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  1. nebneeb

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Against the grain, I think Jos is doing a reasonable job under the circumstances. He doesn't deserve the sack. But this is a ruthless business, and someone better is now potentially available. DC would be insane not to be making enquiries about getting him here.
  2. Base salary purely for "youth development" and a bonus associated with net profit on players bought/sold going forward?
  3. He would pay for himself 10-fold if he sorted out our horrific recruitment/transfer policy.
  4. Did they deserve to play after their performance against Norwich or just coming back from injury and not match fit? Would you have preferred an attacking line up and losing 5-0? At least it would have shown the right "attitude" ? Having BDM avenged would be OK since we would have stuck to our principles? Or what evidence do you have that sticking with the same formula as the last 4 games would have had a different result?
  5. In the grand scheme of things, absolutely there isn't much to be positive about our current predicament. The match tonight doesn't have any bearing on that. It's the owner, our spending, our strategy, philosophy etc. I'd much rather we were in a position to go to the stain and put in an attractive attacking performance. Actually I'd rather we were in the league above and never having to play them at all. But the facts are we are where we are with the players we have. We had lost 4 in a row. Conceded 10 goals in the last 3 games. We were playing away from home against the 3rd placed side in the league who could go top with a win. So it was exactly the RESULT we needed. Hard earned point, clean sheet, away from home, against our enemy who at this moment in time are much better than us. We had a team half full of kids. That will have done them a world of good. Make no mistake, this was an unbelievable opportunity for them to avenge boxing day 1979. They didn't take it. So hopefully onwards and upwards for us now to build on that. Especially with Nando coming back into the fold after the break.
  6. nebneeb

    Not a lot in it

    Fox had the best chance of the game.
  7. To be fair, he could hardly start talking about how his experience from his only other job in management might come in useful... Northampton The Pigs Vs VfB Stuttgart Bertha BSC Mighty Owls It's almost like his comments got inside Wilders head...
  8. nebneeb

    Who is the ref?

    Hi Tim Robinson.
  9. nebneeb

    Who is the ref?

    Indirect Free kick for "Impeding Play": Impeding the progress of other players by unfairly not allowing them to play the ball.
  10. Just shows some of our "fans" priorities. They have time to come on here and type critical comments, but they don't have time to bother to listen to the press conference in the first place. Reminds me of listening to football heaven on the way home and getting calls from "fans" who listened to the last 10 minutes of the game on the radio, and have opinions on our tactical positioning in the first half. What's the point?
  11. Joint bottom of goals conceded, with PNE. 30 goals against from 16 games. No other team has conceded more this season. Oh, and the pigs are 2nd highest scorers. So guaranteed clean sheet on Fri?
  12. nebneeb

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Neither can the opposition managers/coaches of the teams we've managed to consistently pick up points against. Seems like a good thing to me.
  13. We went on to finish in our highest league position in 19 year the following season. If we are applying Hindsight, he should've been sacked immediately following the 0-0 away draw against Huddersfield. Appointed someone in with a positive mentality to win the home tie, and then take on a very average Reading side at Wembley. May well have seen us promoted.
  14. Good to at least have a couple of options from the bench. Also he hasn't played in months.
  15. nebneeb

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    So they have replied privately to those who asked for a refund? So it's only on this website and presumably social media that the terms of the refund is actually "news"?