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  1. With DC, the less he says, the more I like him.
  2. Cheers Hootie. Ah what a waste. But what a legacy, still play those albums regularly especially Laughing Stock. Usually on my own though
  3. Forgot Crosby Kitchens. Can't 'see it' on the kit? I can vividly remember ASDA and funnily enough Lee Chapman in the MHS shirt....
  4. Alex Ferguson. Jose Mourinho as assistant. Pep as coach.
  5. Interesting that the League Managers Association: one it's six key aims being: To encourage honourable practice, conduct and courtesy in all professional activity Has a totally uncritical fawning press release from Newcastle on the appointment of Bruce as its first item. Nice but of hypocrisy. We're gonna get loads of help from within the game.....
  6. The marketing of this is very very good. Hats off to whoever's responsible.
  7. Let me do it for him': We've had a great pre season. Everyone's looking sharp. Great run out for the boys tonight against tough opposition. It's all about the build up to the first game against Reading. Cue press. DO YOU WANT THE JOB ETC. Happy?
  8. No income tax No VAT We've sold our ground For FFP fizz Stevie Bruce And Mike Ashley Made 4 million at a stroke Viva Chansiri God bless Chansiri C'est magnifique Chansiri #swfc Streamilined it.
  9. Why do people feel entitled to information even when it's quite clear it won't be in our club's interest to give it?
  10. I think the Self Righteous Brothers would fit in well on here.
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