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  1. Forgive me but am I the only one who is getting sick to death and really peeved of that people still spell and pronounce bloody Nuhiu wrong still after how many bloody years he’s been playing for us now let’s have a lesson people it’s pronounced And it’s effing spelled NUHIU!!!!
  2. WTF was their defender doing for the third he didn’t move
  3. Exactly this but in bright side shows monk who’s not worthy clear out etc rebuild etc
  4. Hang on Luongo is a decent creative player I think pelupessy is a replacement for Hutchinson’s right bollockkkkk
  5. I don’t understand why he didn’t dive to save the shot that scored why did he only go with his leg he’ll have saved it if put body behind it ??
  6. If they think like most blokes they’ll love to penetrate a box and flood it
  7. I don’t get how this post suggests that ?? It’s points out the game is ad Huddersfield ground John Smith which is no lie and that the home team first game with new manager ! Not really showing they don’t like us when they are just pointing out fact.
  8. Makes me laugh why it’s such a concern Carlos had what 15 in 14 years before us or something ?? He did well I don’t understand why it’s such an issue just bloody support the bloke
  9. I think chansiri wasn’t getting held to ransom by Cowley he turned Huddersfield down obviously waiting for better offer we offered but he claimed not heard anything probably wanting us to put more money on table for us to say stuff you then we’ll take monk he’s more proven anyway then Cowley goes back to Huddersfield with tail between legs he’ll have been wanting abit of a bidding war between us and them. End of day Cowley hasn’t seen any negativity yet and he’s due it no one can be successful all the time whilst monk has had success and not so he’s had more of a lesson. I’m happier with monk than cowely any day just hope we stuff them at weekend
  10. Im feeling relatively optimistic about him he’s done well previously
  11. The pissssssssss annoying thing about this post to is this knob is gunna end up getting a ticket if we get to play off final for example over a fan that desperately wants to be there. He’ll then turn up just to peee and moan about us if we lose this guy can balll arks
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