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  1. He spends most of his time pointing at what he wants his team mates to do and not actually doing anything so poor last night if Benfica are back in for him then get rid in jan
  2. Yes monk said he took him off to give Lees game time ahead of Saturday stupid booking today
  3. Dawson 6 nothing really to do Odubajo 5 struggled to pass to his own teammates Fox 7 like a new signing Borner 6 silly booking Iorfa 8 MoM by a mile Reach 3 dreadful Lee 5 times up for him Bannan 5 some brilliance some Sunday league Harris 6 saved by his cameo on right Luongo 6 faded badly in second Fletcher 6 woeful in front of goal Lees 5 like a fish out of water playing on left Forestieri 8 must start every game Nuhiu 7 so much better when he came on
  4. Dawson iorfa Hutchinson Borner Odubajo Luongo Bannan Reach Forestieri Fletcher Rhodes Wingbacks told to cross when 30 yards from goal Forestieri free role Luongo no more than 10 yards from Fletcher at all times Rhodes only allowed to touch ball in their box
  5. I know I should be sectioned for even suggesting this but at home especially I think we should start Rhodes. Just to see if feeding on knock downs from Fletcher could help him as he wouldn’t have to do anything except be there and finish if even go totally mad and play 3-4-1-2 and to hell with it im off for a rest in a darkened room
  6. And he did more I that short cameo than he has in last 10 games. ive been highly critical of him recently but he look much better when he came on. When his first instinct and movement is attacking he’s a superb player at this level
  7. It’s not Bashing, far from it. But with a fully fit back up is it worth risking Palmer?
  8. Monk said after game that he pulled out of training after 5 mins yesterday so why play him today another questionable decision by monk
  9. Westwood - 3 for the save, rest abysmal. At fault for both goals, terrible kicking Palmer - misses training yesterday, looked like it today Fox - 8 MoM Great goal, fabulous celebration, threat with crosses Lees - 6 played in wrong side and it showed, so nervous with ball at feet iorfa - 6 a few wobbles today Murphy - 6 if he could shoot he’d be dangerous bannan 6 way off the pace again Lee - 7 better Harris - 6 struggling again Nuhiu 8 should have stayed on Fletcher 7 workhorse Fernando 8 - must start Reach - 7 much much better Rhodes - erm....
  10. I read about Prozone scouting once that said 75% of goals from corners are scored from in swingers so we should have Bannan / Reach on the right and Harris / Forestieri on the left to take them. With our size in the air we should be a lot more dangerous from set pieces than we are
  11. Thought he was better but his fitness concerned me, their left back and winger were often 2v1 against Palmer as they just ran past Reach. should have shot earlier on his run in first half, needs to practice his right foot shooting, embarrassing that a pro footballer is so one footed
  12. I don’t want to be that person who is unduly negative after an excellent performance and their keeper having a good game but between now and Jan 1st Monk has to identify who is going to be brought in to score the goals to get us at least top 6. An average of 1 per home game just isn’t enough to get promoted. defence is rock solid whoever plays but the final missing piece for me is the consistent goal scorer that top teams find.
  13. Westwood 8 = save palmer 7 iorfa 9 Hutchinson 10 - outstanding Fox 9 Reach 7 - best performance for months Bannan 8 Pelupessy 7 Harris 7 Nuhiu 8 Fletcher 8 just needed Fernando on 10 mins earlier
  14. The trouble with going back to front with Nuhiu and Fletch played into the hands of Morrison and Flint and completely negated our quick passing game. It desperately needed Nando on in place of Reach and Harris on right.
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