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  1. Mikel Arteta if could afford him with all the contacts he has
  2. They might dominate possession but what we need to do is when we have a 10-20 minute spell we need to punish them and make it count
  3. What cause he scored other night the area I would be looking at is upfront and I think the kid Borukov deserves a go.we are creating chances from midfield just not putting away.this kid could be the jewel(unknown quantity)but looks class
  4. I would go out and try bring vydra in.knows this division well and doesn’t seem to be getting game time at Burnley.
  5. I think he needs to have both in squad Friday too give everyone a lift.also his own job at stake that’s why I think both players will be in the team cause he needs a good result and get everyone back on his side and get the blue and white wizards playing again
  6. What gets me with Jos why would you have ff and mm in full training this week when everyone should be working twice has hard getting stuck in for the biggest game of season to make the squad Friday night.Because in my eyes if they in full training they ready for at least 30 mins
  7. It’s about taking a responsibility and one for the team there was a number of players that could have made a challenge on the lad but we decide too back off and it’s cost us
  8. I think taking Onomah off was biggest mistake cause Kirby was leaving too much space in midfield
  9. The thing is if fessi makes it 3 it’s game over
  10. I think Tom lees is at fault backing off when he should have just gone through him
  11. Any live streams for tonight has I’m with talktalk and you can’t use red button option
  12. If we could get 15 mill then let him go has he only has 2 years left and spend the cash on Dwight gayle and bring in Sam Byram on loan
  13. Moses odubajo anyone free agent and still only 24 years old
  14. I think the position we are really struggling is defence not upfront and to leave Pudil on bench is baffling when in last few games probably been the best at back.he could have played Nuhiu today instead of chucking a young lad up there who on here has tuck some stick
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