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  1. Poor Game Management

    Jo's should have played Forestieri Hooper and Fletcher from the start. And Bannan Lee and Hutch in midfield too. He could have brought Abdi Matias Wallace Van Aken Lees and westwood off the bench too. Doesn't know what he's doing.

    Incompetent for one side??? 1 foul against a team in 94 minutes. Snotgobbler must have got 10 from his dives.
  3. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    First time I've ever watched a match and really thought that he referee has been bought off.
  4. Luhukay Out

    Really? I'm off. Deleting the app from my phone. It's just got too toxic and unrepresentative of real Wednesday fans on here.
  5. So Fletcher is going to be injured for the next 2 and a half years on his contract and hes wearing a fake knee brace you pathetic piggy prikk.
  6. So who are the conspiring players and what is your theory? If you can answer it would be interesting as to me there would seem to be no logic at all in any of the individual players out being out other than by injury.
  7. The only thing going on is the pigs won and you as a pig are back.
  8. Jesus save us! Apart from that win against a demotivated Forest it's pure relegation form.
  9. Injury Conspiracy

    To the swivel eyed conspiracy theorists. So which players are conspiring and for what reason? FF? Clearly injured last season. 1 game this season knee OP and usually would be due back around April. Him? Fletcher? Long term knee injury evidenced by having to play through it and coming off early in many games. 18 months through a 4 year contract. Wearing a knee brace. Faking it? Keiran Lee? Surely even the biggest nobbend wouldn't suggest this. Barry Bannan? Injured after 2.5 years sterling service. Probably overplayed. Had a setback. But no! He's not going to play anymore! Why please. Hooper? Hip injury. No idea when he's due back. Still got 18 months on contract. Is It him? Close to some goal scoring bonus that we won't pay even though we need goals more than anything? Westwood. Been injury prone for some time. Maybe he doesn't fancy Jo's though. Sulking? Hutch? Got a bit of a gob on him. Fell out with DC? But would he fake injury? Anybody else? Are they all in it together? Is it just one or two faking it? Hardly a conspiracy. So rather than nudge and wink come on, name the players involved and your theories as to why.
  10. Injury Conspiracy

    Just to put this to bed, none of the main injured players FF Hooper Fletcher Bannan Lees Westwood even Abdi are out of contract this season except Keiran Lee. So it's crappola unless we arent goingto play them for 18 to 30 months.
  11. OWLS - From a Leeds United fan

    No, its a Slaughtered Lamb. Stay off the moors....
  12. Dad carried me over the turnstiles when I was 4. He Was still trying that 10 years later the tight bxxxtd....
  13. Well done to the lads tonight. Fantastic result on their turf. Something to be positive about.
  14. Well done lads. Great result. Pretty instructive that this thread being roundly ignored for the boring self indulgent moanfests elsewhere.