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  1. Caption Competition

    He who dares wins rodders
  2. Caption Competition

    Is it my turn to join in the Mexican wave yet !!! We need this in English football
  3. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Now that’s put a whole new perspective on making her cream mate
  4. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Shhhhh don’t tell
  5. Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Why would they pour them before half time they aren’t guaranteed to sell them all which may lead to waste if they pour when people order them nothing wasted. End of day your at a football match for just over and hour n half of you can’t last that long without a pint I think counselling needed for alcoholic haha no seriously just wait till after game or like said if that desperate tough leave 5min before half time.
  6. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Ahhhh that makes sense thanks
  7. Forgive me if I’m wrong

    Explain this please then
  8. Westwood at beginning of season was wearing shirt with chansiri across front yet wildsmith was wearing one or all with elev8 on??? is this a way of chansiri putti more money or declaring more income ie sponsors into the club in order to keep within FFP ??? Anyone care to clarify for me
  9. Oh don’t do that they’ll be another uproar and they again blame another player from another club for their failure ie tevez still get bored hearing that don’t give them summat else to cry about it’s bad enough their a blade
  10. In my opinion I would move fast with the money the chairman has made available if any. Save a game of catch up etc like previous seasons. Then if we do gain more money from a few sales shove that straight into rebuild and more players that way time to gel and form tactics for next season
  11. Jordan Rhodes - #SWFC Striker

    What gets me in football is a team say like Millwall who haven’t got loads of strikers they have a striker score then go another maybe 6 games without scoring again yet they keep their place on the pitch. But then after them 6 goalless they then start banging them in every week. with us (especially under CC) our players score then rewarded with the bench a week later then don’t score for maybe 6 games again most of which they played a bit part in either off bench or taken off early. This would contribute to confidence draining away. But because it’s been so long without a goal or a propper run in the squad we as fans pssss and moan about them and criticise. I don’t think Rhodes is to blame at all he obviously had some bad confidence issues towards end of Middlesbrough career too. Oh and might I add it’s also been admitted he didn’t have the confidence to take penalty for Huddersfield v blunts that playoff game. That’s why I think he was one of the last to take one. So before anyone slags off for not wanting to take one especially against his ex club cut him some slack. Confidence is a huge thing in football if you’ve got it yes great if you haven’t it can be quite depressing not something that can be controlled
  12. What I noticed on the sky sports highlights we was playing a very direct style ? Forgive if wrong. there was plenty of balls into the box sitting up perfectly for Rhodes strength his heading so if we’ve played to his strengths it’s no wonder he’s finally scored utilising the players in the right way therefore well done jos. Jos said before the international break he’s not had time to implement his methods etc maybe now his methods are coming across Rhodes might be making himself available by training and performing better as a result of style suiting him ??? Or jos has many methods to use in order to use all his different players or both
  13. Left Back

    For me FOX should be Left Back LEFT BACK AT BLOODY HOME!!!!!!!!
  14. next seasons captain

    If available Kieran lee real engine in midfield he would lead by example