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  1. Beware the moaners are lurking licking their lips........
  2. I bet your a laugh on an all dayer!
  3. We're doomed pass me a bottle of mixed pills......... Stay tuned for episode 2.
  4. Get him back at all costs!!!!! We will soon have him in shape and running riot with the league.
  5. -12 and will still finish above Derby KARMA
  6. Depends what you class as early, I bet your one of them that goes to pub for last orders aren't you.
  7. I really thought this would catch on and I'd be a hero "SOB"
  8. We've got Izzy, Izzy Brown. Creating chances he never stops. And it's you boy taking us up. I'm so dizzy I've had 10 pints...... REPEAT Mods delete my account if necessary.
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