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  1. Or in the OPPOSITE direction, as the case sometimes is!
  2. I wondered - from the thread title - whether you were perhaps going to suggest we field the BNP and EDL!
  3. Yes. Totally undermined the referee's authority. Should've been a yellow with an order to turn-around and exit the pitch at what was still the nearest point. When he refused, it should've been a second yellow and therefore a red.
  4. Around this time last year, Dawson had gone 16 (SIXTEEN!) games without keeping a clean sheet. Is that what you want to return to?!
  5. "Already struggling". Fizz-off with your negativity, OP. We've claimed six points from a possible nine. Hardly "struggling".
  6. Have I missed something? The last I read was that the club was considering legal action.
  7. Yes, "fizz them for supporting the club"! Am i right?
  8. Totally agree pal. And we don't mean MK friggin Dons
  9. Not Fulham, nor Derby, definitely not Birmingham City ffs! And probably not Palace either. Also: why THE fizz isn't it in alphabetical order ffs! Or is this what they would predict the final standings to looks like at the end of the fantasy season (GTFO if so!)?
  10. And the fact that Murphy's trainers were wide-open was giving me anxiety. Especially climbing on and off a chair - jesus!
  11. Bates has a promising career ahead of him if football doesn't work out!
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