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  1. I'm still waiting for official confirmation that we were even under a transfer embargo in the first place!
  2. Well, that's the only one that has been confirmed by either the club or the EFL...
  3. What "soft embargo"? The one from January?
  4. p.s. sorry for all the questions, which probably appear stupid to you guys. But I'm not at all familiar with the area, so hopefully you are willing to assist me.
  5. I sit on the North (don't judge!) near the half-way line. I usually enter at the turnstiles around on Megastore/Penistone Road side (circled red in the image below). Are there other entrances I'm permitted to use (i.e. on an other side of the ground)?
  6. Not at all - I was regularly at the Wednesdayite carpark 1h-1h30m before kick-off!
  7. Is this the petrol station next to the Burger King drive-through? This currently sounds like the best option for me I think. How much do they charge? And is it pay-on-the-day, or can I pre-book?
  8. Thanks for the helpful response. I'm not disabled, but I can't easily walk a long way.
  9. I'm not at all familiar with Hillsborough/Sheffield, but from looking on Google maps, it looks a right hike, and too far for me to be able to do.
  10. As the Wednesdayite carpark will no longer be available, does anyone know of the next-nearest matchday car park please? I vaguely recall seeing that there's one at the side of Beres' sandwich shop, but I think it said 'permits only'. Who runs it, and where can one buy a permit? Thanks in advance for any helpful responses.
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