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  1. I do, yes. Perhaps my response was a little pedantic, my apologies. But in-turn, yours was somewhat facetious (your prerogative, of course - it being your site and all!). For those with no clear future, it'd be wise for them to extend. Because...well...why not? If nothing else, it gets them in "the shop window" for a few weeks. They would know they're not going to be there come August, so can get their Agent putting-out the feelers to other clubs. Those clubs could have sight of him playing. Win-win. But yes, I'm more than aware (more than most) that the world isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
  2. Duplicate thread. See: Stop trying to stir-up panic FFS.
  3. Are you joking? The 2019-20 kits were the most popular I've seen in the last decade...at least!
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing this chap managing us one day. By all account he was VERY well-respected in the dressing room and really kept the team together. Obvious qualities that are needed also in a manager.
  5. AFAIK, the main difference is that we allege that had written authorisation from the EFL to proceed with the sale of our ground. I can't fathom how ANYONE can think that that makes the case against us stronger than anyone! If anything, it makes the case against us the most flimsy!
  6. Was probably raging about Captain Tom not raising £30m for Biffa or SITA.
  7. You know...if anyone wants to donate, just to spite @Ronnie Starling, then I won't stop you!
  8. Many NHS staff have chipped-in to the fundraiser. It's not so much about the transport being FREE for them; it's about there even BEING transport. Public transport in many areas has been severely curtailed. I heard one nurse saying that if it wasnt for Cawthorne's providing this transport, it'd take her three hours each way to travel to and from work. But d'ya know what? The crap that these people are having to deal with right now means I'm quite happy for them to be receiving free travel.
  9. Thanks so much, @Owlstalk If others would be kind enough to post the donation link to social media, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  10. Cawthorne's Travel of Rotherham (who transport the Rotherham Owls up-and-down the land) have been running upto 5 vehicles per day, transporting NHS staff to & from the Rotherham and Sheffield Hospitals. They deperately need help with fuel money to keep the buses running. The drivers are volunteering their time to drive doctors/nurses/etc for free. Rotherham Owls have donated £300, and would love it if you could spare whatever you can - even if it's 'only' a couple of quid - every penny helps! Please donate here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/free-nhs-staff-transportation Thanks, in anticipation.
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