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    Find out if it is him or his double if it’s him say UTOFTB and walk straight out of it’s not him well you’ve got a piece of mind and you can relax and enjoy. Or better yet stay there enjoy the break and shiiiit all over bathroom spread it round walls write UTO all over simple oh and shag that much that if someone get a UV light on sheets after you gone it looks like a galaxy of spunk
  2. Anyone who went how did we play was it good? only question I have is why didn’t we make 1 sub at all even when we was losing ???
  3. Player wages

    I recon when it comes to wages they’ll sign a contract worth xxx amount a year which then works out to xxx their weekly wage if get me. I don’t think they set out for a weekly wage it’ll all be annually but divided by the 52. thats why we sometimes hear players in prem earning so much a year roughly X a week
  4. Let’s face it they haven’t really been competing throughout the season have hey hence why a playoff finalist/semi finalist team is now closer to relegation than to the playoffs. They haven’t completed to their previous standards because of lack of fitness no ones saying they not fit at all we are saying hey are not fit enough. And jos has not had time to gain fitness (a full pre seasons worth) as well as get his methods accross and preparing for each game in 6 week that’s not enough at all
  5. Wow I was getting frustrated for him I really like JOS it’s not fair on him at all he’s trying hard with what he has available if he plays same players I agree we will have more injuries and could cost the team in the long run. wow feel for him stupid Carlos has made this hard work. tell you what I am looking forward to a full preseason with him and next year now :D
  6. 6 week not enough for a full sore seasons worth of training especially with games coming thick and fast how does he prepare and get them fit at same time
  7. He’s doing a good job because he’s good at the start with the players being fit under the old manager he’s doing well there because of this like the first season with us. Let’s judge carloss reign at Swansea after 2 more seasons if he makes it that long after he has had pre seasons with them not getting them fit enough like what he did with us
  8. Do not play loovens v Villa he’s a liability
  9. Lucas Joao

    While I admit no strikers is a very odd decision jos can not control how badly the defence played when they are on the pitch. If they played well and to a decent standard then we may have kept the 1-0 with João to finish off in last 20 min. But unfortunately they was pants and didn’t justify his ideas. Lucas should however be starting for me he’s full of confidence and scoring odd not to play him
  10. Glenn loovens please retire

    I’m so happy I’m not the only one to think this I worry when he’s in the team now sorry
  11. Katiren Meire

    I’m not looking for pedantic I’m just pointing out a silly fact I know the rules on alcohol I was using it as a silly excuse with the 25 under thing never mind anyway not that bothered
  12. Katiren Meire

    That’s normally figuratively speaking most places that say U? Mean that age and under. Kids and play areas say Under?? But allow the age that it says. Legal age for Drinking aswell for example is over 18 does this mean you should be 19 before getting alcohol. Obviously now there’s that challenge 25 but that’s based on looks haha. End of day most places that say under also mean that age and under. But not on Wednesdays Case
  13. The pitch

    didn’t know that fair does then I think the groundskeeper needs to get sorted then
  14. The pitch

    At this time of year any pitch will look worse because the grass is dying off and getting worn down this pitch has the desso Astro turf in there too helping the surface be playable all year round regardless of healthy grass there or not.