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  1. He's really turned thIngs around in a short space of time I can honestly see this being a good season!!! I genuinely believe his hearts in the right place and doing the best he can regarding the club he was bound to make mistakes but we all live and learn. WAWAW
  2. 6AM Park virtually outside ground sorted fetch a flask and a snap box!
  3. Start of season Half way through season End of season How do you predict it?
  4. Client reference number: it should be among your emails.
  5. Hi mate I'll take it if it's possible to collect at Charlton ground? I'm down in the Midlands just tried to book online and no delivery as apparently less than 48 to kick off I'm no sparky but phook me Wednesday
  6. LISTEN UP! There's been no crowds in grounds for some time now this is unheard of in football even the mighty LEEDS have no following so as soon as the doors re-open you can expect a good away following especially at 15 nicker and on door step stop flipping moaning and get a Charlton ticket this season is going to be sublime!
  7. SH paid off and been a brilliant servant.
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