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  1. Don’t judge people until you know them, not on what other people tell you or hearsay would be my advice.
  2. The cleaners that sweep the corridors at NASA help to put a man on the moon.....if you believe any of that poo!
  3. It’s not the fans job to manage the clubs finances!
  4. Giant flag my arris looks more like a sheite attempt at a poster to me. Why is Simon Lebon on it ?
  5. No matter who you get it’s a roll of the dice. No guarantee’s in football,
  6. Definitely regretted “scoring” on a few occasions
  7. He might as well go, doing us no good him being here!
  8. Westwood going from zero to hero player manager with Hutch at no2.
  9. How do you know those “knobs” are not season ticket holders or members. Pretty narrow minded insinuating those that are neither of these are knobs.
  10. Can’t blame him telling Giddings to do one, he’s a a complete tool that gets under my skin also.
  11. Let me guess you work on the sea front at Blackpool & are also known as Gypsy Rosalee !
  12. Bloody hell you dont what much for Christmas do you!
  13. Yes but we haven’t got a pot to p in, and we ain’t exactly a proper club, more like a bloody shambles of a club.
  14. Did you advise Chansiri on the Jos deal by any chance?
  15. No he manages the chimps who appear to not want to perform for him, not surprising really as the leaders of the pack are being overlooked for the kids.....apparently!!
  16. I think you’ll find he is first choice at a championship club currently
  17. Our fan base is way too tolerant, what we are being served up at the moment would not be accepted at many clubs especially at the price we are being asked to pay for the dross.
  18. When a player can’t even get the basics of his role right given the amount of coaching they have received then he should be held to account for that. For me they become fair game and should sort themselves out, players are accountable to the paying public, they love the adulation when they do well, don’t hear them moaning about that.
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