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  1. You thought we played quite well? Just out of curiosity, are you an Oxford fan that accidentally logged in to Owlstalk?
  2. Out of a thousand defenders which were scouted, 300 were from the Meadowhall league and 699 from Power league, so he was legit the best, apart from Tez, Wez & Dez. They kill the power league Div D on a Tuesday.
  3. Sean Flare went to Hearts speaks volumes does it? Oh while I'm at it, that other ******** went to Leicester, I mean Rotherham I mean, did it via Belgium but still that's where he was destined for. I'll be straight I'm glad both Rik Flare and Fred Durst did one coz look at em now. Shaw will probably end up warming the bench on loan at someone crap too This forum needs a leave Joey alone thread!
  4. Tbh this is turning in to one of the worst threads I've ever seen. Yes Joey's not great, not Roy Keane, not Vieira etc. But FFS he's always available and as far as I can see he gives everything. I'll flipping don my tin hat and say I'll deffo be keeping him for L1. I bet half the haters on here are the same haters that actually think Bannan is better than Zidane.
  5. TBH I've been thinking the same thing since I saw that corner. I can't believe it happened. But at least he took it.
  6. To be fair that's one more corner than Rhodes took pens against Huddersfield. Atleast Brown was up for it eh?
  7. Wish people would stop saying fair play Rotherham. Its like saying we were half decent. Christ they scored a goal for us, we're down to 10 men for a long time and I think every Wednesdayite actually knew deep down even with a minute left we would lose. I've said it in another thread. Kids U14's teams would get results against us. We are a joke from top to bottom
  8. Credit where it's due? We are absolutely shocking. Rotherham twice, Luton Twice, Wycombe once. No points from losing positions, 20 dropped from winning positions. Crying out for goal keeper, strikers and god knows what else and credit where it's due? Let's be fair pal, Beighton magpies U14's would beat this lot!
  9. If only Ritchie Humphreys really was the next Marco Van Basten
  10. I'm guessing the 2 yes votes are Dejphon and Att?
  11. Further to this, his age puts his Higher education age right around 1989. Maybe I'm putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5, but I had an awful feeling watching how he reffed that game. This is obviously all speculation and opinion etc and I obviously don't want to have to bring that sort of thing in to it. But maybe there was some sort of unconscious bias or even a conscious one.
  12. I don't really want to have to say this because it's not a nice thing to have to say...but yesterday I said this refs either got links to Brum or dare I say it Liverpool. I think the Hillsborough disaster has cursed us. As this was brought up on here I just googled him. And guess what...
  13. Have you got the video of the previous 10 seconds? I'm pretty sure the corner was outside the quadrant (haven't seen the replay) bit if so that's atleast 2 goals this season I've seen us concede from a corner taken outside of the quadrant.
  14. This is just an advert for the training kit, which is now being sold at Suggs Sports.
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