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  1. nebneeb

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    Neither can the opposition managers/coaches of the teams we've managed to consistently pick up points against. Seems like a good thing to me.
  2. We went on to finish in our highest league position in 19 year the following season. If we are applying Hindsight, he should've been sacked immediately following the 0-0 away draw against Huddersfield. Appointed someone in with a positive mentality to win the home tie, and then take on a very average Reading side at Wembley. May well have seen us promoted.
  3. Good to at least have a couple of options from the bench. Also he hasn't played in months.
  4. nebneeb

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    So they have replied privately to those who asked for a refund? So it's only on this website and presumably social media that the terms of the refund is actually "news"?
  5. nebneeb

    Carlos Planned His Move

    OP is correct. It's basic continuation planning. Not just when the going is bad and thinking of sacking the manager, but when it's going well in case the manager is poached. The shortlist should be a dynamic list that's always being updated based on a range of factors, including things like suitability for the clubs structure and football identity, availability, stature, etc. Sadly I don't think our club has a clear structure, or clear identity, and we certainly haven't got a clear plan. Shambles right from the top.
  6. Neither will anyone else who is using their own ticket and doesn't happen to have some ID with them, if what you are implying, that isn't actually stated by the club anywhere, is true. Which it won't be.
  7. nebneeb

    Tom Lees

    Needs some time on the bench. Asleep for both the goals conceded. First basic marking. Second allowing a quick throw to be taken.
  8. Played this style of football with no transfer budget and about 20% of the wage bill. That was justified. Carlos doing it having spent more than any manager in Wednesday history is not. No excuses.
  9. nebneeb

    Championship Top 6

    That also makes it an opportunity. Double edged sword. If we are picking up points, it guarantees teams above us are dropping them. Big games, starting with the next one at home against Bristol City.
  10. Think that one was a Tuesday. That was also the one where the p1ss thrown down from the top tier was like a monsoon.
  11. Right, recent results are awful etc and obviously lots of people are unhappy with the manager. That all aside, interested in thoughts on this... Playing with 10 men, and from a goal down for the whole game, and still in it with 20 to go. Why not tell someone to give it everything and then make a change? E.g. Hunt could leave everything on the pitch trying to provide more attacking threat and also run himself into the ground getting back... It might pay off, then get Palmer on for the last 10 plus stoppage. But no, we leave 8 players on the pitch who are tired, whilst there are fresh options sat on the side. It doesn't surprise me we ran out of steam and conceded another late on to finish us off. But it didn't have to be that way? I don't understand?
  12. nebneeb

    Anniversary watches

    Also cancelled mine. I won't be accepting a non limited edition watch that looks bobbar and will be delivered late, for the same price. Shambles is an understatement. I'll be writing to the club in full later.
  13. nebneeb

    Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    The plain one retails for £90 most places, £70 Amazon. I bought one last night as £60-£80 markup for a very limited edition version with the clubs badge on seems about right. Absolutely no way I'd pay £150 if it wasn't limited edition. Pretty sure after VAT is paid, costs etc, the club won't have made more than £10k. To me it seems more of a gesture to the fans than a money making exercise. For that I applaud and thank the club.
  14. nebneeb

    Wednesday Team Up With Sekonda

    I like it. Will get one. Yeah it's expensive, but it's limited edition and has our badge on it. Compared to getting a seat label, a replica shirt, or a ticket of the last home game, it's a bargain.
  15. @HirstWhoScoredIt do you have the stats for getting top 2? What's the general rule for the last 20 years? What's the record? No worries if you don't have 'em - just thought it would be interesting - seeing as that's apparently what we're doing this season.