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  1. Looks to me like a last chance for most of them players to show they are worthy or they are going to be shipped off
  2. Is this crack pot wanting to be a politician or summat sound like a dik head
  3. Odobajo again with a penalty gos almighty give me strength annoying now
  4. The I'm not banned from this stadium Named by chansiri in another one of his well thought loop hole manoeuvres
  5. If you need telling to take a breath mate then good luck to you. I didn't think typing on here ment I was re-sitting my GCSE'S. . . Guess I get an F never mind those grading me can all go and F!!
  6. Puts a smile on the miserable cows face I suppose
  7. Neither of the above just typo on new phone fat finger syndrome I call it.
  8. It's a method to get noticed when it comes to that shop gets people looking. Shops used to spell things wrong all time so people notice and either notice something for sale or not. As for me I'm getting used to new phone and made a typo oops
  9. Oh yehrrr forgot about that one ooops watched it on sky red button too never mind but at least hes back now.
  10. Dunno why borner wasnt playing but when hes fit which defence would we go with. Iorfa and borner been solid this season Captain Lee's back and playing solid too For me fox been ace too lately Palmer has looked shaken at times and I don't think odobajo is a good replacement on recent performances I'd personally like to see iorfa borner Lee's and fox At back with palmer and odobajo filling in when needed obviously palmer ahead of odobajo It's a nice stress to have for monk I suppose What we all think??
  11. Odobajo really is becoming a liability I think was happy with his signing too but just isn't working for him
  12. Wont be able to cash in on someone out of contract at end of season we should have got rid for silly money back when Newcastle was sniffing and he refused to travel to Norwich or almost not play v villa
  13. I don't wanna start a shiiiiiiiit stir but I'm starting to think fessi is a little poison in the team again heard he refused to warm up or ignored monk when asked to do so and or even got face on about sub I also noticed he didn't celebrate when Harris scored ?
  14. What's these goal kick routine they keep farting about with twice now ?
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