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  1. Found it never mind ignore above haha all sorted thanks for guiding me
  2. For some reason not linked how do I sort this
  3. Eyup I bought some home kits for my kids in store and they gave me some points back to use towards something else cause I've got a season ticket. I'm wanting the away kits for them. If I buy online do I get the points again or is it in store only.
  4. I'm a fan of fresh legs but don't take a goal scorer out of the team 2in2 he's going to promote us that kid
  5. Mines not here either very irritated
  6. Woke up mate he was in my bed with wife wtf ....... nahh mate he hasn't so I'm cossing everything for today lol.
  7. Mine hasn't either so bit apprehensive
  8. Hope mine has then I'm not at home haha
  9. Tudgay fantastic header of the ball flicked on nicely most of the time.
  10. Hahaha the Wednesday way 2weeks
  11. Thanks mate I did look but couldn't see other post about it thank you
  12. Hi I've bought a season ticket this year its not a renewal or anything. Has anyone heard when they will be dispatched or ready for collection. Sorry if I've missed owt
  13. This is beyond a joke because his family is still multi billion rich so no excuse that staff are not paid. He has the money just not paying. If admin step in they will see an incompetent owner not a business out of money. They will say you have the money it's your loss pay up. We should be OK from administration because of that a historical club shouldn't be allowed to fold when his other businesses are still OK. It lies on his shoulders and they will know that
  14. Did I not say I know this is a charity match but look at the shirt??
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