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  1. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Do you think it worth £35??
  2. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    I’ll not be re clothing it for a while mate not untill necessary but it’s one thing I’ll deffo be doing in future.
  3. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Yeesssss found this https://chipteehoodie.com/products/hfba114?variant=12246272770128
  4. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Haha it was from bluebell wood charity there’s loads of other tables etc
  5. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Yes mate that’s another idea I once saw someone on Owlstalk advertising The badge light thing but I can’t find it again but I’m going to search high and low for It
  6. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Have you photoshopped this or are they actually do able
  7. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    Yehrrr like that omg how that been done
  8. Lomas613

    Ideas/ opinions please

    No mate sorry I forgot to attach the picture I need to make it better even looking into that light transfer thing someone put on here ages ago but its the old badge
  9. so I’ve just bought myself a nice blue cloth pool table any ideas how to make it abit more wednesdayfied Id love a way of getting the badge printed on the cloth
  10. Lomas613

    Joost Van Aken

    I did that last season over loovens no wonder he constantly slipped up
  11. Lomas613

    Do we think George Boyd...

    He problem was CC telling him to calm down his body can’t no longer fulfill his old habits due to being made to slow down
  12. Lomas613

    What do YOU call Hillsborough?

    The land where dreams ain’t gunna come true
  13. I have on a wet winter night ball came to me I grabbed it tried throwing it back it went straight up in air landed 2 rows further down haha bleeding wet ball and gloves I felt a tw@t
  14. Lomas613

    How are you holding up? Hmmm?

    Playing cricket :D
  15. Lomas613

    We may well be ABDIcated