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  1. Westwood 6 Odubajo 6 Lees 7 Borner 8 MoM Fox 8 Murphy 7 Hutch 7 Bannan 6 Harris 8 Reach 3 Fletch 7 Subs - 7
  2. Overwhelming majority of home performances for the last 20 years have to be right up there with the worst things about Hillsborough and the kid sat behind me who kicks my chair for 90 mins and his dad who lets him... every single game
  3. Winnall not in squad and Barnsley sell Moore to Wigan. Speculation only but would make sense at £3-£4M
  4. A massive 5-0 win I reckon, start things off slowly this season. Fletch 2 reach lee and Rhodes. Then pick it up when the season rolls on.....
  5. Jordan Willis from Coventry, linked to us but now announced as joining Sunderland
  6. VG Tips must be an owl (their twitter header is a pic of us at Wembley) with inside knowledge, called Bruce To us ages before it happened. this is the most Wednesday thing I’ve seen since we got a penalty, had it over turned then conceded a penalty vs Chelsea all within 2 mins
  7. Just as HMS P*ss the League sets sail ”Iceberg dead ahead” typical Wednesday. FFS
  8. HMS wee wee the League is off and running, the Queen has just smashed a bottle of bubbly on the side and Bruce has just started the engine
  9. Kadeem Harris releases from Cardiff, free agent winger
  10. A twitter conversation regarding a fan betting on Hector to score vs QPR and then sky bet admitting they didn’t know who BigHec is before correcting with a Hector appreciation post. Aarons got involved mocking Hector Seems as though team spirit wasn’t a problem in the latter on in the season Even Morgan Fox has been getting in on it and mocking Hector when England beat the Windies at cricket
  11. Man Utd release 15, isn’t Zach Dearnley a RW who is from Sheffield? I’m sure I’ve seen him linked to us in the past
  12. Daily Mail says Westwood has turned down Hudds and will instead extend with us. Great start to the week if true
  13. Derby sold their ground to their owner and now rent it back to his own club! a wide open loophole in the rules, brilliantly exploited by DC. If we’re in a P&S Mess at say £45M I’d take a stab in the dark that The old girl is valued at about £45,000,001. Get spending Mr Bruce
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