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  1. Themagiccap

    Credit Rotherham

    Vaukes ran game from midfield, if the took their chances they'd have scored 5/6 easily. They spent 99.9% of first half in our half except forReachs shot and the goal
  2. Themagiccap

    Bannan at full time

    Might not see him in blue at S6 again, misses Preston game, will have a knock on NY Day then sold before Luton.
  3. Dawson 5 Baker 3 Lees 4 Hector 3 Thorniley & Pudil 5 Fox 3 Pelupessy 2 / Matias 1 Bannan 4 Reach 0 Joao 6 Nuhiu 3 Jos/Remy/Bullen - 0ut
  4. Themagiccap

    South Stand Announcer

    The new guy sounds like he’s in 1940s and about to announce that the Luftwaffe is approaching from the east and we should all quietly and sensibly run for the hills
  5. Themagiccap

    4-4-2 Solid

    Westwood palmer hector thorniley penney Hutch Abdi. Onomah boyd. Reach Fletcher/Joao play the style of Carlos year 1. High press, full effort and attack from 1st minute hutch dropping in to make 3 when we’re on the attack
  6. Themagiccap


    He’s poor yes, needs axing absolutely but he’s constantly left 2 or 3 v1 due to our lack of structure in midfield. If he closes down he leaves space behind, if hangs off they pass down sides of him so he can’t win really doesnt help that he’s absolution Tom *** tho nice hair mind
  7. Themagiccap


    One who's last job in football was our reserve manager in 1999 and the other recoverin at home after major heart surgery. Yep, just what we need....
  8. Themagiccap

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    You don’t think he’s worth that? We turned down £11M for him in the summer and his value will have increased and add in to that prices are higher in January when clubs are desperate to re-inforce shown by Sam Clucas going to Swansea for £17M and Reach is easily worth that
  9. Themagiccap

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    Estimated P&S black whole or £13M-£15M this season can easily be covered by Selling reach for that amount in January to save us this season, Bannan Rhodes could get us another £12-£14M in the summer before the end of the reporting period of accounts and things look a lot better. Nando, Joao, Dawson, Lees, Penney and Thorniley will all be sellable too. A guestimate of £7M per season to come off the books in the summer when contracts expire (not including savings on player wages who we sell) and things start to look a lot better, the next 18 months is about survival in this league and balancing the books. Chansiri can (but won’t) let others sponsor areas of the club to bring in a fair market price for sponsorship, lower shirt, ST, POTG, and executive box prices get the crowds back on side and look to recruit young hungry players from lower leagues with a sell on potential. Look at Dack yesterday, cost £750k, tore us a new one and is now valued same as reach if not higher. While ever the value of our assets is higher than the P&S deficit the solution is blindingly simple, the bad news is that it requires a) the chairman to half have a clue what he’s doing and to run the club as a business not as a hobby and b) for us as a club to recruit sensible and not waste money. Unfortunately That’s where my plan falls down I’m afraid......
  10. Themagiccap

    Players Leaving Aug 2019

    £15M to spend and half expect Reach Bannan and FF to potentially still be here??? Perhaps spend the morning googling ‘Profit and Sustainability’ and ‘SWFC accouts’ some of our fans’ lack of understanding of the dire mess (on and off the pitch) we’re in really does stagger me at times.
  11. Themagiccap

    January Transfer Window

    Don’t we need £6m for Rhodes just balance the accounting value of his initial transfer fee? Id listen to offers for all the squad, if we need around £12-£15M this window our books will show we need same again next January. Rip the plaster off now and raise as much as humanly possible and try to start again in the summer. Aim to finish 21st or higher and it’ll be job one. Sam Clucas went to Swansea when in PL for £17M and Reach is much better as a pricing guide
  12. Themagiccap

    Tonight's player ratings

    Dawson 6 baker 4 lees 6 hector 5 thorniley 7 Bannan 4 joey 2 Penney 1 Matias 4 fletch 4 reach 3 nuhiu 3, Nando 5, Joao 4 Felt like we’d lost 3-0 walking back to car
  13. Themagiccap

    What's going to happen in January?

    Profit and sustainability dictates we have to sell while January is a sellers market. Reach to wolves for £10m plus and Iorfa who is available, Bannan to highest bidder and then consider any reasonable offers for the rest. Admit to us that we’re just trying to stay up, realease everyone who is out of contract in summer and start a fresh with a clear plan on recruiting (ok I admit my plan falls down relying on the club having a plan!)
  14. When Matias almost did a Tom Lees and set them clean through, it was noticeable that Nando, Bannan and others went over to him and tried to gee him up and told him to forget about it, a little sign of togetherness
  15. Themagiccap

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    He said that Westwood gets a new contract if he plays 2 more games.