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  1. deaks1984

    Carlos is missing us !

    8 pages FFS. I know I'm only adding, but it was either this or the Hirst thread. Let's just try and enjoy the World Cup eh? Maybe we can get through to the first day of the season without turning into lemmings.
  2. You don't have to cast from a mobile, you can cast from Chrome browser on PC. Which is handy because this service did not work on mobile last season. Not sure if it will this season though. TBH £10 is a bit steep for the service on offer last season, but if it is improved (as people have suggested) then I'm sure it will appeal to some people. Hope this helps someone.
  3. Yeah you win. I won't even try to defend him, just like the 10 mannequins Infront of him.
  4. I get your points mate. Some of it was a bit tongue in TBH. I don't doubt his credentials on paper, but you are quite right I do have issues with Chris Woods. I'm worried he'll teach Wildsmith and Dawson the art of catching tame headers and then throwing the ball in their own net. Let's just hope they don't do it in extra time of an F.A.Cup final eh? But as you say I'm sure he's a fine coach and you could probably say something similar about Pressman and red cards too. But unfortunately that moment is thoroughly engrained in my memory. Bear in mind the image below is after the ball had been in both gloves and the header was aimed pretty much straight at him.
  5. Yeah Chris Woods, great idea, then old flipper can teach the kids to speak dolphin too. In fact while we are at it, why don't we see if we can get Baggio in to coach the lads on pens (would have said Waddle but that would be blasphemy) and see if Wilshire fancies a role as fitness coach. Chris Woods shouldn't get another penny from this club. Single handedly responsible for my first tears cried at a football match. Pressman has just left Millwall. A proper club legend and could also coach the lads on pens. Not sure I'd fancy him on fitness though.
  6. Wasn't it Voller that got spat on? Rijkaard grebbed in his perm and it was hanging like Jordan's labia.
  7. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    BUMP 6% down on peak. Lots of Bristol votes entered in last hour! Now 7%. In free fall. Help required!!
  8. I wouldn't want to call anyone's professionalism in to question however balls to that... 1) He is apparently a Preston fan. Preston ply their trade in the championship, so why should this guy be officiating games that can affect his "preferred" team's position in the league? Even the most professional could find it difficult not to apply unconscious bias. 2) He is from Lancashire. Just throwing it out there but it would be quite difficult to live through the past 30 years in close proximity to Old Trafford without becoming swallowed up by the Manure behemoth. It would be quite easy to claim to be a fan of your "Home town" club, whilst stroking salami over a 97th minute Steve Bruce winner in 1993.
  9. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    A call to arms again!! We've lost 3% in 24 hours. Please let's not fornicate this up at the last moment!!!
  10. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    We need another drive. I've been hammering this all day. We had it at 33% and Bristol lad 27% about an hour ago. I stuck my phone on charge for a bit and it had closed to 32-28. I have just hammered it for 15 mins and briefly had it back at 33-28 but I think Bristol are on it and knocked it back to 32%. This is not finished. We need a rally peeps, come on!!!
  11. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    Took some reight doing. Been hammering away for last couple of hours!!
  12. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    I just smashed it repeatedly for 10 minutes and it went up to 21%. I'll get back on it later as I've got some shizz to do. If a load of us smash it for a while Bazza should P1$$ it. :)
  13. deaks1984

    You know what to do guys...

    Not just saying this coz it's our Bazza but I actually think that is the best goal. Tip...if you load the page in a different browser you can vote again.... Better still download Firefox and go through a private tab, then close and reopen for unlimited votes.
  14. deaks1984

    FA Cup Replays on TV

    I'm not sure what or if this proves or disproves anything with regards to which channel....