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  1. Thank goodness, the Ifollow audio was pitiful. Watch a midweek game and it was a blessing when the audio failed. Vowed never to buy the Saturday afternoon commentary Wonder who blinked first?
  2. This decision seems very short sighted and isolates the club from its supporters and equally important, potential supporters. The BBC Radio Sheffield PAY the club, not a huge amount of money to broadcast (advertise) their product, potentially, into every home in the region. Every home where there could be a new Wednesday fan (or is it now, customer). How many Wednesday fans who, for whatever reason cannot afford to go to lots of games, follow via the radio, and having been excited by what they hear are then inspired to attend. Many ardent fans will have started this way and eventually end up with a season ticket as circumstance changed. No one will casually, buy a IFollow pass and so the disconnection starts. You cannot grow the fans base that way. The Blades must be loving this "Dad, which football team do I support?" Dad, with no affilatiation thinks 'Which one has the cheaper shirts, tickets prices, and we can listen on the radio too'' "There's only one team in Sheffield - United" It just seems very short sighted and another squeeze on what will be a evermore disgruntled core fan base.
  3. As this is the Carlos appreciation thread, you might like to know that Carlos is currently being appreciated on BBC 6Music by Stuart Maconie who has just discovered various Carlos analogy quotes: After the Arsenal game "We are breathing again now, we are not dead anymore. " After the Liverpool game "They are like a Formula 1 car. But at 4pm in London it will be difficult to speed, they would be a car like any other. "We needed to make sure there was traffic, we could not let them have open roads to drive in." Not sure he's seen the £20 note yet
  4. Buy one from the Royal British Legion. It's a sign of remembrance that supports a charity, not a fashion statement that lines the pockets of a parasite
  5. Surprised they didn't tell you it improves the match day experience. That's what it said in the press release. Just not sure whose experience they are referring to, certainly not the fans
  6. You could phone the ticket office. That would be novel.
  7. A £1.20 ticket in 1979 would cost about £6.00 in today's money. Average earnings today are about £26500. To put it in context this is from the telegraph and refers to 1980 "While Britons got by on an average wage of £6,000 (the equivalent of about £19,000 today), petrol cost 28p a litre (90p), a pint of beer was 35p (£1.10), a loaf of bread 33p (£1.10) and a pint of milk 17p (54p) Expecting the game against Bristol City to be at least 6 or 7 times as entertaining as the Boxing Day massacre!
  8. For those using Firefox there is a fix for the autoplay video. Install the Add In called Flashblock. Blocks all autostart flash videos - you just click on to play. For those who can't view on a mobile device, consider you self lucky - It really is amateurish rubbish. It look like the design teams head exploded and where all the idea fell on the floor they've reproduced that on the page.
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