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  1. Minutes Applause

    If Jesus did return and appeared at half timr that actually would be worth a minutes applause.
  2. Went to the match on Tuesday rather than listen to it on Radio Sheffield and the pitch was looking great. There was snow on it from time to time which might have been because it was snowing.
  3. What positions do we need to address?

    This is my view of the best team we could put out at 3 5 2 if everyone was fit. If we are going to play this system as everyone agrees LB is first priority. CB doesn't look top 6 to me either. Does a two up top and three man midfield favour Forrestieri and Hooper, arguably our best two players ? How do we hold the ball up front if teams press on us and we have to play long ball out of the back? We need an upgraded Joao type player to make that work. The squad will need major surgery to play this system and some fan favourites might have to go.
  4. The pitch at Hillsborough

    Says it all. I was there. It's fine. I smell pork. End thread please..
  5. The rake is so low that you have to look round any tall blokes in front of you especially if they've got a bobble hat on. Not tempted to move from North. Although the food offer looked better, and the Wednesday Tap is on at half time.
  6. Joey Pelupessy

    Sorry to pick you up on this mate. Luhukay didn't make the signings. Their director did which is why he left. See below.
  7. O'Grady and Nielsen

    Well done to both. And to Venancio who never stopped talking to them and getting them in position. As well as doing his job. Carlisle were poor up top though.
  8. Joey Pelupessy

    'What's my first job boss?' 'Pelupessy Katrien' 'FFS #MeToo'
  9. Credit where it’s due

    I can't understand why Vernancio hasn't been playing. He's a really good well organised defender.
  10. Why not drink.your own pizz and save the £1.80?