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  1. Have you ever made a mistake, fixed it, and then never made the same mistake again? I think it's called experience.
  2. Lucky enough to see Moore Hirst Peters WHU and Charlton with MU. Best performance I think was Lineker for Everton here. He was unplayable. He scored the first 2 and they beat us 5 1. For us its Waddle.
  3. At least you didn't ignore the subject of the thread and post to bang on about your own agenda.
  4. Play off v Huddersfield. Fletcher was superb, MoM and game changed when Rhodes came on for him to mince about ineffectively up front. And refuse to take a pen. The difference between those players is nowt to do with Bruce. Ones a warrior ones not.
  5. I hope he makes it. Christmas dinner that is.....
  6. Its not just our system that matters though. There is an increasing trend for the very high press in the Championship and the success of 'cheaper' teams such as Leeds and Pigs and to a lesser extent Norwich will mean this only increases. This style basically stops a team playing out from the back unless they are exceptionally brave at the back and earn the right to play. In that scenario any team has to lump it long from the keeper a lot of the time and you need a Fletcher type to compete and win the header. Bruce has shown that we are going to do this to other teams at times too at times, so there has to be a lot of energy in the front players to chase down. Midfielders have to play higher up the pitch and be more mobile than we have been for a couple of seasons. No more sitting back. First season under CC high proportion of our goals were through us 'trapping' defenders or midfield players in possession about 40 yards from goal and getting the break from the mistake. FF was brilliant at it. Everybody is wise to that now. Things move on. Our new players will reflect this.
  7. I would also add Hutchinson to that list. CC played him regularly and gave him confidence. Not sure FF was as good a player as when he arrived by the time CC left though.
  8. He plays in Bundesliga 2. Second tier.
  9. Would imagine it's a pre contract agreement if true. Same agents as Stieperman at Norwich
  10. 20k a week. Bought to play midfield.
  11. Me too. He played centre midfield though so dontnunderstand how he fits this thread. Shocking pen too. He'd fit right in!
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