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  1. Peacenocchio

    Sports Personality

    No mate. He's a woman now.
  2. How long did that take you to knock up on Photoshop?
  3. Can he get us access to a 1000 seater conference centre?
  4. Peacenocchio

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Is he the new German full back we've been after?
  5. Peacenocchio

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Uni shouldn't worry. Most of the more rabid fans on here don't go to the matches never mind a forum.
  6. Peacenocchio

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Perhaps the Uni could promise to sort out Brexit. Risk assess it. And then cancel it cos they can't be arrsed.
  7. Every win would have been because a Blade was managing Wednesday. Every defeat vice versa. That would have been the only media angle. We needed a Blade. Or Agent Warnock etc. Then there's the appalling style of hoof ball and max gamesmenship type football. Then there would have been the post match interviews. Classy. Against that with due respect to his particular abilities as a manager, he might well have got us promoted to the Premiership. Before getting us relegated from it.
  8. Peacenocchio

    Dressing room clique

    I imagine the dressing room to be something like a Miami jail after lockdown at the moment.
  9. Some things in life are beyond just getting promotion or winning. Suggesting having an embarrassing one eyed biased Pig fan in charge of Wednesday so we can apparently have some 'success' is just pathetic.
  10. Peacenocchio


    The players won't turn in another decent performance till he's gone.
  11. Peacenocchio

    Sky live games

    Hooray! Saturday games at 3pm. Great news!
  12. Peacenocchio

    Latest farce on Westwood

    Ordinary fans will never know the ins and outs of the relationships at the club. In most cases that's because it would break employment law or the terms of a contract. Or its the unwritten rules on how clubs and players work. We aren't entitled to know and we never will. So speculate away but please remember that anyone with an ounce of sense knows we/you won't be aware of all the facts.
  13. I made a complicated algorithm involving trophies, promotion, cup finals Europe play offs, improvement etc and PPG. Then weighted for which division managed in. Here's what came up;
  14. @Morepork @sonofbert2 Cant agree more with those posts. I think most fans actually agree with this point of view. Unfortunately it probably doesn't feel like that to Chansiri and maybe this format is for him to get a wider picture. It's a bit high risk though and as @Costello 77 says, he's no Bono.
  15. I ran a section of a large organisation with around 500 people. For years we did 9 away day meetings with about 50 odd people over three days. Always went pretty well if unnecessary and boring. One year marketing decided to do a 500 seater conference centre. Carnage. It's very different talking to that many people. It was crap, I lost the room early doors. And people react differently too. Only the most confident or mouthy speak and there is more anonymity for heckling. Ended with people shouting at each other. Even when we announced an extra days holiday we got abuse. Public sector eh! It needs managing very closely to keep things on track. And then fans might think what was the point in being lectured at. Hope they get the balance right.