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  1. StowOwl

    David hirst

    Yep, please do, because I and probably a good few others can't make the connection between Hirst attending the 150th dinner and the financial status...
  2. Is it like Club 18 30? Count me in!!
  3. StowOwl


    Retrieving lobsters from Jane Mansfield's bum... lovely sweet girl
  4. StowOwl

    if you could pick one player

    Waddle - we badly need some forward midfield distribution with telling balls into the danger zone and offer alternatives on dead ball kicks.
  5. Huddersfield... that well known hotbed of seething football passion... If it keeps them happy... bless!
  6. Huge attendance... price of membership gone down in FIFA?
  7. Just asked a Dutch guy who works for me and he's a massive Ajax fan. He echoes some of the other comments in the thread. "Was a very decent player in times of Ajax and AC Milan. But defensive he wasn’t too good and he is playing leftback in those days…. Was great when he was able to come up on the wing. Believe never convinced abroad and hence been moved around a lot (hired out to other clubs, 1 year here and there etc). Good luck!" Mmm!!
  8. StowOwl

    Will DC hold his nerve?

    Can't believe what I read sometimes.
  9. Standard business practice, why wouldn't DC want to protect his and the clubs interests like any other business? Would actually help if he put something of note into the club shop mind... Maybe it's a lead into Palmer taking more of an interest in the unmegastore!!
  10. StowOwl

    How dirty are we?

    Shouldn't Weeds be top? They have been and always will be the dirtiest team in football and no stats required for that - it's tradition!
  11. StowOwl

    You're as Sheffield as?

    This!! it has always been and always will be mum's meat and potato pie, peas and relish. There wasn't anything else back in the day, so it was only relish. as for Sheffield, I left S5 about 42 years ago when I was 9 and moved darn sarf... the only thing that connects me to Sheffield these days is the Owls and that will never get knocked out of me and I'll be there on the Kop, on Sunday.
  12. True... what was I thinking
  13. They probably do match, but being different material, they'll be reflecting the camera flash differently. I expect in natural light they'll be the same.
  14. Well... looks like the long awaited Friday Shitstorm has arrived...
  15. Shame the club didn't get to unveil it first. Think it might be the away shirt for me this year then! The home is like Chelsea of the nineties...not sure it's right for Wednesday.