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  1. 1 hour ago, sherlyegg said:

    What? The mighty l**ds...they were biting their finger tips for 20 mins...and they had the ref on their side.

    Thought we did ok today, especially with Bannan giving the ball away...and givin hospital passes...he was off it today


    He’s Allways off it when he doesn’t have the freedom of the park.

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  2. 14 hours ago, Not Jon Newsome said:

    If Jos had played Westwood and Hutchinson from the start of the season he'd probably have a job still, wtf was he thinking. 

    He did play Hutchinson at start of season, obviously had a spat at Brentford with Hutch who was then banished.


    The playing youngsters who were quite obviously not ready for the step up & expecting Tom Lees to play like Ramos , Jos was quite clearly a charlatan. Square pegs in round holes come to mind.

  3. 37 minutes ago, james o connor said:

    Didn’t quite put it like that but I was one who thought his time was done . Seems that wasn’t the case and I was wrong . It’s not being a numpty , it’s having a view , right or wrong . 

    Numpty lol

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  4. On 15/03/2019 at 14:18, Quadzilla said:

    Where's the money coming from? Sounds like agent talk

    We are doing a part exchange, scrappage allowance is shocking these days though,


    Heard it’s Van Aken and £999,990 


    Sounds like a cracking deal.

  5. 28 minutes ago, parkfieldowl14 said:

    Funny you should mention that about jumping over that wall,Because i nearly got battered by one of the resident's when he caught me nearly 30 years ago. WTF::ph34r:

    It’s not that you used it as a shortcut, you had your bloody p@nts down humping my missus!!


    Err by the way I think you may have a long lost child!


    Call in after match on Monday I’ll introduce you. :Sid:

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  6. On 27/02/2019 at 12:32, matthefish2002 said:

    Think we have improved performances and results since JL was sacked but still don't think we have looked a promotion side in those 12 games.

    Standard of performance last night was good enough to be a top six side but have to play like over a longer period to have been serious promotion side.

    Few top sides can have that level  of consistency, what they are good at is grinding out results when not playing so well, keeping clean sheets sets a great platform for doing that.


    One more decent swing on results will put us right in the mix.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Steelman said:

    Especially if it's at knee height with both feet, just like they used to do with us in the 90's.


    Dirty red & white bar stewards.

    They play on the edge now, but that’s what has been instilled into them & makes them the success they have become.


    Not nice to play against but great to see from your own team.

  8. 4 hours ago, agentwalker said:

    is this the stage of the season where he makes his big come back? plays in the last 2 games and looks a world beater, we offer him a new 3 year deal, then in the summer his leg falls off?

    A bit like the donkey...taking us for a ride!!

  9. Still a bit of square pegs in round holes going on for me.


    Play players in their natural position , Reach left midfield, Bannon central, Pellupessy left back.....in dressing room.


    Taking pellupessy off was definitely the right thing to do.


    We was crying out for a decent ball from out wide last night neither full back or Reach on the right could do that.

    the final ball never found its man, we are missing a quality wide player with pace like we had 2 years ago in Wallace.

  10. 7 hours ago, 2roland2 said:


    Pits only his second game back after months out........... our fans are unbelievable give the man a chance to regain at least some level of match fitness before we start talking rubbish 

    Same with Winnall who appears to be written off by some very knowledgeable “supporters “ having played next to no match time after a bad njury.

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