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  1. Put it on lotto mate, better odds on winning than us getting promoted.
  2. Sky,s free innit.........mrs pays
  3. We are bang average, going nowhere with this style of play.
  4. We softened em up Saturday....
  5. Fans aren't negative for the sake of it, they are negative because of the shybo start to the season created by yours truly & his squad........yes HIS squad. He needs to look inwards for the answers not blame every bugger else particularly fans.
  6. Tony Pulis anyone ?

    Pulis & Meggo.......dream team
  7. Is it that bad?

    If you were DC surely you,d think what he does wouldn't you!! Just saying.
  8. All about the refs again..

    He can blame referees all he likes & at the end of the day it could have made the difference. But you cannot rely on the officials to win you a football match,you have to be better than that. He is only kidding himself thinking otherwise (and maybe a few on here).
  9. All about the refs again..

    3 of them lining up unmarked!......... I'd say it's us who are bang average or even pish poor.
  10. The man is not for changing
  11. No a manager spinning a line...... and if you believe all his "spin" your much more naive than you should be. how many times has this guy said we are ready, we have prepared well then royally f...ked it up. I find him very difficult to listen to.as its the same old lines he keeps rolling out.