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  1. Having watch the goal of the year contender video I can only put Adam’s post Christmas levelling off in performance level down to his growing hair. There seems to be a correlation between his short hair and 30 yard worldies. Need to get the lad a Crew cut over the summer!
  2. Dawson 6 (let down by poor kicking) Iorfa 8 (*) lees 8 Hector 7 Lazaar 5 reach 6 Bannan 8 Joey 5 Boyd 4 hooper 5 Joao 6 Onomah 6 Nando 7 Matias 6
  3. Wildsmith baker pupil ogrady fox Abdi kirby Jones stobbs. Nuhiu. Preston sorry, too much sun, Dawson (Westy if fit) iorfa lees(c) hector lazaar Pelupessy matias onomah bannan Fernando Fletcher
  4. We should have had two of our tallest players, one on each post and Dawson in the middle. You could argue the case for setting up two walls. A left footer was obviously going to go to that corner and Dawson was stood at the wrong side.
  5. When Bannan plays, and there’s no doubting his abilities but our team are focused so much on playing through him that it slows us down, West Brom at home (excluding last 5) and last night were prime examples of how better we play when Bannan is out of the side. I’d not lose sleep over him or Reach going, to be fair only 3/4 would make the team next year if I were coach
  6. The Star headline on Monday “Pelupessy Causes Heart Attack” glad you’re back to full posting strength sir
  7. Last nights 4-1-4-1 showed the template of how we need to play, 3 centrally in midfield and power and pace when supporting a single striker. Gets the best out of Fernando and stops the out numbering of our central midfield. From our contracted players for next year only iorfa, lees, Hutch, Bannan, Fletcher and Forestieri make the team. Anyone else can go and then it’s clear what Brucey needs.
  8. We can’t play 2v3 in center midfield, all the top teams in both our and the premier leagues play a variation of 4-3-3 so Hutch and Bannan are fine so long as there is someone with pace and forward drive alongside them. On Friday I’d try Onomah there if he’s fit and play Lazaar and Aarons wide as at least then we’d have pace and energy to support Fletcher who is as good as anyone at holding the ball up and bringing others into play
  9. Almost at the point of tears and potential suicide, the Beast of Boulogne saves the day and literally my life with the answer. Thank you to all that responded..... Also Mods, please delete this thread and ban me from posting for at least 20 years.
  10. Apologies for the stalkerish post but in the ttop tier of the grandstand last night, Kop end about seat 200ish just in front of me, a bloke I recognise off the tv was there and happily posed for a few pics with fans but for life of me I can’t put a name to the face. Was anyone near to that area and can help me out with his name?
  11. I’d fine him, and anyone else who wears short sleeves and gloves on any occasion let alone the hottest February day in the history of the world, 6 weeks wages. Good player though, should have scored last night but his pace will be a massive atttibute for us
  12. He can start by telling Jennings to stop planting his front foot and wafting at anything angled towards second slip.... and as for for the team, try starting with a player within 50 yards of fletcher, that Joao kid who’s the top scorer is probably worth a look.....
  13. Westwood 7 Palmer 6 Lees 6 Hector 6 Fox 7 Matias 4 Hutch 8 Bannan 6 Boyd 7 Reach 5 Fletcher 9 Joao 8, the saviour 7
  14. Sam Clucas went to Swansea before the new TV deal came into affect for £17M in January so we should use this as a yardstick for Reach. Anything in the range of £16M-£18M with add ons is reasonable given his age, nationality and experience. So long as the guaranteed amount exceeds the FFP/P&S black whole then we should look to sell
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