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  1. Just a thought, but what if Chansiri himself is buying the boxes which don't sell and then selling match day packages for those same boxes? That would enable him to circumvent the FFP restrictions and put more of his own money into the club (40k is at the high end of the market, but it is still market price) and, crucially, increase the potential annual revenue of each box at the same time.
  2. Yes! Laughed out loud in disbelief when I realised.
  3. Yes! Played a major part in the winning goal, but, lacked motivation according to some; didn't want us to win. To anyone who suggested such: Gi'o'er!
  4. Clearly Lee, clearly Lee, clearly Lee. Honourable mentions: Hutch, Hoops, Hunt.
  5. People who complain about Sasso not improving the first team by fixating on CC's comment are missing the point. In Lees and Hutch we have two of the best centre halves in the division. And in Loovens, an integral member of the defence which equalled the clean sheet record the season before last. The starting centre-back pairing is not an area which needs much improvement, or is certainly somewhere near the bottom of the list of current priorities at least. The first team squad, on the other hand, needs quite considerable improvement. On that I think we can all agree. Sasso is a decent player who will improve the squad and ease a lot of the pressure on the first choice players, who might feel under obligation to play while carrying knocks or niggles in the current circumstances and thus risk more serious injury which would seriously impact our promotion chances. As many have commented above, he improved as the season progressed and was on occasion, Fulham away is the one which springs to mind, outstanding. He's young. He's going to get even better. And as it looks like being only a one-year deal initially, the downside is limited (unlike with Dielna et al). It was his first season in English football. He had to learn the league, the manager's system, which was still evolving, and had to step up at short notice and fill in without the benefit of an extended run in the team to develop a deeper understanding with his defensive partners. This time, he knows the league, he knows how the manager wants to play and he knows the dressing room. And yes, he loves Wednesday. He'll slip back in seamlessly. Right now, he is exactly what we need.
  6. Absolutely this. The away shirt would have been smart if the badge had been customised to match it.
  7. Hutch was absolutely phenomenal. He's found his true position and should never play in midfield again.
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