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    Singapore Owls

    A little late to the party here, but if any other Owl finds him/herself out here, give me a shout, Singapore Owl here, always up for a sherbet and an Owls chat. Plenty of places showing football, but unfortunately it's mostly a staple diet of Premier League matches.
  2. FarEastOwl

    Singapore Owls?

    DuttyTeabags just pointed out that 'Wiseowl' is in town, missing out on Wembley due to a mate's wedding. WiseOwl, give us a shout - cannot send a PM, too many 'wiseowls XYZ' registered See you by the Quays, FEO
  3. Long time reader, first time poster here. It's 1:50 p.m. over here and am trying to calm the nerves with a few chilled Tigers. Any fellow Singapore Owls out there? Anyone up for catching the match at one of the bars down the Quays (or local kopitiam)? UTO, FarEastOwl
  4. FarEastOwl

    Singapore Owls?

    Let me know when you're around next time. Plenty of watering holes. We can also catch a Geylang International match if you'd like 😅
  5. FarEastOwl

    Singapore Owls?

    Orlando_Trustful, you obviously know your way round S'pore 😛 It's only half the fun going there as one-man-army 😜
  6. FarEastOwl

    Singapore Owls?

    It'll be in Channel 109 (Eleven), comes in a channel package from Singtel/MioTV: http://www.singteltv.com.sg/programme-guide.asp?d=5/29/2016&t=00:00:00