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  1. I really didn't think play offs was achievable after the restart. To gain the AVG. points needed for playoffs, we needed to win the last 8. Also with the points deduction thing who knows what will happen. I also thought results went our way for a number of weeks prior to the lockdown but we were just so hopeless there was no way we would capitalise. But....and it's a massive but, WBA havent been at the races since the restart, and the next couple of fixtures are against 7th and 8th place. I would have thought if we won the next 3 games, there's a very good chance we will be 7th and hot on the heels. But it totally wouldn't surprise me if we got battered tonight, then got a points deduction and ended up in the bottom 3.
  2. I've always liked Nuhiu. One thing that always gets said about him is he's got a great attitude. But....I really start to question this now, when he's been here 7 years and first time he's looked in shape is a month before his contract is up.
  3. Pretty sure it said every single remaining game is on ifollow.... https://www.swfc.co.uk/ifollow/season-ticket-holders/
  4. Can't be that bad pal. How did you do at home to Blackburn?????
  5. Here... https://mobile.twitter.com/klub_shop
  6. I could be wrong but I think these are the slightly different. Think they've been doing the rounds on twitter. Give me a few minutes and I'll have a scout....
  7. And this doesn't mean I'm not proud to be an owl, it's just difficult to be proud of the team, especially with all the off field things happening, players refusing to see the season out and results/performances like Blackburn this season.
  8. I'll admit this was really irritating me as soon as the first Leeds goal went in. For some reason I thought they were gonna stuff it up again. I'll still keep going (when we are allowed, or watching every game) and still take my boy and just hope that one day he will get the feeling that I used to have on a match day, when I was his age, which was pride. It's really hard to see it ever being like it was when I was young, especially the early to mid 90's but I'm sure there are people on here that have been going a lot longer that have seen this sort of thing before, I just doubt it's ever taken this long.
  9. I think this thread is spreading at a rate of atleast r3. Probs needs to be locked and people should stay atleast 2 threads away.
  10. Think we need Elon Musk to come in for us then.
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