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  1. I paid for a yearly subscription to Chansiri Weekly it's a magazine that give you an insight to the Chansiri family and how D-Taxi is on the horizon.
  2. So can I pencil you in for next Saturday at 14:30?
  3. That's cheap I've heard it's going to be £9 and a free bottle of Chansiri Spring water.
  4. A large screen beam back in the car park would ne sublime
  5. Editing capabilities not the greatest on here!! This should state the last home game of the season.
  6. We need a MASSIVE WIN could we stand outside the ground and in The Wednesdayite car park and sing HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY at kick off to give the lads a much needed lift? Social distancing of course and being a responsible adult could we make this work? Thoughts?
  7. We'd have hold on to beat Bristol things would be looking that bit better to say we have a possibility of avoiding the drop and if Rotherham hadn't got the games in hand we'd have had some chance still going into the last game Derby are currently worse than us. What a bleeding season hey? Talk about deflated sausage.
  8. It's probably one of the only insults that doesn't result in a heavy ban!
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