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  1. I’m surprised fletcher doesn’t have brain damage after 90mins for us jeeees amount of lump balls up to him we play for him to head on
  2. Don’t think Odubajo is good enough tbf always prefer Iorfa to him
  3. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1221800/Sheffield-Wednesdays-22m-plans-redevelop-Hillsborough-given-green-light.html
  4. That’s where they build the sky commentators box when on tv mate
  5. So years ago I was bought the Sheffield Wednesday owl pendant earring I’ve still got mine ant my sons are wanting one does anyone know where I can find one??
  6. There’s always a moaning dik and fun sucking @rse that can make a negative out of another positive result what an asssssssss
  7. Anyone seen his interview he said went pretty sour in team under Carlos etc more truth coming out now
  8. There that team was poo though
  9. How’s that work when majority of the first team now on that page is majority of the team from 17-18 season meaning our second team is better than this years too ??
  10. I don’t give a fukk now who cares move on stop dreaming about his pawno tash ticking your nutsack and forget he ever happened jeeeeeesus
  11. If it ain’t broke don’t try fix it leave it as it is bullen in charge no need for assistant clearly so far
  12. Not been registered with Newcastle what’s this mean are they free to leave ?
  13. Haha didn’t realise someone did but never mind
  14. 7/10 lost 1 point for keeping Nuhiu lost 1 point for selling joao and lost 1 for not resigning hector with the money from joao I would have just gone for it.
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