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  1. Most of you may not remember but I a few months ago I had a drink with Mick in his local “The Civic” in Inglewood where we both live here in Perth Western Australia. I also posted a photo of us both at the time. It was the first time meeting him and I asked him about certain games that he played especially the one V Liverpool at Hillsboro where Souness studded his leg not so long after KO. He had around 4 or 5 stitches in within minutes and back on the pitch again within minutes. He replied to me that he couldn’t remember and couldn’t remember a few other major snippets I asked him, I knew then too back off asking any other questions. So I told him he was still revered as one of the greatest Centre halves Wednesday have ever had. He said he was an Evertonian but still loved Wednesday but speaking to the great man was extremely sad so I sincerely hope he keeps as well as possible.
  2. No sweat whatsoever we will win both legs so take a chill pill as it’s laid on we are going to play in the Final remember Owlsruleok WAWAW
  3. Is it going to be a tight 1-0 or 2-1 after constant pressure from us or a whopping 6-0 so IMO it’s the latter.
  4. But you can watch it as long as you have Foxtel ie Sky or gin to a good sports pub depending on where you are
  5. I realise it’s on Foxtel (Sky’s beIn sports) for Australian viewers but does that mean ‘ifollow’ viewers miss out on today’s game because of this ?
  6. Best I’ve seen us play for yonks - Sow and Luongo have been outstanding plus all the team are playing out of their skins. Playing like a team possessed, so why couldn’t they have played similar to this over the last few months ie fighting and never giving up over every ball. WAWAW
  7. It was stated prior to our points deduction that the ground alone was worth in the region of £45 million to £50million so with all add ons plus land prices going up in this time, my opinion remains the same.
  8. IF this is true then a fair price in my opinion including the ground ie lock stock and barrel inc players would be around (£65million - £75million) All this is taken into account that a massive upgrade is required on the stadium. Ps The players would not account to much in the price.
  9. This is a shambles of a team and a shambles of a display and Adeniran is having a nightmare
  10. Why oh why does he persist in playing Wing & Paterson as IMO they are shockers. Over all the games this season both have (IMO) been left wanting as both are very poor players but let’s hope they at last have a decent game today - if they are chosen to play.
  11. Without a doubt as I was considering Tony Kay ie ine of th if not the hardest half back/midfielders ever but Keane IMO was harder and that’s what a team requires but as I stated originally it’s only my opinion
  12. As there’s a lull in football what’s your opinion on this CHOOSE YOUR GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM OF ALL TIME This will be the most debatable subject so here qoes - This is mine (formation to be advised) ————————————————- GK. Lev Yashin Full Backs. Roland Nilsson - Roberto Carlos Centre Backs / Midfield. Roy Keane - Bobby Moore - Franz Beckenbauer - Dani Alves. Forwards. Ronaldinho - Pele - Lionel Messi - Garrincha ————————————————- Substitutes Gordon Banks Paulo Maldini - Javier Mascherano Zinedine Zidane - Michel Platini - Sergio Ramos - Cristiano Ronaldo - lan Rush - Diego Maradona - Kenny Dalglish. ———————————————— I look forward to seeing yours ————————————————
  13. In posts I have wrote in the past I have always stated Hunt should never have been sent out on loan. You can agree or disagree but we should have him back asap and get rid of Wing, Byers, Brown and Berahino and have some faith in our youngsters (even though Hunt is no kid anymore), FFS keep him.
  14. I have had 2 bets on Owls to win today at Hillsborough V Wycombe Wanderers 4-0 @ 50/1 - & 4-1 @ 41-1 I know it’s sounds crazy but sooner rather than later some team is going to get trashed by us and here’s hoping not the other way around. Thats my prediction what’s yours ?
  15. Hold your head in shame, at least he’s an Owl thru and thru - unlike you and a few others SHAME ON YOU
  16. There are still so called fans on here that don’t believe the facts and stats, they also insist on ‘bagging’ one of our own - geez you should be ashamed of yourselves as the lads a good un.
  17. And that’s because of the so called fans who want and try to demand the club to do things their way. But when it goes arse up they slam them, hiding behind “social media keyboards” real hero’s some of our fans eh.
  18. Well at least somebody must like Darren Moore as he is installed as one of many in the running for the vacant Barnsley job. It has always been known in football that continuity is paramount for a club to be successful. If and only if he was to get the job it would save DC a big payout but most Owls would still demand immediate results from the next manager, interesting times ahead. Ps IMO Moore’s going nowhere
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