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  1. Very poor service in this day and age with all the technology!!!
  2. It worked for you? FFS wouldn't work for me told me to install the app.
  3. Apologies to those trying my method it's failed terribly why on earth it has to be this difficult is beyond me!!!!
  4. I've tried this option it doesn't work as it flags up as TV where as the Firestick option flags as Android hence the ability to work.
  5. Hi there, the TV browser unfortunately doesn't work but since you have a firestick your half way there just plug it in to your HDMI on the TV navigate to search and type SILK it should fetch up it's Amazon browser just enter this link swfc.co.uk/ifollowsth and enter your code it should light up green underneath code valid scroll underneath to complete order and the necessary steps then just sign-in/register and bobs your uncle!
  6. Best method purchase an Amazon Firestick currently £19.99:they are a handy little device that plugs into the side of your TV via HDMI they will allow you to watch various apps from Netflix to BBC iPlayer you can then use this device to watch I-FOLLOW on the TV via their browser called SILK Other methods like a HDMI cable from the laptop to the TV will also work. Anyone with an iPhone iPad should go throw it in the bin and climb in with it!
  7. You have to use SCREEN CAST if you have that option there isn't an option within I-FOLLOW are you using Chromecast?
  8. Well it seems to be registered in the account section as Android device so I see no reason why it wouldn't I tried via my TV browser first and failed this logged me in and accepted code first time it's able to watch all matches currently available so I think as it's Android based we'll be fine but of course only time will tell have faith though
  9. LAPTOP - HDMI - TV TV - CHROMECAST - PHONE I will get back to you on if my TV browser does the job there is also an option of looking for IPTV search Google to find out what this is if you aren't sure.
  10. I see I'll have a play around I know laptop will work easily enough
  11. I'm familiar with these methods what I'm saying is my new Samsung TV has a brilliant browser integrated it plays videos from our website flawlessly was wondering if anyone had logged into follow this way? Looks like it will work to me only one way to find out when that code arrives.
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