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  1. The prophecy has been written. He will return either as manager or number 2. He will return in a ginger blaze of glory.
  2. Carlos has to go now no question about that. However I do feel some of the players are really letting the side down and when (if) new management comes in they need to reshuffle.
  3. 20 years, Got my first Wednesday kit at 2 years old. Remember when we went down from the top flight in 2000 my dad looking hopeless in the living room with the radio on.
  4. Can't see us getting anything from the away games but we'll win the 2 home ones keeping Carlos as manager, Unfortunately.
  5. Deffo been priced out, Been to the past 4 steel city derbies and I am gutted I cannot afford this one. Go watch it in the pub and spend half as much money,
  6. Shout to Stuart Gray did his job well but what a ruddy good decision from the man up top, Lets just hope the momentum keeps going and the good decisions from all keep flooding in.
  7. Shame we didn't keep Pudil in my opinion but great News about Jose, He is a great talisman and I hope he sticks around for a coaching job.
  8. Few tweeks but the money needs to go on the pitch this season, Focus on the top 2.
  9. Wish I could get one but I am absolutely broke at the minute, Will be deffo getting to as many games as I can though, More than last season I hope, Hate working Saturdays.
  10. All about JJ's plane celebration with the odd kick of the corner flag from time to time.
  11. Only Wiggins for me who was generally a bad player, Most players had there moments but Wiggins was trash then moved to Bournemouth which baffled me.
  12. I think Nuhiu is a solid plan B, A back up, Nitty gritty player and can pull off some decent football at times. As a defender I would pap myself if he was running at me personally, Strong a nuisance, I say he stays at least next season. Joao is still young and has a lot to learn, Next season could be make or break for him.
  13. Not even in Sheffield unfortunately, Born up north in Scarborough unfortunately haha.
  14. Unfortunately I was only 1 years old, My dads family are Danish so it would have been nice to be alive.
  15. Think I saw 2 blokes in tears but not an absolute overflow, I just felt drained and had lost my voice at first. Great day, Bad result, Best team won, Simples.
  16. That's the dream even though I voted 2nd, If thats how it pans out i'll take that any day
  17. Losing was not nice but being there was still an awesome experience, My misses got upset but she wasn't there back when I was 14 and we went down against Palace, Thats was so much harder to take than a loss off of a successful season the best season ive seen in 12 years of supporting the Owls. We'll be back again next season.
  18. Bannan has to be in the middle for pulling the strings with Fessy on the left, Always thought Helan deserved another try on the left side though, He's got pace and I have seen him use it well from time to time.
  19. The image of him holding the scarfs and looking to the ground will live with me for as long as I live, Very powerful and meaningful, Makes me respect the man more than I already did, What a man.
  20. Definitely not an attack of the fan base, I love this club and the supporters, My Dad always told me there was no other fans like it and Saturday proved him so correct it was unbelievable, I was so proud to be amongst that atmosphere and passion.
  21. Don't really have a worst 11 but I can certainly list a few names Darren Purse Jay Bothroyd Mcallister
  22. Arsenal League Cup Wembley Brighton first leg (Didnt go but watched in a bar in Greece celebrating with locals, Awesome) Brummies boxing day (My other halfs first Wednesday game she loved it)
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