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  1. Jordan Rhodes

    Fletcher Joao and Forestieri playing up top would create space for other players like Hooper to exploit. Rhodes just stands where Hooper would if he wasn't playing. I like the guy (except his diving which refs are on to) but hes not the type of striker we need.
  2. Jordan Rhodes

    If he's not scoring goals he's totally ineffective. His link up play is average at best. His hold up play is poor. He cant run beyond the defence or work the wide areas to exploit a three at the back team. But hey, thread a cross or a through ball to him and he will score one in three or maybe better when he's on form. It's not enough these days in the Championship.
  3. Managers quote again

    Who the fek are 'the Apologists'? Anybody who doesn't see it in the frankly stupid negative and boring black and white way that you see it? I wanted Carlos out after the play offs. We have been poor in the last two and several other games. I can understand however that some people want Carlos to succeed and are still giving him the benefit of the doubt. Others might never want him to go. Why do you personally try to make everybody think like you and abuse them when they don't?
  4. Managers quote again

    That defending was out of charicter. we are a decent defensive unit ordinarily. Second goal especially. Shambles.
  5. It's true we don't seem.to 'run about' as much as other teams. Bristol City ran their blood to watter. Baz Reach and maybe Hunt are the only ones who seem to put the yards in.
  6. My main worry is that he is waiting and hoping for us to scrape a run of consecutive wins together at some point like we did like season rather than go out to beat teams from the off. We should be setting up to win games not setting up to nullify opponents first and see what happens.
  7. Being honest I thought a similar season to Barnsley last. Decent start but would finish mid to lower mid. That's what their own fans thought too. Now I think they will finish between 5th and 8th. Us btw 6th to 12th.
  8. Thanks for repeating what i said in the post.
  9. I'm not pointing this out as a positive, except that they are very beatable and are probably going to get more beatable as the season goes on and the novelty wears off. But they clearly owe their current position to going for wins which is to their managers credit. They have won 12 to our 6. We have now drawn 7 out of 18. Caution isn't going to get those points back so I really don't understand the approach in the last two games. Ok, you cant win every game but at least lets try. We need wins not turgid bore fest draws.
  10. January

    Rhodes has to be moved on. If anyone wants a one paced 'fox in the box' anymore we should snarcch their hand off.
  11. Their second goal

    Both our two centre halves and two others ended up marking the winger before the first cross with just Reach in the middle. Absolutely shambolic and very unlike us. Our players usually stick to their positions on the pitch upon pain of death.
  12. What? Cocktail waitresses two at a time?
  13. McCarthy on Carlos

    Funny that. I expected him to denounce him as a Communist.
  14. The memory that takes you back....

    Soz mate. Typing exactly the same thing!
  15. The memory that takes you back....

    Walking under the 5 arches on a night match when the 6 massive floodlights and the big neon sign on the kop came into full view. Bloody hell what a sight!