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  1. Kadeem Harris releases from Cardiff, free agent winger
  2. A twitter conversation regarding a fan betting on Hector to score vs QPR and then sky bet admitting they didn’t know who BigHec is before correcting with a Hector appreciation post. Aarons got involved mocking Hector Seems as though team spirit wasn’t a problem in the latter on in the season Even Morgan Fox has been getting in on it and mocking Hector when England beat the Windies at cricket
  3. Man Utd release 15, isn’t Zach Dearnley a RW who is from Sheffield? I’m sure I’ve seen him linked to us in the past
  4. Daily Mail says Westwood has turned down Hudds and will instead extend with us. Great start to the week if true
  5. Derby sold their ground to their owner and now rent it back to his own club! a wide open loophole in the rules, brilliantly exploited by DC. If we’re in a P&S Mess at say £45M I’d take a stab in the dark that The old girl is valued at about £45,000,001. Get spending Mr Bruce
  6. Some made up journalist on Twitter, Jeff Phillips, has posted Westwood to Bristol City is all but complete. Hope it’s a load of BS but fits in with us being in for Darlow
  7. Would be an excellent appointment if we can get him. He appears to be very highly regarded by his peers and has an excellent CV too. Great to see us spending on support staff and field experts to help Bruce out
  8. He’s signed for or signing for Stoke hasn’t he?
  9. This! A mixture of 4-3-3 4-5-1 or 4-1-4-1 like the academy played in the final or we played away at Norwich is the ideal formation. Gives Bannan cover and we match 3 with 3 in central midfield. Fletcher is the perfect target man also
  10. Dan Wallis also announced he’s leaving after 4 years
  11. The Stir has us linked to Coventry Cb Jordan Willis, 24, on a free 200 games after coming through their academy
  12. Westwood 9 rest of them lucky to get 9 in total between them. An abysmal performance to end one of the most bewildering and frankly comical seasons I've ever witnessed. Roll on August 3rd
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