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  1. Your probably right mate. Would like to think they’ll turn up today for a final hurrah, but more likely to be a farewell F—k you.
  2. Let’s hope the owls can give you another dose of medicine today to help in your recovery . I’m sure all of us wish your battle is a successful one, all the best to you mate. Come on Wednesday do it for this lad!!
  3. Absolutely Carlton would make all the difference to this side we are so weak in midfield. Would be very confident of getting the result we need with him, be great entertainment too the rollockings he’d be handing out to this lot.
  4. Well sir what qualities and specialities would you bring to the roll of head baker. I made this sir!!!
  5. Off your rocker mate, don’t get me wrong here but I really hope you are
  6. How the hell can you hope for that! None of like what’s going n at the club but wishing for that to happen is really poor.
  7. Regrettably it did, handbags mostly , got a bit more heated after game just outside the kop they were well protected by SYP. We was peed off due to us having lost ., I know pathetic.
  8. I remember it for other reasons, my mate ended up getting arrested after game old bill chased us up herries road and busted him. We had gone in his car, I ended up having to get home to other side of city on bus, was well miffed chuffing buses lol.
  9. I recall this game also, Wednesday fans trying to get at them during and after the game, think we lost 3 - 0.
  10. Was hardly getting the best out of the talent he had available in his 2nd season.
  11. Would hardly call any of these intelligent, in playoff final Dawson gets booked after 10 mins for dragging Forestieri down. We should have been all over him after that he’d have been off in the first half. We never went near him though. Carlos don’t get me started on him. Many pundits thought the talent he had available we should have been doing much better.
  12. Disagree....they are better than us & have been all season whenever I’ve seen them. We have looked nothing more than a side going to be relegated definitely a bottom 3 side.
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