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  1. How the hell did you know that or was it lucky guess
  2. Yep me too never mind if you do know anyone interested let me know she can try do specific players too. Obviously new kit coming out soon so that would be on there unless people want again specific kits etc
  3. Perfectly understandable matey I’m trying to get her there :D
  4. I’m trying to talk her into it but she gets too anxious. But she does take orders etc
  5. Mother in law makes them she’ll do any team for friends and family too also does cartoon characters like pink panther seen her do that a couple of times. I think they are ace. She suffers Alzheimer’s too these keep her confidence and concentration going tbf wouldn’t believe she had it at times.
  6. Eyup sorry to bother but does anyone know how to apply for a stall for owls in park ??
  7. Did he ?? Nice one then but where’s that leave lees n hector (if we sign hector) I’m beginning however to feel like we playing 5-3-2 next season with 2 actuall propper wing backs
  8. Deffo odobajo as right wing just wondering where iorfa will fit too unless Palmer gunna play on left like he did towards end last season ??
  9. Beat me too it he kept us up with that goal if i remember rightly ??
  10. Bleeeding he’ll that was hard to understand all I heard was hair band then turned it off wtf
  11. No he scored the only goal at Wembley he’ll always be enemy
  12. Omg that’s my house you spying on my wife again. Or me you dirty man you . . . Asif i would s if I would live there wouldn’t be caught dead living in hull
  13. I’d let Bruce have a player at his disposal that he’s wanted at other clubs too see if Bruce and make owt of him and hopefully bring that value up
  14. Haha it’s brill the nightmare on here after abit of sarcasm not a chance in hell would I have him in our team purely interested in he meltdown after abit of fun posting that
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