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  1. Which Wednesday didn’t give him but imagine where we would have been now IF they had backed him.
  2. Went straight to Everton after Owls didn’t back him (walked) the rest as they say is history
  3. My/our beloved Owls were runners up to Tottenham in 1961 and IMO we should have won the league that year, that’s when the great Owls manager Harry Catterick asked SWFC board to buy 2 or 3 top players so he could win the title the year after as he was certain he could do so. The boards response was - and I quote “you have a good team - keep it”. That IMO was the downfall of SWFC and yes I understand the era’s of Howard Wilkinson, Big Ron and tricky Trevor Francis were on the verge of something special BUT again the board of SWFC at the time and ever since have never backed their manag
  4. You just knew deep down that even though City were never a threat that somehow they would score- friggin unbelievable this lot AND instead of hitting the penalty has hard as possible BB goes and messes that up, honestly you couldn’t write this stuff this season. At least Joey, Palmer & Borner did quite well, now for Accrington, Crewe and Burton Albion FFS
  5. Along with most on here the team we have named I personally don’t agree with BUT with the so called best 11 that’s played these last few weeks, we haven’t been setting the league alight have we except for that one game (5-0). So here’s wishing and hoping we win every game left. Owls 3 - 1 Bristol City Windass 2 Reach 1 Let the gods look down on us tuneet
  6. If we play hoof ball fans moan, if we try to play on the ground fans moan. The vast majority of teams that do well in this league play from the back, on the ground and not hoof ball. You picked one team that have done well hoofing it and as for your sarky comment we didn’t do too bad playing it around, just not skill full enough . IMO a half decent team playing good football would have beaten Watford yesterday.
  7. Positives V Watford IMO At least we tried to play football, Bannan was outstanding (Sorry that’s it !) Negatives V Watford IMO Wildsmith’s distribution is absolutely chronic, Paterson - why oh why does he pull on a shirt for us is simply gobsmacking. (Except BB) no one is prepared to dribble, no one has the confidence when in control of the ball to forward pass. Majority nearly always pass sideways then back to the goalkeeper who then hacks it - literally anywhere. We tried to play out from the back then when pressured, lost it and gave our opposition chances to take c
  8. No you haven’t seen him miss plenty ONLY the ones not supplied properly
  9. I hope you are right but what makes you think he’s happy and that he will stay - just interested that’s all.
  10. Nuhui - geez - seriously please let it go, he was a great guy to have in the club but not in the team
  11. Time after time we miss the play when ifollow cameramen go to the manager’s or show the last incident when the game has resumed. Why can’t they show it in a small box to either left or right corners of our screens. I find it so frustrating, its just plainly pathetic in this day and age of high tech. We had men in the frigging moon 52 years ago surely they can do the basics on a TV screen.
  12. DEFINITELY no pig just an honest opinion as that’s what this forum is all about - yes he may never set foot in the ground again but never say never.
  13. Only 4 games in and Moore has not altered our style of play one iota, this is not knocking the big guy just an honest perception ( it’s time NOW, to throw in the kids BIG time). When we eventually get in the second and third phase of the pitch why do we persistently go square then all the way back to Westwood, who BTW is absolutely terrible at passing the ball to a Wednesday player. I posted last week and it’s still happening, that there is no skill or any form of confidence whatsoever in this squad. The substitutions are abysmal and why Paterson gets a game heaven knows, Palmer ha
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