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  1. Mate my step brother came to watch us at Wembley. Then converted to the dark side. Due to unfortunate circumstances loss of his dad etc I've fostered him he's now back on the blue side embarrassed to say he ever went to the lane and loves being a blue. I've also got a new partner 31 she's never really liked or followed football but she loves coming to Hillsborough and even went to Bolton with me. Always nice converting or showing people the light haha
  2. Can anyone give me the words to his song?? I miss the middle bit all time feel like a drunk on karaoke
  3. I'm traveling up by car where is the best to park? On directions it shows carpark A B or C but is that for home fans only? Anyone else know best options for an away fan?
  4. He used to go to Bilals Indian in Eckington seen him couple of times in there
  5. Frank simek used to live in mosborough And Mel sterland lived down my road in halfway.
  6. That helps ?? No details or anything
  7. Mate your a legend just booked some now ill be at Elmwood farm 7:30am get in thank you
  8. Just bought tickets to go to Gillingham. How do I book Inter City owl coaches ??? Orr has anyone got some spare space on a minibus or owt ??
  9. Looking at next fixtures all are winnable up until Bolton game on April 9th I actually think if we play how we have been we could pick up maximums points from all these we will be wellll up into playoffs so might be a good push for 2nd
  10. Has the allocation sold out? When I go online it says others have but not doncaster. Then I click on and it says no away games avaliable to buy tickets ? Any ideas wanting 2
  11. Is it just me or does the fact Wednesday have hired a psychologist slightly remind me of the psychic on Mike Bassett football manager haha
  12. Found it never mind ignore above haha all sorted thanks for guiding me
  13. For some reason not linked how do I sort this
  14. Eyup I bought some home kits for my kids in store and they gave me some points back to use towards something else cause I've got a season ticket. I'm wanting the away kits for them. If I buy online do I get the points again or is it in store only.
  15. I'm a fan of fresh legs but don't take a goal scorer out of the team 2in2 he's going to promote us that kid
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