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  1. Do you sit in North stand near Gangway D?
  2. He's gonna make a brand new start of it Nuhiu If he can make it here, He'll make it anywhere It's up to you, Nuhiu Nuhiu da da da da da
  3. 1867_OWL

    Kid-friendly songs

    You got me wondering WEDNESDAY.......
  4. If not gone I'll have it matey
  5. 1867_OWL

    please no

    And why would we?
  6. 1867_OWL


    And NUHIU 20+ goals
  7. 1867_OWL

    Caption Competition

    Oh yeaaaaa te he he he
  8. 1867_OWL


    If you can make it here you'll make it anywhere it's up to you Nuhiu Nuhiu By Frank Sinatra