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  1. Bark1062

    Larst night

    Still a bit of square pegs in round holes going on for me. Play players in their natural position , Reach left midfield, Bannon central, Pellupessy left back.....in dressing room. Taking pellupessy off was definitely the right thing to do. We was crying out for a decent ball from out wide last night neither full back or Reach on the right could do that. the final ball never found its man, we are missing a quality wide player with pace like we had 2 years ago in Wallace.
  2. Bark1062

    Nando Number Ten

    Same with Winnall who appears to be written off by some very knowledgeable “supporters “ having played next to no match time after a bad njury.
  3. Bark1062

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Thought he was in behind...obviously not
  4. Bark1062

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Now there’s an offer Ash even you can’t be so thick to turn that down
  5. Bark1062

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Yep n your thick!
  6. Bark1062

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    Just come back from serious injury dumbass!!
  7. Bark1062

    Nuhiu picked above Winnall

    I wouldn’t have brought him on at all.....he wouldn’t be anywhere near the match day squad, On 2nd thoughts he might make a good kit man ... would be able to carry loads of bags like any good donkey. Winnall offers so much more, needs match practice which he is going to struggle to get here by the look of things.
  8. Bark1062

    Kieran westwood.

    We’’d be better playing coach in future & get shut of Westwood.if that was th3 case.
  9. Not surprising we conceded 3 if he was playing.
  10. Bark1062

    Bruce on........IPSWICH

    You after some nipple rubbing mate....I’m freeeee!!
  11. Bark1062

    Warm, moist and horny......

    I wouldn’t let her go out tonight if I was you if she’s like that. Or get get out the chastity belt.
  12. I’d reserve judgment before blowing bubbles up his jacksi,I understand where your coming from, he is a very personable guy. But come on he could just as easy crash and burn like plenty before him.
  13. Bark1062

    Joost Van Aken

    Why does he rate him, Or has Bruce said he’ll make a defender of him...if so good luck to him, he will need it.
  14. Bark1062

    Joost Van Aken

    The guy turns like a barge, he is shybo, if you can’t do the basics no amount of coaching will change that. Better chance of winning lottery than this guy being any good.
  15. Bark1062


    Nowt like a good flogging, not sure about in public though ! Something to do with the harmones they say!