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  1. Themagiccap

    Our front two last night

    Ruddy saved a well disguised Fernando free kick and made a great save from a Fletcher flick
  2. Themagiccap

    Team for tonight

    To prepare for league one next year I’d go Dawson baker neilsen thorniley penny Kirby A.hunt J.lee Preston borukov stobbs
  3. Themagiccap

    #SWFC Autumn 2018 Transfer rumours

    George Hirst on loan....
  4. Lombardo, Kluivert, Koumas and Henfleet all start on Sunday Rhodes coming last day of the window
  5. Themagiccap

    Thought we did ok today

    We are starting to get our best 11, back 3 is set, wingbacks set, Bannan Fletch and Nando all must play. Get hooper And lee in the team then we are more than capable of finishing top 6
  6. Themagiccap

    Free agents

    Rodwell - vastly over paid, always injured! Yep he’s the man for us
  7. Themagiccap

    Scrap season tickets

    Can you imagine the woman on the tannoy “this is a message for all fans in the south stand, there will be no exit via leppings lane after the game, please exit over the bridge, on Penistone Road or via the huge inflatable slide if you fancy an ice cream”
  8. Themagiccap

    Team vs Lincoln

    I'd guess at 3-5-2 westwood lees lee thorniley baker hunt Hutch reach fox matias joao
  9. Themagiccap

    Season ticket card question

    I'm hoping for a pic of cakeball on one side and Butterfield in the Ikea away shirt on the other so no matter how bad this season turns out I can look at my ST and think "it could be a lot worse"
  10. Themagiccap

    Possible player exit?

    Palmer is on the coach for tonight’s practice match vs Bury. You can see him on Pudil’s insta story
  11. Liam Waldock is there with the first team
  12. Themagiccap

    George Hirst

    I'm by no means ITK or know anything or or anyone who is but I'm growing more confident by the day that he'll re-sign with us purely because he'll have seen and heard Jos talking about giving youth a chance and the transfer window is now open so if he'd have signed somewhere they'd have announced it,
  13. Themagiccap

    Is Jos Luhukay the man ?

    The only slight concern I have so far is that is one signing looks average at best, looks off the pace and doesn't bring the aggression and bite we were lacking. I'd rather have saved our money and played Jones to be fair.
  14. Get him on bench tomorrow
  15. Themagiccap

    Free Agents

    Jos said in his interview today about free agents that there is no money for replacements. A categorical no when asked if money available