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  1. Should this be extended? Unless I'm mistaken, the megastore was open during the relevant period.
  2. Love this...and when he p1sses off like Fox did we'll all be wondering why?.
  3. I reckon Dunkley would have played if it wasn't for the double fracture and pins, so calm yourself down
  4. Being -12 for the first time in our history, should give you some indication as to exactly where we are in terms of being successful. We are further away now than we have ever been in our entire history IMO. Monk laughing whilst hugging Akinfenwa, after losing 3 games on the bounce to probably the poorest 3 teams in the division, after starting on -12, should show every true Wednesdayite exactly what sort of Muppets we have running our club. Not one of them gives a flying throw. Right from Tuna man down to the frigging tea lady. We pay their wages, and they don't give a soddin
  5. I could see what you were doing there, so I'll give you a like for effort. Still crap though, I'd say probably about Butterfield levels of effort.
  6. FGS is it going to cost me £3 to edit this?? LOL
  7. There have been that many shots against is during the last few games but can anyone remember the shot where the ball was rising and Dawson dropped to his knee?? He appears to dive out of the way of shots at the moment. To be honest he looks like the positive end of a magnet with a positively charged ball smashed at him. To summarize without being to harsh he's f**king w**k
  8. Had to just make sure and yes we got 0 corners. And was still 100% more effective than when Bannan takes em.
  9. I'll be seriously edged off if Monk makes a change. First change needed is Monk out. Chansiri can get the same taxi too.
  10. Let's be fair at least he managed to stay on the pitch. Not many of our CB's can claim that this season!
  11. Not any of my money it doesn't. If you were as unfortunate as me to take the early bird. I suggest you start by contacting your bank/credit card and asking them to refund you. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for last season and I'm not going to get the £300+ I've already pumped in merchandise and kits etc. just this season. But it stops now. Chansiri has made it clear that the fans don't make the bulk of the contribution up, so guess what, I'm not contributing any more. Monk out, Chansiri out. No more money from me until this happens!
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