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  1. Lomas613

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Promotion too haha
  2. Lomas613


    I was trying to be abit pssss takey dont seems to have worked
  3. Lomas613


    Tbf if Carlos learned from mistakes and after a spell out of it maybe listening to what fans have to say now then maybe just maybe he could do a job :/ you never know ??
  4. Lomas613


    Yehrrr I agree with that but look at the last few games run in it was terrible after the initial new management period
  5. Lomas613


    Is that slinga malingas brother ??
  6. There was similar incident in fletcher in their box too commentators on tv mentioned them
  7. Yherrrr I thought so after I pressed post it looks abit welll you know hahah
  8. Right I’m not claiming it’s a penalty before anyone says owt. Has as anyone seen the reply of fox attempt early in game with one of their players sliding in behind him??? If that was out further on pitch it would be classed as a late tackle maybe a yellow because he did not get the ball. But why (not just in this game) are these instances never given as penalties??? Seen in few occasions but not one I can remember to use in detail. Any my opinions on this or laws rule book whatsoever ??
  9. Lomas613

    Already a txt from a blunt

    Please be my Friend even if it’s sympathy
  10. Wow they are daft ain’t they ??
  11. Lomas613


    How can we call this giving it a go :( on a plus defending very very very well an I hope this is a base for the season. But it’s a derby we having 22% possession (I did predict park the bus tbf) but cmon lads get ball down play your football stick abit of flair on with matias and we might nick this. Cmon Wednesday !!!!! Just if we do can already hear them moan and groan how defensively we played and back passing etc
  12. Liability simple as that can’t score from 3 yards out then conceding penalty he’s shocking that goal could have panicked then blunts
  13. Any live streaming other than sky