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  1. This shows the divide in priority down the leagues this does. Think about it. For the championship the financial gain for promotion is huge so that alone creates a battle of who's fair for promotion then the cost of relegation is bad for those involved in that so again no one wants to lose out on money money money. League one the top few teams will gain a significant amount of money if promoted again they won't want it to be decided by computer. They want to carry on because again money money money. Relegation from league one isn't as costly thats why alot of teams in that division are then putting health as priority League 2 both promotion and relegation isn't as bad as above so they are putting health first with the conclusion of season hoping to then recoupe some money if possible. This shows alone how money does the talking and at a time like this I think is abit pathetic. Draw a line on the season forget 2020 ever happened and conclusion of this season takes place next year as of the week it paused this year. So if we stopped in March this year restart and finish season as of march next year. Gives time for the covid-19 to clear more. And those players out of contract automatically get a year extension but for the time from now till then clubs don't pay them the efl government does. Etc those out of contract of course. Not those in contract they run as normal
  2. So season maybe not ending and we could lose fletcher and fox because clubs aren't offering contracts good and bad news there
  3. Steve Bruce only way back haha
  4. Well done thats just sentenced us to relegation if that does happen no one seems to like us
  5. Is that because he only had one shot in him and he blew that v forest hahahahaha
  6. He's been sent for human trials on the corona vaccine back in two weeks
  7. Francis Jeffers Oh god I'm sorry I couldn't resist i couldn't finish typing his name before I laughed
  8. I know its too late but our actual blue and similar but same style would have looked mint to celebrate the 150th not that other stripeless poo we had
  9. Are you talking about the game littlejohn scored at Hillsborough in the 3-2 loss v port Vale?? He cut in from left side didnt he ?? Shot top corner at kop end ?? I had the joy the next day going to school with his son good mate of mine but hated him that day
  10. Just noticed the towel behind it haha still got mine going strong too
  11. Oooo promising looks like they are copyable mate
  12. short highlights are on YouTube but wanting full match hope you can sort mate
  13. Lol that helps haha how about rent haha well to add insult to injury I think my mum recorded it then recorded over it haha Or better yet watch it record it and stick on YouTube or owt or even copy it and flog it ill buy one
  14. I remember fair few years back used to sell full match highlights in club shop. Does anyone know how I can get hold of full game highlights of us beating Sheffield United 2-0 at Hillsborough back in 2008 sodje and Tudgay scored?? Been looking for it for ages apparently I was clearly visible making a royal asse of myself celebrating I'd love to see it.
  15. Leicester city when we won 3-1 they went down we stayed up season. Our fans were deafening was amazing I bounced that much when celebrating I snapped a chair oops but my god what a day away.
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