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  1. Did the comatose nature of the crowd have anything to do with the first batch of Belgian Blue hitting the taps? I know I felt a bit lethargic. Only really just got my mojo back.
  2. It's about time we put in a marquee performance. Something like a 3 nil spanking win. Having said that a humdrum one nil would still be fine.
  3. If everyone that side of Sheffield could avoid flushing the toilet please....
  4. Heres a tip for a more harmonious life. Never overreact to the initial Owlstalk overreaction.
  5. Much as I love Wednesday, Rugby is played by and watched by a better standard of human being. Players are more humble and honest. They respect other players, the ref and the sport itself. Fans mingle and understand that it's just a game. I spent a month in Japan drinking with Argentina Welsh Aussie Kiwi Irish etc etc fans and of course the Japanese themselves. It was fantastic and to be honest way beyond the comprehension of how most football fans understand sport. The exception to this are the hooray Henry types but they are a pretty small minority tbh. But anyway let's keep enjoying the nutters, cokeheads racists, cheats and overpaid narcissists who litter our sport. UTO
  6. Played 50 or so times for us under big Jack. Then signed for United. He was a bit eccentric apparently. Liked a pint and sometimes wore odd boots. One Puma one Adidas. The story about him sleeping in his car comes from an ex colleague. I remember him quite fondly tbh. He was always prepared for a scrap usually after he had gone through somebody with both feet. This from.a United forum sums him up- I remember when it was announced that we were to sign King. I already knew him from his time at Wednesday, and what I recalled was a hard working, no holds barred player with more than a modicum of skill. Although relatively slight of build, King was fearless, almost the archetypal Scottish nutter, and would go through brick walls if it was needed. He never gave less than 100%, and I suppose he was a creature of his time, but his displays were never less than worthy. Seems he became a painter in Derby after football.
  7. Lets put the boot on the other foot. Are those teams good enough to cause our defence problems?
  8. Jeff King. Nutter. Slept in his car. Was like Begbie from Trainspotting
  9. Depends on your expectations of Sky really. They are a commercial company and Leeds make them more money than anyone else in the championship. If you are expecting equality you are going to be disappointed.
  10. Its being in the Premiership. Fans get deluded. As we were, although TBH I can hardly remember what being in the Prem felt like.
  11. The scum on the Lep might mistake Dawson for Kirkland. Play Westwood.
  12. In your black and white world Pessy is apparently better than Lee. But they are different players? Lee came on for Luongo and the job was to retain possession and break forward. There is absolutely no way that Pessy was a better option on Tuesday. You want to simplfy things too much matey.
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