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  1. Reason why I love rugby is it's a great day out win lose or draw and that's club or country. Twickenham especially is always a great crack pre and post game. Wednesday is different though, I don't want to celebrate straight after the game if it's been garbage.
  2. Danny Sonner. Brought in to be the wingman for Jonk. High Hopes but he was throw.Bad attitude too.
  3. Hmmmm...some fair points but I very clearly did not say worst signing ever because he isn't. I said worst in terms of what were they thinking and also qualified it by saying big ish. Let's say over 1m for sale of argument. And let's be fair all of the players you mention had proven themselves at a decent level so it's more understandable why we bought or acquired them. Sometimes it doesn't work out but you can see the thinking. I'd like to know who watched JVA and said here's a 3m player let's buy him. His faults are numerous and obvious. Maybe he can overcome them eventually but he was never going to be ready for Championship. Maybe we thought we were buying the next Virgil Van Dyke rather than a player with the mobility of Virgil Tracy with a broken string.
  4. This 100%. I'd add his turning circle is wider than an oil tanker. A bouncing ball seems to paralyze him. On the up side he can pass and he looks good in shorts. In terms of 'what were they thinking' our worst ever big ish signing.
  5. More cosmopolitan fan base that understands the tactics?
  6. I think it's more that no ginger lad could play well or command respect in that turquoise and yellow kit. Westwood has styled it up with the black shorts.
  7. I thought we should have cashed in as we had two excellent young keepers coming through. Westwood wasn't in very good form that season and had injuries too. Having seen half a season of Dawson and half Westwood that view was now obviously wrong. Westwood is back to his best and it's great to see.
  8. Not only that but I watched Leeds v United in the pub before both games. And they were both 1.0 away wins.
  9. Ok. You're right. I believe, I believe. It's on. Its coming home. Etc. I never thought I'd be in this position again. And we've got form in late season pushing.
  10. Sutherland Rd slipper baths. With the changing cabins at the side of the pool!
  11. Sorry i got carried away.....it should be the more knowing 'play off push' ...
  12. I don't mind fans not going for whatever reason. They are still Wednesday fans. But I don't see why anyone needs motivating to turn up to an end of season play off push. It's not affordability for most it's cantbearsedability.
  13. If the increase in activity on Owlstalk is anything to go by there will be Fotty Thou there on Saturday.
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