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  1. I hope, in true SWFC style, that cadbury's back date this deal to 2005 when the bars were actually a decent size.
  2. to be fair it's been like at morgue at S6 since we lost to Udders in the play offs, they should be used to playing in silence.
  3. the sad thing is thinking back to then is that our shopping list for new players now is exactly the same as it was then; dominant centre half; two full backs; midfield ball winner; pace and width out wide; two fast goal scorers All that money (£100M+?) wasted since then and we can all agree we've gone backwards and not improved a single part of our team since then
  4. One we should look at WILLIAMS NEARS CHAMPIONSHIP SWITCH Randell Williams is closing in on a move to the Championship, with Barnsley, Stoke and Preston all interested. The winger was named in the League Two Team of the Season after helping Exeter reach the playoff final. Williams is also comfortable playing at wing back, where he spent much of last season, and provided more assists than any other player in the division (17).
  5. I think he's the 10th trialiat so far and only Adedoyin signed and that took an age to sort out. so many free agents are out there that could help us out but that of course depends on if we have any money
  6. We are badly recruited as a squad it's no wonder we can't get a point the whole ethos of our club needs to change if we are to be successful. With no first team game till 17th I can't believe we didn't give the likes of Kachunga, Rhodes or Wildsmith some game time.
  7. Is Galvin or Penney playing LWB? Dawodu Rice Brennan in a back 3 with Hughes RWB or are we playing 4-4-2? team looks unbalanced and no Hagan?
  8. In terms of stadium quality, training facilities, scouting (UK and overseas and youth) sports science, data analysis, fan interaction and satisfaction we are miles away from where we need to be add in the fact that the first team, u23s and u18s are short in terms of squad numbers and it means that the first team are not being pushed by the youth team. Lot of improvements needed. we are what we are, a lower second division squad and infrastructure
  9. If Struber leave Barnsley for NY Red Bulls they have been linked to German coach Hanes Wolf (sp?). young and highly regarded and has a good back ground, I'd like us to go for someone like him.
  10. Loads of the squad are out of contract next summer. Will barely recognise any of them next August
  11. I can't imagine many businesses in the UK can go a year without its largest share of its revenue. It's certainly approaching d-day for most L1 and L2 teams. Irrespective of this year, with job losses, redundancies etc it's going to take years for the economy to recover so spending on leisure activities like football will take even longer to be back to normal. a bailout is needed but so is a long term sustainability plan for football
  12. Would you bet on any striking option that we have getting more than a dozen all year. maybe Monk needs to be brave and try Kachunga and Reach as WBs with Paterson and Windass/Rhodes up top at home and really go for it
  13. As ever first goal is crucial so need to make sure we get it. this is one of Sky's super 6 games so gone 2-0 us
  14. With the domestic market not closing till the 16th I wouldn't be too concerned if it didn't happy on Monday. Spend time analysing PL squads, see who are not selected and start looking there. Teams like Everton (Ellis Simms perhaps) and Spurs ( Kaziah Sterling) are looking to trim their squads so may have players available. Plus the free agent market for the likes of Alex Denny or Matt O'Reily is still an option
  15. Exactly, and as part of the budget is currently waste don't on Dunkley, by default it leaves a smaller amount available to sign a striker. It's not about overpaying on player X Y Z, it's about the total available budget being reduced as we are paying Dunkley when he's injured and was injured at the time of signing.
  16. Competition is fierce, which is why having Dunkley's wages tied up in the injury room could have been been better pooled with our other available funds to attract a new striker if we are competing with another team.
  17. And hasn't Monk said we still need a striker and wing back and that finances are affecting the search? everyone criticised Abdi for being injured yet Dunkley was signed already injured. And no, not signed a striker - windass is a number 10, Kachunga is a right winger and Paterson is at best a utility player and emergency striker.
  18. And until then could his wages have gone on a striker or wing back?
  19. How do you pass a medical when you are recovering from a double break of the leg and still have to have the pins removed in the future at the time of the signing?
  20. It's best for both as he clearly won't play under Monk but losing Westwood and Jones and replacing them with Render as third choice means that over the course of the window the quality of our GK pool has dropped. wish we would loan a GK
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