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  1. It’s annoying me his shirt doesn’t fit him haha
  2. Not surprised took mine ages to load and post and then posts it 3 bloody times still funny though
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha we haven’t had a shot on target in over 200 min stick on the striker who hasn’t scored in over 200 days and he comes and bangs In equaliser hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  4. Haha I’ve just said exactly same on another post great minds think alike. I too can only think his is logical explanation why a team of our quality is playing so poorly
  5. Tom Lees

    To me I’m beginning to wonder if the players are giving up and playing poorly because they too don’t want CC anymore. That’s the only logical explanation I can come up with as to why a team won our quality is playing so shockingly
  6. He can’t moan about the referees and crucial decisions going against us cause we’ll we got a penalty after playing w@nk again score finally after 200+ mins without a shot on target. Not good enough with our quality. football omg is this football it’s boring. cmon CC what’s the excuses we go and wish to ashieve the 3 points we play absolutely sure wanting 3 points we absolutely sure have the possession and play pasient we create chances absolutely sure we will ashieve 3 points and come back more strong blah blah blah boring like the performance
  7. Gary Hooper I’d bet my house he’d score
  8. And willy warmers . . . Oh hang on your talking about the small bag thing that fastens like a belt ohhhhhh that’s rubbish
  9. I think your on to summat there mate ban everything non swfc make people buy swfc stuff from shop clutch bags backpacks laptop cases brief cases they’ll make a killing . . . Parden no pun intended
  10. So those fans who DIDNT READ this line I believe unless necessary may cover nappie bags or shop merchandise bags or I dunno incompetent bags end of day unless not drastically needed don’t bring them in order to keep searching time at a minimum otherwise those with one will be searched and that’s that. It’s not difficult cmon really are there really people that stupid
  11. Really cmon them bags are thin and easy to well you know SEARCH!! That’s all they’ll do with them have a quick look. Use common sense guys
  12. I’m laughing at all these silly suggestions what do I do with my bag of overnight stay etc good suggestion above. I also thought of the possibility most hotels would allow you to store your luggage even if you’ve past your check out time. I’ve been to a few that allow because let’s face it just because you’ve had to check out doesn’t mean you can’t travel round the city or football in this instance etc and you don’t wanna be carrying luggage about so hotels generally let you leave them and collect later am i wrong ?? Haha honestly for a couple hour football game peoples priorities need to be sorted it can mean difference between life or death (if there was a terrorist attempt)
  13. Away shirts

    Already have I bought the shirts in advance scheme other year so just waiting for it
  14. Any idea from Anyone when they going to be in stock