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  1. Ok it’s what we all know as Owls fans but how good is it that other fans of rival clubs (except Rovrum) appreciate what SWFC have done and well done Darren Moore and staff + CC. IMO I believe we will be a force to be reckoned with and hopefully get automatic promotion but it’s a pity we are very short priced in the betting. Having stated this it’s obvious I suppose re the betting - because of 4th place last season and these signings we will be either 1st or 2nd favourites. At least we are all looking forward to the start of this upcoming season WAWAW Ps Well done to this young fella he’s going to go places in the media.
  2. Everyone has an opinion on Carlos and most said he didn’t have a Plan B which probably was true. Its just my opinion but there’s no doubt he was a great character with some statements that were hilarious but in the end I reckon he’s a good coach. But to be perfectly honest should anything happen to Darren Moore in the next couple of years or so, I would have him back because we witnessed good football no matter what others believe. I flew from Australia to watch the Wembley game and it was like playing the land of the giants V Hull. So good luck CC over in the Middle East and remember we were only one win away from returning to the EPL.
  3. 1. Tony Kaye (without a doubt) 2. Chris Waddle 3. Roland Nilsson Every team needs a Kaye type of half back (midfielder) hard as nails. Waddle possibly the best ball player. Nilsson just a simply brilliant defender. As a 4th I must put in another fan favourite our very own Terry Curran just a complete showman.
  4. Probably a good kid as a mate who’s a Bradford City fan says he’s injury prone
  5. According to ‘The Star’ Primera Division outfit “Club Atletico Talleres” maybe putting in a bid to buy him. Reason being his former manager Pedro Caixinha wants him there - interesting eh. I personally would like him to stay BUT for a decent fee it could be a deal for us. Thoughts??
  6. Positives - he works hard, runs all day, is a team man then end of. Negatives - To be honest he has no skill, gives away free kicks ridiculously, and effs up in most good positions in attack. Others have their opinions but IMO get rid
  7. Most of you may not remember but I a few months ago I had a drink with Mick in his local “The Civic” in Inglewood where we both live here in Perth Western Australia. I also posted a photo of us both at the time. It was the first time meeting him and I asked him about certain games that he played especially the one V Liverpool at Hillsboro where Souness studded his leg not so long after KO. He had around 4 or 5 stitches in within minutes and back on the pitch again within minutes. He replied to me that he couldn’t remember and couldn’t remember a few other major snippets I asked him, I knew then too back off asking any other questions. So I told him he was still revered as one of the greatest Centre halves Wednesday have ever had. He said he was an Evertonian but still loved Wednesday but speaking to the great man was extremely sad so I sincerely hope he keeps as well as possible.
  8. No sweat whatsoever we will win both legs so take a chill pill as it’s laid on we are going to play in the Final remember Owlsruleok WAWAW
  9. Is it going to be a tight 1-0 or 2-1 after constant pressure from us or a whopping 6-0 so IMO it’s the latter.
  10. But you can watch it as long as you have Foxtel ie Sky or gin to a good sports pub depending on where you are
  11. I realise it’s on Foxtel (Sky’s beIn sports) for Australian viewers but does that mean ‘ifollow’ viewers miss out on today’s game because of this ?
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