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  1. Brilliant managers both of them BUT unless you saw the 1960’s team that Catterick built and finished runners up to Spurs in 1960/61 then you may have second thoughts. I have mentioned this prior to today but he asked the board to buy 2-3 players and he/we would win the League- their response was “you have a good team, keep it”.
  2. Legends 1. Derek Dooley 2. Harry Catterick ( best manager) 3. Chris Waddle 4. Ron Springett 4. John Fantham 5. David Hirst 6. Mel (Zico) Sterland 7. Terry Curran (as he put bums on seats) in that order IMO and yes I am showing my age but keep in mind majority of these were 1st Division ie Premier League players. Plus a manager who could have took us to the pinnacle of English football. If only the directors had the balls to back him but alas they would not spend so he went to a club that did and didn’t they do good.
  3. BBC as I stated we are so happy here in WA but the eastern states are having it bad. What I can’t get my head around is people in the UK are going overseas on holiday when people are dying thru Covid WTF So as far as I am concerned I would rather be healthy and safe.
  4. FYI or unless you don’t read the responses we in Western Australia do not have any Covid so the only thing we cannot do is travel overseas and over East which is a few thousand kms away. So we are living a fabulous normal life ie going to sports games with no restrictions, pubs, restaurants etc so please don’t get mixed up with Sydney or Melbourne. Plus this last weekend had the Bledisloe Cup (60,000) and are having the semifinals and Grand Final of the AFL at Perth’s Optus Stadium all because we are a Covid free state.
  5. Plenty of players as the standard of living, houses and weather are amazing especially in Perth where it’s a Mediterranean climate.
  6. Errr excuse me but this was about Perth WA not Melbourne which is thousands of Kms over East duuh
  7. The guy you show is the Prime Minister of Oz not the Premier as the Premier of Wa is Mark McGowan
  8. As a devout Wednesdayite living in Perth and to those who “think” Perth is in lockdown please think again as Western Australia has no problems with lockdowns (we’ve only had 3 and 2 of those were for only 1 week). We just don’t allow other countries or states into WA who have Covid cases. It’s getting out of hand ie NSW daily 1,403 cases, Victoria 183 daily cases. WA Zero We live a very normal life going to pubs, restaurants etc with little to no chance at this moment of worrying over Covid. The only restriction is we are not allowed to travel overseas, having said that why would you as you would have rocks in your head travelling overseas as that just spreads it. But over east ie 5,000kms away they are having it bad but nowhere as bad as the UK. Getting back to football, as for my local club Perth Glory, it would be an eye opener if Luongo was to sign for us. He is way too good to play in the A League and would be mad to leave SWFC just because of an injury plus I doubt if Glory could afford him. I along with my English mates ie Sunderland, Liverpool, QPR supporters go to all the home games at Perth Oval (NIB Stadium) along with our beloved English shirts (SWFC etc) having a pint or three at the local pubs or in the stadium and having good English banter. It’s a fabulous life and we get football on TV all the time or ifollow etc and at the present we live a normal life thank heavens.
  9. IMO I believe he would be brilliant at this level IF he would drop down a league and he is 31.
  10. From his Bradford City days I always admired this player. So if it’s true that we are looking for a striker then if we could pull this off and IMO he would be ideal.
  11. There was only one problem with CC he had no PLAN B when things went awry during games. But let’s be honest he was great to have as a coach as he was interesting and brill to listen to in interviews. Ps It’s ok to have hindsight when slagging off ex coaches !
  12. That seems a solid team so let’s hope Green plays to his potential because he does have talent unless it’s confidence related.
  13. Do you remember Cunningham’s first goal for us, as most Owls thought who the hell have we got here. We were playing towards the Kop when he went thru the middle straight towards the goal and belted it from approximately 30 yards and the net bulged - Brilliant.
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