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  1. Said this we look decent on ball but poor without it
  2. What annoys me a quality keeper throws himself at that i dont care what anyone says again poor half @rsed keeping.
  3. Must admit considering they did the deal of vouchers in October last year practically making the kits free this year. Its very disappointing on the 16th should be able to start collecting them using the vouchers bet they arent in stock
  4. Yehrrr I dont think we will be too far up the league but signs do look promising monks stamped his ideas and so far so good just need a clinical scorer desperately
  5. I guarantee when we get to 0 points there will be atleast another 2-3 teams on 0-3 points we will be ok
  6. Out midfield looks orite tbf worst player on pitch dare I say borner. I've enjoyed watching pessy today been orite think he's learned a few things off bannan
  7. Didnt exactly get spanked 5-3 did we and we've bought new players since then.
  8. I dont understand why people are moaning this performance has been decent. We knew we needed a quality striker that the difference considering our second team are more than playing well against these shows it all. Just missing a decent finisher. That and defence been kids today too but not been bad at all
  9. I'm DESPERATELY trying to find full match highlights of us at Hillsborough January 2009 beating sheff United 2-0 sodje and tudgay scored. Almost had it a chap on here said he had DVD of it so close to getting a copy but wouldn't work. PLEASE!!! Can anyone help Apparently I was caught on camera going nuts never seen it but just remember school days everyone saying next day at school lol. I'd pay to borrow it literally someone has to have it and can either copy it or rent it me just so I can see it
  10. Neil Mellor only player I remember hitting 20 in a season
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