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  1. Ar tha listening ********? Stick to selling flipping tuna cause tha knows sweet fa about football!!!!!
  2. Give your head a wobble! This is noway Neil's fault if it wasn't for him we would be in serious trouble!
  3. I feel so sorry for Rhodes he's clearly got what it takes to score goals has proven this many times before yet we never play to his strengths never give him service a real waste of a talent as mentioned we've played far better with him starting seriously baffling tactics from previous managers I sincerely hope he stays regardless of the league we are in if he's with us in league 1 he'll bag at least 30 IMHO.
  4. Depends on your budget mate, there are plenty of refurbished PC's with good spec Core i7 16gb ram for about £300 just for the unit mind. What is the main purpose of use?
  5. Didn't realize Maghoma and Antonio were fans of WWE
  6. Now can you base this on minutes played? As well as service provided we have lacked service to any of our strikers not really had much since Wallace left IMO
  7. Get service to Jordan the goals will come!!!! If he's still at SWFC next season he needs a regular start. Thompson announced as manager and build on this current squad in summer we are onto a winner. 3 key players for me Westwood! Shaw! Rhodes! I'm a firm believer that Jordan still has what I takes he still has another good season 20+ goals in him. Westwood for me is still one of the best in this league and genuinely seemed happy to be here and I'm sure this is still the case under Neil. Shaw what a prospect we have he
  8. What a guy the lads seem really happy under this guy long may it continue he deserves all the credit he gets love the guy
  9. I'll reserve judgement untill full-time Thompson outstanding or Thompson out! This is generally how it works inst it?
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