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  1. Teams are up

    Hope not our lads won't see him cumin I mean coming
  2. Teams are up

  3. Teams are up

    Just been laughing at the welcome they got on arrival have you seen it
  4. Teams are up

    If we lose to their shower of shhhittteee I'll be furious they relying on wedesday reject haha
  5. I'm on iPhone struggling to find older posts besides if I typed it in on middle page of old thread no one would see the update cause more pages from other conversations will overtake it. Hardly anyone will see the actual information they not available yet. I've posted before with updates and got no responses to them cause no one looks back at page 4 when there's 9pages of the subject.
  6. Haha I actually said to him are you sure you haven't gained weight he said I like to think not ha ha but I'm truth they are smaller so he says
  7. Season before last there was a scheme opened where can purchase the next few seasons shirts in advance I had a spare few quid that year so thought why not costs me £40 a shirt guarantees me a 150th shirt (thinking they might be popular or actually arrive cause so far not guaranteed me anything haha) and so far I've saved £30 on both last year. Depending on price his year I'll have saved a few more quid and I'm actually skint atm no spare cash and can't afford on anyway but lucky for me already paid for so I've got it :D
  8. Sounds about right haha
  9. I'm on mobile mate every time I click summat it opens up some other cr@p I've looked back and cannot find other posts either my phone messing up or what but gets to point where bottom of page is blank so I start new one so 1 I know I've informed people and 2 people actually get chance to see the update and it not being on page 4 of something else what everyone else talking on then by time others come on another 5 pages happens and it's been missed. Cause let's face it who looks through every page of a post. Atleast I'm updating people with info I know thought that was the point of this forum
  10. Yup not telling price dunno why they keeping it hush
  11. Well even if you don't care your still reading it
  12. I'm getting my moneys worth I wanna be buried in mine
  13. I must admit have we all forgot the third strip even players haven't worn theirs yet haha. That's taking a while too
  14. Highly doubtful he said he assures that all preordered are taken as priority and I will be contacted shortly. If any shirts was to be in stock the club will have announced anyway