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    Sheffield, city of students

    My nephew just came home with a letter from school saying they are running a scheme with the blunts for various matches. Next match is v WBA £10 adults, £5 kids. To put this in perspective my son is 18 months younger. We've done most of the home matches this season. I think Leeds cost me £44 in total and Middlesbrough has cost £39 in total. We are both members so there was the memberships on top too, granted we do sit on the South. I'm a single dad on a low income. A similar scheme from my son's school from SWFC would have been welcomed with open arms. I know other parents who simply don't go because they are completely priced out. I'm not sure we are working like this with any other schools but certainly none that I know of. It's a bit frustrating when there seems to be so many empty seats, these days.
  2. deaks1984


    Commentary about 10 seconds Infront for me for first 10 minutes. Was annoying because I knew what happened before I saw it. It's seems to have just realigned though.
  3. deaks1984

    Who's the second toughest

    I used to think that was Andy Pearce's only attribute.
  4. deaks1984


    My 5 year old said "Dad that's 3 games Forestieri's not started and we've won". And he's got 45 on the back of his shirt!!. I'm surprised at the lack of negs TBH. No doubt "Fessi" has the quality to win games but please just look at what Jos is doing without moaners in the side. For the first time in 2 years I'm beginning to think we should have cashed our chips. I hope he can get his "team player" head on and fire us to the play offs or better, but right now I feel like Jos and the players who are doing the biz, don't get the respect they deserve. Just because we have a well loved "flair" player sat on the bench. Grow some balls and start a positive thread about the good achievements Jos and the youngsters have made, so far. Rather than try and get all the silly gang bangers on board. I'm so over Forestieri, and the sooner everyone else on your bandwagon, gets to grips with the lack of team contribution and negative impact his sulking has when a ball doesn't run his way, then we might bang another 10 points from team ethics on the board.
  5. deaks1984

    All Hail King Jos!

    Took some massive balls pal. Fully agree. There's no way CC would have even dreamt of that line up. And TBH if he was still in charge I think the ship would have well and truly sunk now. Again it's all about opinions but I stand by mine. Without the change we would be completely fooked now. Maybe there was a god somewhere that could have turned the absolute disaster of last season into a dream. But, again, my opinion, Jos did better than anyone else could have. I just think it's sad that the fanbase is really divided. I just wish we could all sing the same song, from the same page, and make Hillsborough a real horrible place for visiting teams.
  6. Let's be reight. He's probably been dealt one of the worst hands ever! The injury situation, the embargo, the incredibly unbalanced squad of over paid deteriorated money grabbers.... But, he produced the goods at the back end of last season, got the boys performing and got the results to stabilize us. He's now done something, the likes of which I'm struggling to recall in my life time, and blooding home grown, young talent and with great results. I know the first few games didn't go to plan, and this could really come back to bite me, but I really believe with a bit of patience this could be our "class of 92" even without the back stabbers. I hope all the fans can get behind him, as this is probably the final piece of the puzzle for him to succeed. Luhakay's Barmy army! WAWAW!!
  7. deaks1984

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    You aren't kidding lightening quick. With in a minute of it being announced I called them and bought the first 2 for me and my son. I had to wait 2 minutes while it was activated on system. He said it was going live on the website as we were talking.
  8. deaks1984

    Hutch leaving?

    The board wasn't an option. It was forced upon me by fellow OT posters and consisted of babybel, knob cheese and a picture of Guy Branston. It was that or death by sarcastic posts.
  9. deaks1984

    Hutch leaving?

    To be fair I was just trying to recall the period of time I was told. But yeah you're right. Had cheese board with pickle to finish. Brilliant day!
  10. deaks1984

    Hutch leaving?

    Also apologies for the terrible auto correct.
  11. deaks1984

    Hutch leaving?

    I've restrained myself from posting this for the last 4 weeks or so. A friend of mine's missus is mates with Hutch's bird. They all went out for a meal a month or two ago and Hutch told my mate he was unhappy. He said there were a number of "first team" players feeling the same and were all on their way out. He added to this by saying Jos was part of the problem. Infact he went as far to say as the only player staying was Fletcher. I couldn't believe what I was hearing given the form towards the end of the season. I didn't what to post anything negative and I know people will just think, oh yeah my mates dogs, puppy has mates in high places etc. But can only had weight to this by what I have heard. He told me this on father's Day weekend as I went to the Father's Day bash at 1867 lounge next day and mentioned it to a couple of people. I just hope none of it is true. I couldn't detect negative vibes from any of the players at OITP and despite the lack of incoming signings pre-season seems to be going well, and so far only a couple have left, so I remain optimistic.
  12. deaks1984

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Niclas Alexanders son?
  13. deaks1984

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Gordon Watson? Guess it will take Sherlock to work that one out.
  14. deaks1984

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Did Dan Pet rescue ?
  15. deaks1984

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    I reckon he's only gone there because he inherited his Dad's chocolate achilles. They should be able to repair them easily in Belgium.