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  1. Good point. In that case we'd currently be sat in 16th place.
  2. Didn't have reassurances over a new contract so protected his future, like the majority or out of contract players. Players get paid what someone is willing to pay. Was Rhodes a money grabber when he first joined?
  3. Only one guy for the job, RUDY GESTEDE. Bring him in to partner Rhodes.
  4. Exactly this. Plus Harris and Murphy aren't wing backs. In this formation Iorfa is the only defensive player that we can rely on.
  5. Not a good idea. In fact, it's embarrassing.
  6. Both are on loan, but I agree with your point. They've done well.
  7. Yes, during the Jan transfer window, but it didn't match Chansiri's valuation believe it or not.
  8. Didn't we do the same to David '80 grand a week' Jones?
  9. And a ball winning midfielder before a forward
  10. With or without a manager, it's clear for the chairman to see that Hector would be an excellent permanent signing.
  11. Just about to post the same. Has over 50k followers. Looks like it's happening. All hail the king
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