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  1. Hahaha jeesus mate how did you spot that haha was fresh tattoo So no you can't Shag it its not on heat
  2. I never said throughout did I ive been a liker of Nuhiu always offers something different. I actually said things around him improving now and he cant hack it now. so i understand his choice to leave.
  3. Referring to the division not our team thats why he cant hack it in championship
  4. Hes like our modern day somedo and loovens great team player put 100% in but unfortunately quality around him has improved meaning cant cut it in the division no more. He will be a great league 1 servant physical league that hell get someone small promoted
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/talksport.com/football/efl/735148/wigan-and-sheffield-wednesday-set-to-avoid-relegation-despite-financial-dealings-with-points-deduction-imposed-next-season-instead/amp/
  6. I've read the points are taking off next season was released yesterday
  7. With most of them swapping and changing managers
  8. Written in the stars this im 95% convinced we sre playing league 1 football next season
  9. On a different note how are wigan out of relegation places even if they get 12points off i work it out that they are in bottom 3 im lost
  10. 6. Playing infront if fans 7. Playing without fans 8. Playing football at all
  11. We should have let the lads get changed in away dressing room
  12. Yehrrr i realised when it was too late to edit Im having one of those days ignore me safest option
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