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  1. I thought this was going to be a new song then...... Bruce built this team on dejphon's cccaaaasssssshhhh
  2. Is that Bank Holiday Thursday in November?
  3. I'll skip the stress and say autos please!
  4. Always a good laugh hoping it's on a Saturday afternoon early in the season!
  5. Which away game are you most looking forward to?
  6. Can we have a competition for worst post during the summer? At least I'll have a chance of winning something!
  7. Well this really does top off my bad day at work this lay about was released awhile back and I'm cracking a joke. Someone order me a D- Taxi to nut house please
  8. S6 News understands that Almen Abdi has been seen breaking a sweat could this mean he's on a strict training regime to hit peak form for the new season ahead under Bruce?
  9. Yeah that's what I was thinking but it means a good hour on the his from where I'll be hit at least it means I can have a beer
  10. I knew it would be a long shot bud there is always train from Burton straight up.
  11. Yes a horse and cart leaves Friday evening apparently.
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