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  1. Bark1062

    Chris Sedgwick

    Lol the only player I’ve ever seen when sprinting is actually doing the the jacko moonwalk, looks like he’s running forward but actually going backwards.
  2. Bark1062

    Matias wants to stay..

    No wonder he wants to stay gets paid for throwing it off 95% of the year. i can do that.....giz a job.
  3. He would have to be chucked in.......not bloody fit enough to jump.
  4. Bark1062


    Now I’d pay to see that!
  5. Bark1062

    Breaking News

    He’s actually a united fan, as he recalled mucking out the pigs back home as a child on his parents farm. just waiting for Wilder to go before being presented to the waiting masses at BDTBL ....now that will be something to see.
  6. It’ll make them feel better about themselves though....just the tonic.
  7. Can’t remember Carlos being manager then.
  8. He went home to get his rocks off
  9. They were just being polite....really you was cack
  10. Bark1062

    New Kit

    Sorry mate just read back through posts..... great minds think alike.
  11. Bark1062

    New Kit

    I call absolute bullish-t..... we would only have blueberry filling!
  12. If Cardiff can do it with that team/ squad then we all have a chance with the right manager at the helm.
  13. Bark1062

    Westwood will be Off

    Better to let him go now for some dosh, rather than next year for nothing. Wouldnt offer him a new deal, was hardly pulling any trees up before being injured then misses nearly 2/3 of the season. Take the money, we have adequate replacement in Dawson more experience is all he needs.
  14. Bark1062

    Westwood will be Off

    He’s no bloody good to us on treatment table.....cash in while we can..
  15. Bark1062

    On Jos...

    Proper glass half empty misery you are.