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  1. Thanks, I hadn't seen this. Very damning indeed!
  2. The negativity here is astounding. We have become a truly vile fanbase. People whinge about the club releasing the strip too late. So they donif super-early. People still whinge. People didn't like solid blue. So the club go with stripes. People whinge. Negativity breeds negativity. It's like a Cancer on here. Let's sort it! It's a decent shirt. Been released in plenty of time dor the new season. I don't see anything here to be unhappy about tbh.
  3. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/july/202021-kits-unveiled/ It’s time to #STANDOUT with the brand new Sheffield Wednesday official 2020/21 replica strips. Taking inspiration from on-trend modern visuals, the stylish home and away kits each feature a camo-effect design manufactured to the highest quality. The home shirt has a camouflage pattern running through the classic blue and white stripes. The black single button collar is coupled with a black cuff, black shorts and socks with blue turnover. The Owls’ away strip incorporates a grey
  4. That's pretty-much my point. They have not yet settled Wigan bets, because they know that they have a points deduction pending. But they HAVE settled bets on us...
  5. People who bet FOR us to be relegated have lost their bets. People who bet AGAINST us being relegated (i.e. to stay up) have won their bets.
  6. Well, given that they have not yet settled bets on Wigan (who are above us on points), I think it is very interesting indeed.
  7. You could be right, but I'd be interested to hear what makes you think that. I recall it being reported at the time of his signing, that he had signed until the end of the season. Upon trying to check that now, I only find mentions of "undisclosed length". So who knows?! Perhaps delete this, as it's misleadingly-titled (inadvertently).
  8. They seem to think that we will not be relegated, as they have settle bets for us to go down as losers, and lays of us to go down as winners. i was curious about whether points deductions are excluded from the market, but nope:
  9. I read that as "bumming". Then realised my error. Then realised that it actually might be a good idea!
  10. I do, yes. Perhaps my response was a little pedantic, my apologies. But in-turn, yours was somewhat facetious (your prerogative, of course - it being your site and all!). For those with no clear future, it'd be wise for them to extend. Because...well...why not? If nothing else, it gets them in "the shop window" for a few weeks. They would know they're not going to be there come August, so can get their Agent putting-out the feelers to other clubs. Those clubs could have sight of him playing. Win-win. But yes, I'm more than aware (more than most) that the world isn't all
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