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  1. With the u23 squad as was announced today it looks like Brennan, Waldock, Hagen and Adedoyin will have travelled with the only question mark begin on Grant who was injured in last U23 game so I'd guess at wildsmith brennan shaw borner Palmer hunt fdb pelupessy odubajo kachunga Reach with youngster says on bench
  2. Slightly off topic but when Phil Neville retired I remember reading an article where he said he didn't know how to make a coffee as everything had been done for him all his life.
  3. I partially agree but with the advances and development in sports science, of which Strudwick is a renowned expert, then rest is crucial to a players development and recovery
  4. Still played, travelled, disrupted sleep pattern, change to normal pre-game meals - all things that can affect players for me playing two in two just indicates when don't have enough players current across the three teams
  5. Muscle injury from playing two games in two days... bad form by the club I'm afraid
  6. it's simple really, all of us go into the ground on horse back like we're on a fox hunt wearing a super market staff t-shift and we'll be fine... the message on the club website from the EFL has been overruled by the 1st October fan-in-ground plan being suspended this morning.
  7. 16 players when the match day squad is 11 starters plus subs. it's far far too low, only 2 strikers? we need our U23s to be competitive to a high standard to prepare them for the first team. So far they have lost to an in administration Wigan
  8. Look at the link from the website https://www.swfc.co.uk/teams/u23-team/ only 16 players and of them Render, Brennan, Waldock, Grant and Hagan have all been involved in the first team. 16 players isn't enough for a match day squad.
  9. Our lack of recruitment in our U23s is embarrassing, we should regularly be signing 7/8/9 released premier league academy players on the proviso that they have a second chance and can push to our 1st team if they do well. Players like Alex Denny, Dion McGhee, Justen Kranthove all had good reputations but are still on frees.
  10. *clique 1st rule of no nickname club - spell clique correctly 2nd rule …….
  11. with the U23s playing Tues and us Weds, it's increasing the risk of injury of they don't rest properly as it's likely some of the U23 squad will travel with the first team
  12. They lost 0-1 to Spal in their last friendly before beginning the league next week. Some think he's been signed to replace the Udinese player that L**ds are after.
  13. oh no, the dreaded SWFC two weeks - it's like Abdi all over again...
  14. Best of luck to him. Irrespective of what happened or didn't happen here, to come back from such a serious injury and then use his personal experience of mental health issues to help and support others should be applauded and I for one hope him and his family have a great time out there. plus he's still well fit...
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