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  1. I call it the triangle on the kop. Got p!$$ wet through on there a few times.
  2. Do agree though some do earn way too much. Maybe they should waive some of there contract and pump it in to the NHS or something while this situation exists.
  3. Yer I think you might wanna change name of your thread to terminate all footballers who earn over 2k contracts
  4. What about the younger players starting out, who don't earn as much and may or may not make it in the long term? and also lower league players who may only just earn a little bit more than the average Joe but still have mortgages and families to feed?
  5. Apologies meant to be 96/97
  6. I'll post same thing I post everytime someone starts this thread. Liverpool last day of season 96. Coppers and stewards just let her do about 3 laps while everyone cheered. She eventually just gave up.
  7. Also it's been 1 point from the bottom 4 in recent weeks.
  8. The Blackburn game was pretty bad. Problem is these performances aren't a one off.
  9. Only problem with this is "Monk" should play 4 at the back.... After last night he's completely lost me. I'd rather it be someone else fielding 4 at the back.
  10. It's monks job to get the best out of the players. I know football isn't played on paper but this "group" should be able to beat most teams in this league, especially the bottom 4 who we've managed to take 1 point from in recent weeks. He had them motivated and playing before Christmas and we were 3rd. There was no complaints then. Now he's coming out saying we were never contenders and criticising the players. IMHO we only did so we at the start of the season because of what Bruce had put in place. Now monk is imposing his tactics (if he even has any) we are a shambles. A good manager could have this squad in a top 3 this season. The quality of the league is absolutely shocking and we are adding to it. I'll grant monk that he didn't have a full pre-season but to be honest I'm glad he didn't because we would be in the relegation zone now if he did. We need to pull the trigger now and hope someone short term can get a rise from the players and put a run together. Because at the moment there's only one place we are heading. No more Bannan at quarterback, no more Palmer playing more advanced than Windass, no more Forestieri at wing back. Last night was an absolute joke and I very rarely criticise. As I posted in another thread...... Our usual right back thought he'd been asked to play in the quadrant next to the oppositions corner flag and our most skillful attacking flair player has been asked to track men into the depths of our own channels. We've also got a garden gnome who thinks every pass needs to go via the moon being asked to shield 3 centre backs, of which non are comfortable playing in a 3 and 1 is useless even playing in a 2. Chuck some clueless loanees up top somewhere and there you have it. Monks tactics. Tonight I saw Bannan at right back. Palmer on right of a front 3. Borner playing left back and left midfield (with some terrible passing included). Windass laying deeper than Palmer for long spells (due to Palmer being too advanced and Bannan dropping to cover). Wickham doing virtually nothing. Da Cruz all over the shop. If you think that there aren't managers that can do better than that then I think I should throw my name in to the hat. Absolute disgrace tonight and it definitely stemmed from how we were set up.
  11. Shocked at the percentage after tonight and the recent run. That's all. Does make you wonder if people are watching something completely different unfold.
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