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  1. Bark1062

    Sam Winnall

    Allways thought the no1 asset of a defender is the ability to defend, unfortunately joust is not very good at this. I don’t think him improving his physicallity will make him any better defensively,, not good enough I’m afraid. Hope I’m wrong but he looks like a complete waste of money. Im giving an opinion on a football forum, hardly going to affect his performance or development now is it.
  2. Bark1062

    Sam Winnall

    Got a turning circle like a cruise ship, I’ve seen infants with more defensive ability than Van Aken I’m afraid. Don’t mean to disrespect infants there.
  3. Bark1062

    Sold out

    The fact that you’ve mentioned it on here is a spurious enough link for them lobbers. Sherlyegg stand coming soon At BDTBL!!
  4. Yes should have stayed in the town, look at the success we would have had.... so envious of the pigs success over the decades
  5. Bark1062

    Sheffield, city of students

    Lol.... yep does my nut in listening to them rambling on sounding as intelligent as f-ck and all worldly, when in truth they know jack sh#t. Half the bloody city now appears to be owned by the bloody university. But student fees are fair !! Mmm!!!
  6. No, they’ve seen our defence and goaly. Should give them enough confidence in their thinking.
  7. Bark1062

    I wonder if DC...

    You can speculate about what ever you like, the right manager would have got those players promoted over the 1st 2 seasons of CC’s tenure. WRONG MANAGER has screwed us, thank goodness he’s history..
  8. Bark1062

    Almen Abdi

    I’ll beleive in him if someone can prove we actually landed on the moon.
  9. Bark1062

    Brizzle Presser

    Yes spend more time getting fixed than playing....ermm working. Charged me way over odds for it also!!
  10. Bark1062

    Brizzle Presser

    Genuine Rolex no doubt. Bought from a Thai Businessman based locally, who gets them through his trusted Portuguese shipping agents. Buy with Confidence!
  11. Bark1062

    we'll win tonight

    Promise to take your teeth out n I’ll think about it.
  12. I blame Carlos for Puds nose break....he’s history so let’s pin it on him. Seriously though half them players are crocks and unfortunately we will do well to get much game time if any from some of them this season...the quicker they are off the wage bill the better. Need a clearout for younger fitter players!
  13. By the way, Ferguson at Man U will have had a significantly higher budget than all but maybe Arsenal Chelsea and maybe Liverpool.. Cannot see any relevance to why you brought Ferguson into the debate or my point of how Wilder sets his team up and gets best out of his players.
  14. It’s hard to take isn’t it, I say it begrudgingly about the pigs but to underestimate them is “nonsense”. They have a better squad to deal with players injuries, fitness and disciplinary issues. They are both better teams than us. As as I said I hope both of them crash,
  15. They have a better squad than last season as such are better placed to go the distance, don’t get me wrong I hope they crash like last season. Sorry don’t see the relevance of The Ferguson comment, cannot be compared in any way, the resources available to him were on a totally different scale to the pigs. Wilder is getting the best from the players he has available and has done consistently., they play on the front foot and believe in themselves taking their game to the opposition,something I’d love to see us do, Dont think our players have the belief in the way we play, or what our game plan is, does anyone know what that is.