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  1. Letter sent to FA

    Mmmm let me think mmmm.......take it on the Chin? Writing to the FA absolute waste of paper.... will be immediately filed in the appropriate place....the bin.
  2. The championship on ch5

    Give over press conspiring against us! They don’t give a monkeys cack about us, we are just another club that’s not a recent premier club or a fashionable club to discuss. Tough being insignificant.
  3. Safety first....Villa all day long. Cup is soon forgotten relegation won’t be.
  4. I’m keeping off apples if it meks u speyk like them.
  5. Find it quite comical how opposition fans feel the need to announce themselves as a “fan in peace”. We are one mean bunch of mother F—Kerr’s we are!
  6. Pigs win anyone??

    Much rather have a straight talking manager than a bullshyster like the one who’s thankfully no longer with us. Do think he is looking for a reaction from the players....have to agree with him they have probably gone as far as they can with that group of players. Allways was going to catch up with them when games come thick and fast, however let’s not count any chickens still plenty to play for top and bottom of the league.
  7. Sam Winnall

    Character building.....none of that ponsy stuff...
  8. Pigs win anyone??

    Double edged sword this one suppose draws most palatable result ....... F—k that come Hull smash the dirty piggy two hats.
  9. Proper swinger is Neil......seen him in Clumber park regular he is.......alllegedly.
  10. Carlos was like a breath of fresh air when he came here...what’s up wi thi.
  11. No doubt all this speculation & conjecture will be totally true.
  12. Cracking marking at back stick, n a set play as well, thrower
  13. Who’s your daddy line up moaners........Jo’s’s your daddy moaning f—Kers
  14. New Barca innit ...... if it’s good enough for pep it’s good enough for us.
  15. Almen Abdi back playing

    Another false dawn.