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  1. Yous your hands Joe you fookking fool If you look at his body language he shows him cup his arms to catch ball action
  2. Because before this game we were w@nk even the seats are walking out. You never know next match we might have more in attendance
  3. No doubt we probably will have problems with the grounds but so will many clubs. Still wouldn't share a ground ever
  4. Surely you know already its LEAGUE 1 christ alive its been LEAGUE 1 long enough now
  5. Mate would you ask man utd and man City to do it?? Would you ask rangers and celtic to do it??? No it's because it's our turf end of. Besides don't wanna share a seat with one of them scrubbers might catch more than covid
  6. Annoying thing is there watching on red button I didn't get alert scored so I knew he missed before he got the chance damn
  7. He can put the ball In the net mate that's why ... oh wait
  8. Shaw to get sent off what's the odds ??? Place your bets ??
  9. So I've been washing my @rse in cold with hosepipe all winter and using leaves off trees and your the tw@t who's bought all the bog roll from aldi hahahhaa
  10. Nahh mate I feel sorry for the Huddersfield players tbf I mean they always say play to the standard of apponents and these guys are deffo being bored to death
  11. Getting ready for second half mate practice in advance
  12. I don't think we will see true Moore football till next season though think aim of the game is bore the other teams into submission and try defend well try stay up first and foremost
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