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  1. Coming late to this but I would prefer a couple of hard men in the middle and a big lad at the back. Lump on.
  2. I know one of the bosses at the Star. Big United fan. Hes a decent fella but he has admitted to me that do realise that they come across too much as pro United. Said it with a smile though as if they didnt really care.
  3. Re the Star. Yes its crap these days but as nobody buys things and expect it for free they dont have an income to make it any better. That's bad news. The Star from the 70s and 80s was a campaigning paper that occasionally broke real local stories. They would hold local politicians to account for their actions to some extent and when I was working with the Council none wanted a bad news story. Now they dont give a sheet. That's why someone like Motherarsole can do what he likes. They also had decent football journos such as Pritchett and Thompson especially compared to the inarticulate cheapest options they have these days. Johnstone though not the Star are losing millions. The paywall is the last throw of the dice but like the Green Un it will probably not save it in its current form.
  4. Its quite popular in the construction trade for management when a jacket just wont keep you toasty enough. I'm not saying it should be replicated elsewhere mind.
  5. Hes playing a very negative formation there. Not one of our players in their half!
  6. Point is lads and lasses, it appears only Monk Holloway and Rowitt wanted it. How does anyone expect an exciting appointment?
  7. @nevthelodgemoorowl @Andrew Robinson @upperwinngardensowl All. Good stuff guys. Maybe however you are going down the wrong route. If you write a complaint to Sheffield Cc about what Motherarsole and SAG have done, they have to respond AND investigate to all points accordingly. If not the can be referred to the ombusdsman. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/your-city-council/make-complaint-council-service They ought to be concentrating on the apprently catastrophic and dangerous shambles they've made taking over the DLO from Kier.
  8. I needed a ticket for a mate last week. Went down to the club and they changed all of our North Stand season tickets for South. No extra charge except obviously 43 quid for the mate.
  9. Violence yes. It was far more brutal and random I agree and I felt in fear of my life at some away days in the 70s and 80s. But everyone went to work together next day after a derby. Now everyone is continually winding each other up without the consequences.
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