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  1. He’s Allways off it when he doesn’t have the freedom of the park.
  2. Oh we ain’t got a barrel of monnnneyy!! but we’ve got Sinclair and Sunley ! With Tommy Craig too promotion is due Wednesday. Remember that cracker of a song
  3. He did play Hutchinson at start of season, obviously had a spat at Brentford with Hutch who was then banished. The playing youngsters who were quite obviously not ready for the step up & expecting Tom Lees to play like Ramos , Jos was quite clearly a charlatan. Square pegs in round holes come to mind.
  4. We are doing a part exchange, scrappage allowance is shocking these days though, Heard it’s Van Aken and £999,990 Sounds like a cracking deal.
  5. I’m practicing my pointing, getting Reyt good at it now.
  6. More likely to rub our noses in it if he gets one. We should have ended his contract the moment he got locked up.
  7. I meant to say I’ll introduce you to missus, she’s not what she was 30 years ago ...has aged a bit....have fun
  8. It’s not that you used it as a shortcut, you had your bloody [email protected] down humping my missus!! Err by the way I think you may have a long lost child! Call in after match on Monday I’ll introduce you.
  9. That’s my house!!! There will be pans of boiling water to greet any sod hopping over my wall.
  10. Few top sides can have that level of consistency, what they are good at is grinding out results when not playing so well, keeping clean sheets sets a great platform for doing that. One more decent swing on results will put us right in the mix.
  11. Did lid drop closed while you was trying to shag it!!
  12. Could do with less Blades at match not more !! SYP showing who they support!.
  13. They play on the edge now, but that’s what has been instilled into them & makes them the success they have become. Not nice to play against but great to see from your own team.
  14. No Sh-t Sherlock.... he was a Scot in Braveheart.....you get my drift?
  15. Errr that would make him Scottish then!!
  16. A bit like the donkey...taking us for a ride!!
  17. Still a bit of square pegs in round holes going on for me. Play players in their natural position , Reach left midfield, Bannon central, Pellupessy left back.....in dressing room. Taking pellupessy off was definitely the right thing to do. We was crying out for a decent ball from out wide last night neither full back or Reach on the right could do that. the final ball never found its man, we are missing a quality wide player with pace like we had 2 years ago in Wallace.
  18. Same with Winnall who appears to be written off by some very knowledgeable “supporters “ having played next to no match time after a bad njury.
  19. Now there’s an offer Ash even you can’t be so thick to turn that down
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