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  1. A win tonight can see us close the gap to 8 points! All results went our way last night IMO. Let's try and keep some faith that there is a slim possibility we could reach 6th spot or even 5th. It's in our hands to turn the tide and get on a run we are seriously due one! Come on Wednesday!!!!!!!! UTO
  2. You could say results aren't looking too bad for us this evening come on Wednesday!!!
  3. How many points do you see us achieving?
  4. I know it's slim but at least it's something why write the season off when it's mathematically possible to still reach playoffs keep the faith kiddo.
  5. Ask me come end of play Saturday 2 home games if we turn the corner.
  6. Fulham 57 Brentford v56 Nottingham Forest 56 Preston 56 We are currently 12 points behind. Forrest have won 1 in the last 5! Brentford have won twice in their last 5! Fulham have won twice in their last 5! Preston are the most in form winning 3 of the last 5! Wednesday haven't won any but drawn 3 of the last 5, 2 of which should have been put to bed and 3 points in the bag! I don't personally feel that the playoff form is that good this season we have a chance Birmingham game gave me some hope!
  7. You know full well you have other logins! Ever considered a trip to vets? Preferably to be put down.
  8. Multiple aliases is a common thing these days isn't it? It was started by a chap called Neil (so legend has it) and I'm sure you have at least 6 others. It's been a pleasure.
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