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  1. 4-0 or 4-1 because we will win handsomely - we have to be confident. WAWAW. UTO
  2. Never had any commentary all thru the game and the other week had full commentary for a Leeds game FFS so headphones off and watched in silence. For those who sometimes cannot log onto ifollow make sure you logout after every game - just saying.
  3. He was fantastic but it depends on your age as there was some great players in the 60’s. As a footballer (dribbling etc) he was the best I’ve seen but as a player there were some terrific ‘players’ back then ie great half backs ( midfielders ) and inside forwards, there again it’s based on opinions.
  4. Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon saying ‘you can’t compare’ well think on this. Fati scored for Spain last night and forced a penalty AND he’s only 17 so why shouldn’t a 19 year old ex Man City graduate be thrown in at the deep end in the Championship, there’s heaps of kids 16 - 18 year old who over the years played in first teams ie EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga etc and made it. I can see no reason why our young un’s can’t make it good and yes I understand there’s a -12 Point deficit but if we don’t trust the kids they will move onto other clubs or just fade away all because manage
  5. Try to be positive for heavens sake it was the first competitive game of the season geez some so called fans
  6. FFS a ball hasn’t been kicked yet, but here we have doom & gloomer’s on Owlstalk slagging off every which way. Ok most Wednesdayites don’t like G Monk but we are stuck with him for a while so let’s get behind him & his back room staff AND the team instead of all this ‘effin crap’ some of you are writing. Try to stop negativity and get behind the club because reading some of your ‘stuff’ it’s as though you are from the ‘DARK’ side.
  7. That came from the UK, if you watch the podcast its from a guy who comes from Preston
  8. Most of you may have seen this podcast but it’s interesting viewing especially for us Owls as FIFA predictor on ‘Ben HD’ has Wednesday in eighth position with 81 points. The other surprising topic is they have Jordan Rhodes as 4th In the scoring chart’s with 24 and Harris on 17. Ok it’s only a prediction but it may give some of the doom & gloomer’s on here a bit of a lift. Saturday’s game V Walsall will be very interesting depending on who plays and just one thing more, all the negative comments on who we have signed, just remember we don’t have the cash anymore especially with no c
  9. The only problem with these 3 / 5 is would they get in the team ????????????????
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