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  1. The Queen is on her way from Balmoral, the Champagne is on ice. We're all invited to the officaial launch of HMS P*ss The League
  2. Pink away shirt with A.Hunt 29 on the back. Stuff of dreams like both kits, prefer a solid blue back to white on the home shirt.
  3. not just for the 1st team either. Our under 23s only have 8 players (Render, Thompson, Augas, Farmer, Truman, Glover, Bonnington and Zottos) that are not with the first team. The under 18s look more or less set with 21 registered players. Danny Cashman is still available for the midfield and Josh Sims as a winger who Moore knows well. Massive amounts of suitable players out there, just need to sign them [then pay them]
  4. Ensuring Bannan plays no more than 20 yards from our striker would help. He's far, far too deep as we all know. our midfield lacks the pace and movement that the best teams have. In the Carlos first year FF Bannan Lee and Wallace played really high up the pitch forcing turnovers and being ready to attack as soon as we win the ball. Now we win it and it's 80 yards to their goal and only one man up there. Set piece delivery is also a huge concern, we should have attacking threats in the air but the delivery is so poor they don't get chances
  5. We've made a nice little profit on Shaw... seriously though, whilever our objective set by the top is win now at all costs, let's not forget DC was talking play offs earlier this year, then price rise and sale profit is not even considered, its can player X do a job now. Hence the massive financial struggles we are under. Until the hierarchy at the top sets us up with a long term structure and objective then we'll never be bothered about sell on values.
  6. Well, that's league one promotion charge well and truly f00ked up.
  7. Mathmatically yes so yes (glossing over recent form of course, and be recent I mean the last 30 years). 6 wins and a draw from last 9, Rhodes on fire. It's quite possibly on ....
  8. The owls stop me winning. The Super 6 £250k every time we are one of the selected games as blindly I pick us to win, same again today. 3-1 owls Rhodes 2 and Reach. Survival run starts today u t o
  9. Wildsmith lees Hutchinson Urgohide Shaw Pelupessy kachunga Bannan Reach Rhodes Windass
  10. Brennan would be a cheap option to retain lets ts not forget that £2.5M was the salary cap for league one. No way with the drop in revenue could we get Lees or Westwood to sign in league one
  11. Hutch to middle of back 3 and we much more solid as a base, bringing Joey into midfield with Shaw/Luongo then play Bannan behind Paterson and a n other
  12. There will be no exit via leppings lane, please exit via Penistone Road or via the bridge ive missed that lass who announces that, hope she's not signed a pre-contract to announce for Someone else #footballisback clearly though we'll lose first game 0-3 and be begging for threturn of lockdown
  13. 15pts, 11 for, the inevitable Joao goal the only one we concede
  14. Thompson is suffering the disease that all our mangers succumb to which is of course "holy sh*t I've found a formula that works for this squad so I must make spirit-crushing tinkers over the next few games to redress the balance" syndrome
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