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  1. Think this photos been posted before and found to be photoshopped. You can see various patterns repeated within the fans. What I didn't notice last time though is the pitch and how immaculate it looks for the era and also how the players stand off it. Sorry to party poop.
  2. Also the stewards didn't even bother to chase her. She ran full length of pitch and then just gave up, from memory.
  3. Yes I think it was the last day of the season 96-97. Was just abouts to post the same :)
  4. Think I agree with some of the comments on here. As soon as there's a bad run people will just cancel and attendances will drop. This will then have a negative impact on the team, so it's a bit catch 22. Also can I cancel in January when there's 1 home game but reinstate the subscription in February when there are 4 home games?
  5. For any one that's confused https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7706098/sky-sports-grovelling-apology-playing-crowd-noise-last-post-sheffield-derby/
  6. Are you sure it wasn't just Sky pumping that noise in?
  7. Ffs we won. We are top of the league. Just leave it enjoy it and stop criticising
  8. Not even gonna read the rest of the thread. Just gonna stick my neck out and call you a wee pipe!
  9. I don't know why this hasn't been mentioned before. I don't fancy his chances though to be honest, because someone just posted a taxi firms request to pick Chris Hughton up from the train station and take him to Hillsborough. IT'S HAPPENING!
  10. I can see from the line "Plus 2 wingers" that we are talking about the same sport, possibly even the same match. The use of bullet points makes the post clear as mud. The only thing that could have confused me even more is the use of a foreign language or hieroglyphics. Unless the whole thing is some sort of alien code, in which case I am completely lost.
  11. Think Buckwheat's been on the Buckfast again. Seriously can you explain the part about....all of it?
  12. Trying to figure this out after all the celebratory "we are top of the league" beers. Do you mean, you win coz none the of the list should be the next gaffer? If so bravo! And apologies for being so bladdered. Also your prize is an awesome German centre half called Borner. Sooner or later he will make people forget who Michael Hector was. Congrats. Top banana!
  13. I agree but I said it before hence the bump
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