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  1. Themagiccap

    Team vs Lincoln

    I'd guess at 3-5-2 westwood lees lee thorniley baker hunt Hutch reach fox matias joao
  2. Themagiccap

    Season ticket card question

    I'm hoping for a pic of cakeball on one side and Butterfield in the Ikea away shirt on the other so no matter how bad this season turns out I can look at my ST and think "it could be a lot worse"
  3. Themagiccap

    Possible player exit?

    Palmer is on the coach for tonight’s practice match vs Bury. You can see him on Pudil’s insta story
  4. Liam Waldock is there with the first team
  5. Themagiccap

    George Hirst

    I'm by no means ITK or know anything or or anyone who is but I'm growing more confident by the day that he'll re-sign with us purely because he'll have seen and heard Jos talking about giving youth a chance and the transfer window is now open so if he'd have signed somewhere they'd have announced it,
  6. Themagiccap

    Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    The only slight concern I have so far is that is one signing looks average at best, looks off the pace and doesn't bring the aggression and bite we were lacking. I'd rather have saved our money and played Jones to be fair.
  7. Get him on bench tomorrow
  8. Themagiccap

    Free Agents

    Jos said in his interview today about free agents that there is no money for replacements. A categorical no when asked if money available
  9. Hi all, I may be talking absolute nonsense here but bear with me and apologies in advance for a fair few hypothetical 'what ifs'.... When a player is injured for a long time (I think in British Ice Hockey it used to be a minimum absence of 6 games) does an insurance company step in to cover the player's wages? If so, do football clubs have the same cover for their injured players, and If so, does the money paid for by an insurance company for an injured player get deducted from our wage bill and If so, does this explain in part why our high earners are all on long term sick at the same time? I'm probably way off the mark so mods please delete if it's drivel.
  10. Has anyone been to the club shop today to have their third shirt personalised? My son wants his printing with Nuhiu 17 but they weren’t available pre Christmas. Thanks in advance for replies.
  11. He’s been injured since he lost his bottle in Leeds game last season. he had 12 touches in his 40 mins of action on Saturday hopefully, but it won’t, Hirst gets his chance now
  12. Themagiccap

    Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Westwood lees. Hutch. Loovens Boyd. lee abdi FF Hooper Winnall. Rhodes
  13. Themagiccap

    Struggling to work it out.

    The simple solution is to tell Loovens as captain to start marshalling the rest of the defence. When Westwood gets the ball in his hands or for a goal kick Loovens should shout "get the flip out lads" and he and lees sprint like Bolt towards halfway taking the full backs with them so bannan and hutch then have to push forwards 25 yards and play actually in midfield - simple
  14. Themagiccap

    Club Shop

    Just been into the shop to get my son a 7-8 years home top but was told that he couldn't have Forestieri 45 on back of his shirt as the club don't stock or supply junior letters and the adult letters wouldn't fit. Not like a child to want the club's star man on back of his shirt is it.... also, for adults shirts they have run out of letters A E I and Y and the number 1. You really couldn't make it up. does anyone know anywhere in S5 are that prints names and numbers for children's shirts?
  15. Themagiccap

    Professional retained report

    Fessi's middle name is Martin????