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  1. We will hammer United

    No doubt if this was played on paper, man for man we are far better. That makes us massive favourites. But we only seem to play our best stuff in the big games when we are the underdog. Think Arsenal cup, Brighton PO, Newcastle league. When we're favourites we seem to struggle. Think Huddersfield PO. This is the biggest match they've played for 5 years. They'll be more than up for it and will no doubt be aggressive and also cynical and willing to do pretty much anything to frustrate us. Expecting it to be a tight game but eventually tactical prowess and the likes of Wallace and Fletcher who seem to thrive in the big games to see us through.
  2. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    My point was more generally rather than this specific incident. I genuinely don't understand how being in a better position to get on the end of a cross that comes in immediately after a rebound, by being in an offside position, isn't getting an advantage from the initial being offside. In either case, it's marginal and got no complaints in this instance. A whole long list of reasons contributed to the goal that were perfectly under our control and could have prevented it.
  3. Finally

    Good OP. Some clear indications of improvement to the starting 11 from last season. Just need Rhodes to come good, and maybe even Boyd once he recovers will have a big role to play as well.
  4. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I'm basically making an observation, and questioning the extent to which this is the case: Because clearly being ahead in the race to get to a rebound, you are interfering with play. But if it then becomes another "phase" so doesn't count, how close can you get to the goal? If you don't stop the keeper seeing the ball, and don't touch it, then is that allowed regardless of where you stand (i.e. in the 6 yard box). And how the hell is a referee meant to work out what the goalie can see whilst also watching what's actually happening? Basically the rule is bobbar.
  5. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I agree. My original point was that being offside when the kick is taken such that you are gaining an advantage if there's a rebound, is interfering. Hence the "phase" rule is daft. And the definition of interfering is such a grey area it makes a mockery of the consistency in the application of the rule...
  6. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    The 6 yard box is considerably wider than Westwood's head. Plenty of room to stand without being in the way.
  7. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Not if they don't stand in the path of the ball or blocking the keeper's view.
  8. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    If that's really the rule, teams should put 2 players in the 6 yard box waiting for a rebound from the keeper or off the woodwork.
  9. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    This picture clearly shows what's wrong with the defending. They have multiple players running in to follow up the shot. We just have Pudil. Everyone else has the wrong body position.
  10. Westwood

    Think he was quite deep (on/behind the goal line) which maybe made getting it around the post difficult. Would still expect him to punch it clear to give more time to the defenders. Obviously giving the free kick away in the first place, and then not following the ball in didn't help either. Thought there might have been a question of off-side if the player that got the final touch was behind Westwood - looked like we only had 1 defender between them and our goal? Probably wrong but not seen a replay.
  11. Quality

    If the freekick had gone over the bar and out for a goal kick, we would all be celebrating a fantastic 1-0 away win and Carlos would be taking plaudits for a perfect away performance. The approach we take is going to produce tight games, with a lot of draws, and some narrow wins and narrow losses. The margins are so thin between us converting enough of those draws into wins. Today we were just on the wrong side. On Tuesday we were just on the right side. But 7 points from 3, and 2 points better off than last season, means now isn't the time to be claiming there's a problem with Carlos or this approach.
  12. Quality

    We do adopt a "hang on for dear life" mentality. Where even when we win the ball, the passing goes to absolute poo , we practically just hand it back and say "try again". Staying calm, even without trying to score a goal, would help give ourselves a break.
  13. Exactly why I didn't say losing these games would break our season. Yes, this sentence is all "ifs buts and maybes", but I really hope Carlos does realise how much the next 4 games could influence the ones that come afterwards.
  14. We play the current top 3 in our next 4 games. With 2 of those games at home. This is an unbelievable opportunity to get ourselves right at the front of the race. Belief, confidence, and momentum are all very significant in football, and even at this very early stage, this could set us up for a genuine push for the top 2. Big games, exciting times.