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  1. Themagiccap

    Idea for Steve...

    He can start by telling Jennings to stop planting his front foot and wafting at anything angled towards second slip.... and as for for the team, try starting with a player within 50 yards of fletcher, that Joao kid who’s the top scorer is probably worth a look.....
  2. Wasn’t Swansea replay last year on BBC?
  3. Themagiccap

    Man of the Match - Wigan (H)

    Westwood 7 Palmer 6 Lees 6 Hector 6 Fox 7 Matias 4 Hutch 8 Bannan 6 Boyd 7 Reach 5 Fletcher 9 Joao 8, the saviour 7
  4. Sam Clucas went to Swansea before the new TV deal came into affect for £17M in January so we should use this as a yardstick for Reach. Anything in the range of £16M-£18M with add ons is reasonable given his age, nationality and experience. So long as the guaranteed amount exceeds the FFP/P&S black whole then we should look to sell
  5. Dawson 5 palmer 4 lees 5 hector 4 fox 5 - just about mom hutchinson n/a pelupessy 0 bannan 1 reach 1 matias 3 fletcher 3 boyd 3 nuhiu 3 winnall 4
  6. Themagiccap

    Sky sports highlights

    If only reach looked up and squared it for Winnall at the end for a tap in. Very poor by Hector for the goal, his initial position was great but then left himself get turned far too easily.
  7. According to transfermarket his contract with Chelsea runs to 2020
  8. I’m going for an attendance of 4006
  9. Might be true as were 1-0 down already!!
  10. Themagiccap

    Definitely not playing for Jos

    Take Joao and Reach out of the starting 11 and it’s an average League 1 team at best. The whole club is falling apart
  11. Themagiccap

    No news

    According to Nat’s instagram his Dad was in Bangkok yesterday celebrating his kid’s birthday so until DC shows up I guess nothing will happen
  12. Themagiccap

    Westwood to Weeds

    Not playing him is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen at our club but half a years salary for our THIRD choice on an estimated £20k per week is a saving of £520k for the last 6m of his deal. I like most most would pick him, but in the current situation I’d take that saving against our wage bill.
  13. He oversaw one of the worst home performances in decades last year and basically pleaded with the club to appoint someone, he is the man in charge of the pre-match warm up drills which are so unprofessional and pathetic it’s untrue, he also annoyed me a couple of games ago at home when Dawson wanted to come up for a corner when losing in injury time but bullen waved him back. I just don’t see a coach in him, legend yes, club ambassador yes, but not a coach. Needs to go with Jos and Remy for me
  14. Themagiccap

    Credit Rotherham

    Vaukes ran game from midfield, if the took their chances they'd have scored 5/6 easily. They spent 99.9% of first half in our half except forReachs shot and the goal
  15. Themagiccap

    Bannan at full time

    Might not see him in blue at S6 again, misses Preston game, will have a knock on NY Day then sold before Luton.