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  1. Ah now you've edited it! What did it say before; "Bannan - P" "ething else" Wasn't it? 😂
  2. "You Got 15 - Financial Fair Play". 15pt deduction confirmed! (/s, as if it were needed!)
  3. he definitely gambled on a shart and lost!!!
  4. Again, a very good contribution to the thread - thank you. I'm not sure that I agree with this point, though. Why do you feel it would "cause havoc" for them? If anything, it'd be a welcome piece of good news for one or more of them, if it puts us below them.
  5. Totally agree. Whilst I would've obviously preferred a win, I certainly don't think the lads should be embarrassed by their performance tonight. (Except perhaps Bannan with his petulance!) Joe Wildsmith was hugely impressive.
  6. So in an absolute nightmare scenario, it could be upto 21pts deducted?! Wow!! 99.9% sure ours won't be that extreme, but it's still a sobering thought! Very insightful comment, btw - thanks!
  7. Oh you'd LOVE his truncheon, wouldn't you!
  8. Many ("most"?) of our players are out of contract at the end of this season, I believe.
  9. As of now, a 12pt deduction would put us in the relegation zone, 2pts off of the very bottom.
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