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  1. GM: "I’m determined to come through these moments and get to a better day." Still determined then, that's good. The problem was he was equally determined in January, February, March...and look where that got us.
  2. The irony of Monk repeatedly talking about how 'the time for talk is done'.
  3. And Monk is employed to manage what the team does on the pitch. Which he is doing very, very badly.
  4. He's still determined then... That's good.
  5. At what other club would a manager in charge of a side producing such a disasterous set of results and diabolical performances over such a long period and totally devoid of ideas continue to be safe in their job? We are an absolute laughing stock.
  6. So, surely now we can all agree that all levels of our club are to blame for the predicament we are in. No more saying its not Monk's fault...a big chunk of it definitely is...one win in ten...not many clubs would accept that...
  7. Not sure why it's automatically assumed that Westwood and Hutch are out to undermine the manager and the team, just because Monk leaves them out. Maybe they are, but we don't know what's going on and shouldn't so be quick to judge based on little info. They've both been committed servants of the club and both contributed massively to our success in more recent times. It may well be that they are very vocal in training / the dressing room and Monk doesn't like that (and I can see that being Jos' issue as well). Doesn't mean they are out to undermine him. To be fair, I'd rather have their voices in the dressing room than more of Monk's clueless approach and inane post-match musings...doubt that inspires many players. And what is clear is that there was an upturn in our performances when Westwood and Hutch were reinstated last time and they cover two positions in desperate need of a refresh at the moment. In the absence of other suitable options to freshen up those positions, they need to be reinstated.
  8. Agree - it's not right on the coaching front, and the longer we persevere with this situation the worse it will get. The defence of Monk on the basis it's a gutless bunch of players (although they are at the moment!) and he's not had a proper crack of the whip just doesn't ring true for how bad it has got - he should be getting a lot more than this from them. He has technically better players to work with than a number of managers in this league - it's his job to motivate them, give them the game plan and coach them to know exactly what he wants them to do on the pitch. Yet we are being outplayed and outright by lesser teams. Its flipping bottom side Luton, not Liverpool! He has no tactics, no idea. And can't instil any passion or fight in these players whatsoever. Add to that his defeatist attitude in recent interviews. It's a rapidly sinking ship with him at the helm. I can't see how he is going to turn it around.
  9. I'm sorry, but I think we all wanted Chansiri to succeed. The 2015/16 season was the most exciting we'd had in over 20 years. We all felt there was something happening, felt excited. We put up with the extortionate ticket prices for that. The excitement of the tube and walking to Wembley surrounded by a wall of Wednesday fans singing We're On Our Way is something I'll never forget and well worth the 27 hour flight back to Sydney afterwards! We felt like a club united. But ever since then we've accepted a mismanaged club owned by a well meaning and obviously passionate owner, who nonetheless has refused to take proper advice and put an appropriate structure in place. Decisions have been nothing short of baffling and our transfer policy disastrous. We're now in the situation of having breached FFP rules many times over, having a worse and dispassionate playing squad for years and pricing out a generation of fans from going through the up and downs we love to experience. All with a team that has very little resale value and very little to offer. This is Chansiri's fault. So he must carry the buck for where we are, just as he'd take the adoration if we were where we should be. I only hope we can make the right changes before we lose the next generation of Wednesday fans, who grow up thinking the Blades are the big club in Sheffield.
  10. I think the point is that that they all have to take some of the blame for the rut we are in. Fine, we're still a couple of points off the play-offs but that will become an ever fading dream if we continue the way we're going. Our club is being completely mismanaged from the top level down - we're fast becoming a laughing stock with things like the '10 year season ticket' - look at the press coverage this week. The players bear a massive amount of blame for putting in the limp, listless performances we've had to watch in the past month. They show no heart and no drive - they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they've played since mid December. A cup win and a morale boosting win over local rivals shouldn't gloss over that. But it doesn't appear to bother them - they take their pay cheque and turn in a repeat performance the following week. Can't say a wrong sending off caused yesterday either (look at what Millwall did to us at the start of the season with 10 men), our lads showed no fight and it was pinged around them like a Sunday league game. Yes, Monk has inherited a team with the wrong attitude and that is probably not fit for a promotion challenge, but there is some ability in there to be nurtured and he shouldn't be absolved like some people suggest. His lack of tactical nous has been painfully evident - no plan B, no adapting to different teams' set ups and changing circumstances in games. I just hope Chansiri backs him to the hilt in the loan market in the next couple of weeks and we can get 2 or 3 hungry players in who show the desire that is sorely lacking from the rest of the squad at the moment.
  11. By the same token, Garry, one win against an understrength Premier League side (albeit a morale boosting win) doesn't mask the fact we lost 3 completely winnable games against poor opposition on the trot, playing abmisally in each and with absolutely no tactical nous or application. The FA cup win doesn't hide the fact we showed no signs of looking anywhere like a playoff challenging side over Christmas and New Year and chucked away a real opportunity to kick on without showing any fight in those games.
  12. Not sure how Chris Adamson hasn't got the keeper's berth yet. Never played league football again after leaving us. Says it all!
  13. Maddix and Westwood centre back pairing. Absolutely shocking.
  14. The club and the fans need to work together to build on the momentum of this season. We've seen the lift to the team that can be brought from a packed house and also that the broader support is still out there. That sort of turn out needs to be the norm rather than the exception. Looking at the number of people who tried to get playoff semi final or final tickets, if we can encourage those who otherwise haven't been to Hillsborough recently or only go to a game or two a season to just go to a few extra games next season, then across the board we should be able to get attendances up to an average in the very late 20k's and hopefully 30k+. It's unrealistic to expect a large proportion of that section of the fan base to just immediately become season ticket holders - there are a number of genuine reasons why some fans can't commit to going week in week out and we shouldn't be splitting the fans criticising each other about it - we're all are still fans and need to stick together and just encourage people to get down to Hillsborough more regularly, particularly to ensure we maintain for the future the amazing, massive fan base we saw turn Wembley into a sea of blue and white on Saturday and which was a credit to us and widely praised in the press. For myself, a season ticket is no good as I live in Australia but I make it back for a few regular games each season and also managed to get back for both the semi final and final this time around. As I'm not able to go often, I'm just happy to pay whatever the price may be, but there are many who can't / won't if it is too high. For the club's part, they need to make POTG prices more accessible to bring in the broader fan base more regularly. The shock of this season's top pricing brackets (although not actually applied to that many games) and not giving the best advertising to pricing for the cheaper games had an impact on attendances in a very successful season. The club could challenge the fans to buy into this as well - e.g. they set POTG ticket prices at a decent discount (but obvs above the per game cost for a season ticket holder) for the first quarter / half of the season as a test run and commit to maintaining those discounted prices going forward for as long as the average attendance across that period and going forward is at least X thousand. This should achieve the same net economic return on ticket receipts as a smaller turn out paying higher prices and have more people in the ground to spend on food, drink and merchandise. If we then still don't achieve the necessary attendances, then we as a fan base can have no complaints about the club charging high POTG prices.
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