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  1. Record sales, great news BUT just think how much better the figures could have been if the club put a bit more thought into it and considered those supporters like me, who cannot pop along to the Megastore due to the distance we live from Sheffield. Like others on Owlstalk I tried online but the system kept telling me my details are not recognised. Monday afternoon I managed to speak to someone in the Retail Dept who assured me I would get a call back from the shop and I could buy the shirt. Surprise, surprise, still no phone call and no reply to an email to the Retail Department on Tuesday morning. Surely if we want to be considered a big club we should have online and phone systems to cope with these peaks in business. It's not rocket science. Come on Wednesday get geared up. All we are trying to do is spend money with you!
  2. What an embarrassment. It's clear that Mr nice guy Carlos cannot motivate or organise a team. I've seen better organised back fours in non league. The whole team ran around like a load of individuals without any plan. Hurts to say it but Utd played as an organised unit with everyone knowing their role. AND importantly they played with passion and for each other. We have players with loads of ability but we need a no nonsense manager to organise the team and put some fire in their bellies. Thanks for getting us this far Carlos but I think it's time for someone else to finish the job.
  3. Thanks for the info, hope that helps someone. Hate to see it wasted.
  4. I have now sold both adult tickets and have the £15 over 60's ticket left. Could possibly be used by a under 16 as theirs are cheaper anyway?
  5. Hi S8owl89. Yours if you want them but we will need to arrange payment and postage as I am down in Wiltshire, 160 miles away!
  6. Prefer to sell all together if possible but would sell the over 60 ticket on its own as not everyone has an oldie like me to take along
  7. Gutted but now cannot get to the game next Wednesday. I have 2 adult and 1 over 60's tickets for West Stand Lower. All sat together. Obviously only want face value inc booking fee, plus postage if you want special delivery. Hope this helps someone out.
  8. I had a similar experience as Chrisf and emailed the ticket office. They phoned me within 30 minutes and sorted my tickets over the phone. Excellent service, especially when you consider the volume of calls and enquiries that had to deal with this morning.
  9. It's Mr C's toy and he will do what he likes with it. So far he has done brilliantly in a very short space of time. However, like most foreign owners they do not appreciate the traditions of our game. The new home shirt being a prime example. In my opinion the Wednesday home shirt should always be the bold, equal, blue and white stripes. It should always be instantly recognisable as a Wednesday shirt. I also wonder where the price increases will end. £55 for a shirt, £42 for Villa fans. I think we would feel pretty ripped off if we were charged £42 at Villa Park. They have also increased the Members fees from £30 to £50!! Why? Time to listen to the loyal fan base who have stood by the club no matter what and not take them for granted.
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