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  1. Thou shalt not be out of step on thine Owlstalk less areNOTwhatTHEYseem be watching! Maybe we could all chip in for one of these for you to wear, if you like Rubber Johnnies LORD JUSTICE Judge Wig Barrister Downton Abbey Fancy Dress Party : Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games
  2. Referring to People from that Island off of the Amalfi coast of Italy innit.
  3. I'm optimistic, having the same manager for a whole season will be good for us.
  4. It's a sentiment indicator for sure. I wonder what most fans see as our rightful level, cos almost everyone wanted Carlos out, anyone still supporting him after our second playoff attempt was well and truly castrated by the majority. So is the goal to be more like maybe Everton? Lower-mid table Prem? Got fond memories being a teenager, getting served underage at the old blue ball, and beating Man U to a sell out crowd. Whatever, bring on Accrington Stanley
  5. I'd rather lose convincingly trying to set about teams than throw away points with our current blood letting style
  6. Monty python always look on... tune - "Always pass it siiiidewayys or BACK"
  7. I was a young lad at the Wembley cup semi final derby, we could only get tickets for the blades end, had me school compass in my pocket and put a few tears in the flag as it passed over
  8. I watched the last twenty mins and just thought "nah they can't score it's already written to go to the last day...."
  9. While there's a shred of hope I'll enjoy it. Plenty of time to be miserable when it's mathematically confirmed. Got a kick out of M'boro win tnite. C'mon Wednesday!
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