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  1. What a load of gonads...... is that simple enough for you.
  2. Players should ask themselves one simple question! Did I give all I could in the game I have just played?. If they can honestly say yes to that question then they have a right to be upset about criticism. If they are honest and answer I could have given more, then the fans have every right to criticise. They ALL have left themselves open to criticism and should stop moaning about it, and do the job well that they are handsomely paid to do. They have let themselves the fans and the club down and should be man enough to accept their failings.
  3. This is flipping dIre, Bolton are sheite & we are clueless, Just plastering over the massive cracks and buying Jos more time unfortunately.
  4. Got me worried then until I read last couple of words. By the sound of it you’ve got more energy than this load of tripe.
  5. Owlsmans been rifting Bakers mom....wait while his dad catches up wi thi.
  6. Post a Satirical look at our predicament, players , staff, fans etc ill get the ball rolling. Christmas gift for Adthe ...... I know very predictable!
  7. Or until Chansiri has a Eureka moment....... Knock Knock ...Hello Dejphon is anyone in...shall I turn the light on for you!
  8. Golden rule in footy.....you play your best 11, if they are not available you have to change it, otherwise stick with it. Our side is chopped and changed like its preseason fitness training games. What are we (Jos & Chansiri) foo.king about at with team selections. About time they come clean with the fans or both cleared the fizz off.
  9. Errr you have to play matches to be match fit......don’t you?
  10. Can see why he would be a popular choice for many on here, they have real common ground.....talking boll-cks.
  11. The City will never be conceded to a set of toe rags like them nobbers from S2. They maybe a better “team” than us right now or not. I wouldn’t want to be in n the trenches with some of the wet cloth’s on this forum,
  12. You telling me Egan Wrestling and trying to make love to Fletcher was not a pen! Even the so called “biased pundits” said it should defo have been a pen. There was numerous fouls from both defences by shirt pulling in the box that were all penalties, outside the box free kicks would have been given. Its time the FA had a zero tolerance policy on this to stamp it out, players cheating this way would change their attitude towards it very quickly and actually start to defend as they should.
  13. Yes very happy it wasn’t 4-0. Or maybe relieved.
  14. Bannan is totally ineffective when sides close him down,, I agree well overrated. Showed some real desire 2nd half though, that closing down the keeper then back tackling on halfway spoke volumes about his desire and for m3 rubbed off on those around him.
  15. Big positive for me was we cleared our lines tonight without faffing around at the back, let’s hope we have seen the back of that tactic.
  16. They are not and we’re not crap tonight, let themselves down with the final ball fortunately. You could argue we defended very well and made it very difficult for them. Good point for us, but as Micheal Brown alluded to we have got a lot of work to do.
  17. Form certainly says this is likely to be the case. However generally Derby’s are close affairs that often don’t go to form, as we well know......let’s all pray.
  18. Sorry to burst your bubble mate, “nothing great about their side” no but they are a good side,, well capable of ripping us a new one. Lets be honest here, if we was in their position in the league doing as well as they are, our fans would be creaming themselves, Shouting from the rooftop how wonderful we are. Agree if we turn up we could do them. Big If that is though.
  19. You know him “very well” then
  20. You must be a reyt short arse if he’s “Big Jos”
  21. I can top that....Van Aken as defence coach. Now closhe de man downz, reeshrichte hissh spacshe.....shitze hesche gone. Maybe he went to the same defence coaching school as Jos.
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