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  1. Never mind the dressing room, he's lost the fans now. No coming back from this. Sack is inevitable, just a case of how long we have to wait.
  2. Plenty of families with young kids will be leaving the grandstand over the bridge after the game. SYP have literally put a map on twitter showing the suggested route right past the end of the bridge. They are blatantly trying to create problems now and putting innocent people at risk. SYP are not fit for purpose.
  3. Except the FA has veto powers, and in this case all 4 of the English FA votes were in favour of the rule change. It only required 2 FA votes to stop it. So even if the English FA was split 50/50 for/against it, then it wouldn't have been made into a law. But yeah, foreigners are running it...
  4. Not if he has already got injured and been subbed for Pelupessy after 25 mins...
  5. Agree with this. Cash in now to make a profit, re-invest on someone younger and hungrier, and include a sell-on clause to potentially get a bonus windfall in future.
  6. I'm sure now the precedent is set that to get an opposition player charged with alleged racism, all you need to do is accuse them of it, that nobody will make any accusations of it in future even if they aren't sure what they heard and nobody witnesses it. It's not like players ever do things to gain advantage - like pretend they've been physically assaulted and are injured when actually they've not been touched...
  7. Reminds me of this. 11 "honours" are losing, some not even in the final.
  8. Think 6th will be a lower than normal points tally this year. Our key games are the home fixtures against the teams we are in the pack with. Beat Villa, Forest, Bristol, and keep picking up points in the other games it's absolutely to play for. Incredible when the season seemed over a month ago.
  9. And we also have fixtures against those teams. Villa, Forest & Bristol have to come to Hillsborough... Plus we also play Preston. Apart from catching Derby, who also have to play Bristol (guarantees points dropped for someone) it's actually in our hands now. Expect we will get hammered on Sat by Blackburn and come crashing back to normal Wednesday reality.
  10. Once they've had a bit of training, they'll be able to push the "discount" "Because of your 5% discount, taking off ~£20 from the full ST price, your total is only £910".
  11. This is the sort of thinking the chairman should be doing and working through with the league. He could be clear to us about his strategy (even if not the details - especially since it will involve selling assets) and build some trust back in the fans that he is in control of the situation. Rather than gimmicks like this scheme to cover mistakes he's already made, with no chance of the club progressing, and for the same problem to come back again next year anyway.
  12. I'd give the proposition some thought if I didn't have zero confidence in the chairman to run the club sensibly. Sadly, this is not an investment. An investment provides a business funds to do something with. We've already spent the funds he is now trying to raise. He's shown no signs he has learned and is about to run then club sensibly even if the fans dig him out. We need to wheel and deal. Salaries and transfer fees make any scheme such as this like weeing in the wind. At best it would delay the inevitable by 1 season.
  13. Agree. Sadly there seems to be little to suggest a change in approach. E.g. Recruiting, developing, selling, repeat, to actually be sustainable. Even mentions the same people are doing recruitment as at the start - an acceptable approach for the season 1 gamble, but from season 2 onwards a complete disaster.
  14. Good call. Expect a 6 page thread at least dedicated to it all being his fault by midnight.
  15. Dawson and Nuhiu to blame. Not sure why but someone will be along to explain.
  16. One way this could work in our favour is 3 honeymoon periods in a row. We had the 4 LB games. Now we get the 3 (+1) SA+SC games. Then we get the 1st 4 SB games. It's a very long shot, but if we could catch up another 5-6 points on the top 6 in the next 7 honeymoon games, we would go into March with something to play for.
  17. This is factually correct. Although the corner could've been avoided by Bannan not wasting the 3 on 1 chance to either score or run down the clock. Palmer could've given a throw instead. Nowt to do with Dawson.
  18. Preston are going to use the following as evidence it shouldn't have been a red card. Because it's clearly lower than this, which wasn't a red.
  19. It may well be that simple... But I'd say it's also perfectly possible to explain in other ways... I understand that Mr Chansiri told Jos not to pick certain players Jos, as manager, didn't pick certain players, and also didn't pick others through his own choice Results, performances, league position, fan pressure, made Chansiri 'U' turn on his decision Chansiri repeatedly said at the fans forum he was sticking with Jos Having been undermined, and being unhappy in general, Jos used the above as grounds for constructive dismissal and got a good deal to leave the club Bullen, as manager, due to the change of decision of Chansiri, picked Westwood et al How do we know?
  20. The latter would be just as relevant to highlight missing Loovens. Not for ability but being a vocal leader and organiser. With Westwood still actually being our player it does put Dawson unfairly in the spotlight.
  21. Don't disagree. Do think Westwood might have got himself positioned better for the first and been able to see the strike earlier and possibly save it. Similarly for the 2nd Westwood is a lot more aggressive coming off his line and closing down. Didn't earn his nickname of the "Cat" for nothing. Swings and roundabouts as he gives away more penalties, but in this case I would have backed him to come out and save that shot with his feet. The other point would be perhaps the marking wouldn't have been so dire with an organiser screaming at them, and the lack of concentration/giving up after conceding the first wouldn't have been allowed with him on the pitch.
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