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  1. CC in pictures

  2. Watford come close finishing 3rd losing out to palace in the final!
  3. There's always one negative dimwitted fool whilst I agree the chances are slimming just saying it can be done and most definitely the playoffs get excited to get the buzz back at s6 the fans can make this happen instead of calling for the managers head and fighting amongst our own!!
  4. No, they didn't sack McDermott just like we shouldn't sack Carlos I'm not saying we will win the league but just saying it's not all over either as a lot are suggesting stay positive keep the faith there are still plenty of twists and turns to be had.
  5. Think outside the box we weren't even in the league!
  6. Anyone? If already been discussed then mods please delete :D
  7. Short memories

    Who's ever had money? Not really anyone since Premier!
  8. Short memories

    I have no idea why you are in the red! I honestly feel folk on here are more clueless than Carlos! He's here to stay ladies and gents get used to it! :)
  9. This is a new world for Chansiri as far as a business venture is concerned he's going to make mistakes until he gains experience or gets better advised! There's nothing we can do if Sheffield United being up there it's just one of those things like Huddersfield and IMO Barnsley when they had Winnall and Hourihane if they hadn't lost that squad they would have seriously been challenging for playoffs and IMHO they would have had a serious chance of winning it! (Remember it's still close for all teams regarding points a few games and it all changes again) Carlos isn't clueless far from it he plays HIS best 11 and I for one was happy with the line up on Saturday same team that beat Leeds! Bolton was always going to be a tough team to beat they were looking for their first league win? The problem I feel is we have that much quality it's knowing who deserves to get a starting spot and do we really need a clear out that has been suggested by some muppets? Could any of you really predict the league as it stands? Be honest who'd have thought it and I don't want yea but they have spent and they have blah blah lots of twists and turns still to be made in this tough league yet! I've always been behind Carlos and I still am dependant on where we are come Christmas time then I agree we may need change! An this is hard for me to admit I have been one of Carlos's biggest fans and stood by him against all the shlt he's taken! COME ON KING CARLOS YOU CAN STILL DO THIS

    Do you ever say to yourself
  11. Sheffield Wednesday Starting Lineup

    Decent line-up Wildsmith's having a blinder hopefully we have benefited from the 2 week rest and we can continue the momentum from Leeds game
  12. There at it again

    I've met your kind before
  13. There at it again

    tha tekkin plss ?
  14. There at it again

    Who's told you that?
  15. There at it again

    Can I give your mother a mouthful?