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  1. ...home from the game. Great result. Should've been about 6-0, but a win is a win. Some other good results for us tonight, too. ONWARDS!
  2. Can't wait for the "football finance expert" to start the usual sheet-stirring...
  3. Ah, they just acknowledged the sound issues.
  4. My SkyQ UHD HDR is also fizzing and popping.
  5. Feels a bit blasé. Hope it doesn't bite him (us) on the @r$e
  6. ...or perhaps that you're a member of the site 's Admin "staff"?
  7. There will be plenty of folks reading this forum that insult his speech, whether on here (though according to you, apparently not) and elsewhere.
  8. ...watch this. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/60870112
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