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  1. We've all heard of Elf On A Shelf...

    It's a modern fridge what do you have s pantry
  2. iFollow

    It's LIVE on these channels a good shout is the MOBDRO APP for android or indeed a stream source like Cricfree there will be many options this is why it isn't on Ifollow it isn't just SKY UK if I get a decent stream I will share otherwise get the APP do it now
  3. iFollow

    No VPN bud I'm in Germany I've purchased legitimately and it could be my ISP so worth checking with them like I say as long as it loads the video and it's reasonable quality then I'm okay with that each individual has their own problems regarding the service I'm not slating the creators of Ifollow it's a new service they need time to get it right there's just a limit on how long a person can wait considering how great the previous Player setup was
  4. iFollow

    The midweek Brentford game I got nothing but buy a subscription (I already have one) The games prior start off okay gets towards second half them it goes choppy still for the price I've paid worth it! The problem is I now come to watch a game and have a doubt on my head wether it will work or not unable to watch via mobile/laptop app as it says I'm signed in else where and cuts me off so laptop browser only option! I will be contacting customer services again but as mentioned by many others is a shocking state of affairs! I'm not expecting HD sky but I do expect all platforms to be working at this stage and to be able to sign in and watch each match even if the quality is only 360p or so that's what I expected to get when I purchased! And as mentioned if a game is on sky tv it isn't on Ifollow but I live overseas I don't get sky TV if I was able to I'd have it for sure! So on the whole not a happy bunny as of yet I will of course give them time to get the service off the ground bit anymore missed matches then I'm sorry but that's just not good enough.
  5. iFollow

    We forked out hard earned money for a service that isn't justified simple as that
  6. A screamer from this guy nailed on #Believe
  7. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    I bet you had a few growls at this!
  8. IFollow quality

    I will give them 1 more game otherwise that's it they ar3 getting it big style.
  9. IFollow quality

    Definitely, who do we contact Ofcom ? If today's match isn't working or of better quality then believe me I will be taking this matter further I might try contacting this guy
  10. IFollow quality

    See other thread missed the whole match (as did others) unable to load the match apparently I need to buy another subscription and the app on Mobile/Tablet video unable to load please try again will they refund me for that match ? I doubt it! will they listen ? Probably not s one owls fan has already tried
  11. Adam Reach


    Please elaborate on this! Your neg count suggests your on the edge.

    £110 for a still picture is daylight robbery mate