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  1. Every bloody decision made by the club lately is met with some sort of conspiracy theory. Does your frigging nut in, all those that know better, but in truth know Jack sheit....effing arsholes!!
  2. Bark1062

    We're On Our Way Back.

    As usual it’s the noisy minority wetting the bed. We are 2 gams in for goodness sake! Remember watching Fulham at wolves last year in October they we’re terrible. Jos has been dealt a real bum hand by the club let’s give him chance to sort it out, he wasn’t to shabby last year working with nothing. Im as frustrated as anybody with things but stamping my feet and spitting the dummy out isn’t going to achieve anything. Sooner or later this regime will move on, but I would be very surprised if anyone with pockets deep enough will be interested in taking over, so for me we need to man up and give support to what we have got nothing’s going to change anytime soon. I wonder if all the bedwetters would be crying so much today if we had sneaked a 2-1 yesterday, I think not. Fickle is understating it somewhat.
  3. Bark1062

    We're On Our Way Back.

    That would get us about £200. If that’s all that’s needed to get us out of this mess i’ll go half’s with you!!
  4. You can’t have been that pissed mate, or you’d have dreamt Abdi scored the winner.
  5. Bloody hell I’m getting old.....is that what they call it these days!!
  6. Come on!!! You haven’t got a clue Westwood would have done any different on those. Short memory some folk... Westwood made some right howlers at start of last season, so let’s not write off the youngsters quite so quickly.
  7. Bark1062

    Had some bad news last night

    Me neither...and she’s still here!! my wife.....not yours
  8. Bark1062

    Had some bad news last night

    I don’t get it ?
  9. Bark1062

    We Need A Sign.......

    You are definitely a glass half full person only wanting a 30 points start, for a fighting chance would have to be 55 for me, we might just make top 2 at that.
  10. Bark1062

    Cardiff in for FF

    Dare say I could just about live with that if he signs him wearing his WAWAW pyjamas.
  11. Bark1062

    Cardiff in for FF

    18million and we will sweeten the deal for them . abdi matias jones fox van aken and a lucky bag all thrown in for good measure. Where else can you get a buy one get 5 free offer.
  12. What makes a murderer a murderer, those triggers in the nobbers minds are quite obviously not normal.
  13. Bark1062

    Fighting in the stands

    You didn’t hang about getting back t lane from Wigan.
  14. Bark1062

    Fighting in the stands

    You believe NASA !!! Theyll be telling us we had men on the moon next!!
  15. What’s all this about taking sheite making you violent, I’m not saying it doesn’t but booze is one of worst triggers around For violence and making people edgy, I’m not condoning either by the way. At the first game of the season people’s expectations are suddenly snatched away when it doesn’t go to plan, some just can’t handle the reality check.