he’s fought back from a bad injury he’s shown glimpses of his abilities again yet Joao who’s also been injured and not long been back not to mention rumours he’s up for Sale starting before him whatttt !!! I’m guessing hooper will get a few minutes today so also doubt winnall will be a used sub :/
  11. Worth a bet an all Sheffield final
  12. feel sorry for winnall though :/
  13. Omg please say someone has a live stream I can watch :D pleaseeee
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