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  1. Peacenocchio

    Any live stream for tonight

    Has he got baggy shorts on?
  2. Peacenocchio

    Well this is awkward

    They come on their own They come on their own. Wednesday kop They come on their own.
  3. Peacenocchio

    Well this is awkward

    If the team don't walk out to This is Hardcore by Pulp then someone's not doing their job properly.....
  4. Are people genuinely thick? It isn't offside. It might have been 5 years ago. It also might be if you have your own set of rules in your head.
  5. First, good on you. I do that too. Don't agree that 28 quid is off, it's about the right balance between generating the revenue to pay for the team and trying to attract fans. Someone said if it was 25 they'd go. TBH if you are worrying about 3 quid, and ive been there, find a pub.
  6. 28 quid v West Brom..... If you aren't going to this match it's nowt to do with pricing. Just be honest about it. It's no sin to just not want to go.
  7. Did you start it because you thought you could do better than Wednesday then? Because you thought, I'm not going to criticise anymore, I'll do my own team. ?
  8. Funny innit. On a site that is designed to discuss/criticise Wednesday. The proprietor of Owlstalk suggests no discusion/ constructive criticism of the podcast, saying start yer own if you don't like it. Maybe Owlstalk should start its own football team.
  9. Sounds like the most likely situation. Bugger!
  10. Heres an idea. I didn't come up with it. Maybe you can produce a better product by listening to your customers and not being thin skinned about criticism.
  11. Yes between 20 and 60 minutes usually. I listen to a lot of podcasts of which these are some. Wednesday Week is the longest by a mile. Just an opinion but it needs editing.
  12. I like the FFP podcasts very much. Unfortunately I find the main podcast unlistenable at times which is a shame because I really try to like it. And occasionally, usually via LH or James it's genuinely entertaining and informative. Constructive criticism to some but not all of the casters. If you've got no idea what you are talking about and freely admit this in the podcast, why would you think people will want to listen. Especially if it's delivered in a loud confrontational or depressive tone? Less is more. 20 mins max unless there really is something to talk about. The lazy, 'this is Wednesday, so it always goes this way' etc just grinds my gears. All clubs fans who like to think they are 'special' say this. It's way too matey. Not everyone can be funny, so if you aren't, don't try. Self awareness is a great asset. If like me you are a condescending tail, try to temper this by also being humble....
  13. Peacenocchio

    Who's the second toughest

    Jesus. How wide is Gibson's head! The one next to Martin Keown.
  14. Peacenocchio

    Who's the second toughest

    Gerry Young. Hard and ancient at 28.