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  1. Let's not get ahead of ourselves still early doors yet! Then again we ae going to win the league I've seen posts on Facebook saying so.
  2. You expect me to read all that at this hour? Don't you know I'm in a different tablets and have bed at 9 if I think on I'll try again later.
  3. Who has a private one? This looks the business.
  4. I've moved since buddy I'm in Swadlincote Donisthorpe now.
  5. Do the seats have good views? My eyes are terrible!
  6. Could you please tell me why you've put a space before and after your slash.
  7. I do apologize Sir! Please forgive me would you care to join me for some herbal tea and nice biscuits?
  8. In all honesty I have said numerous times we've lacked real pace and a deadly cross and as you say Harris has bags of it but can we solely rely on one player? João was the man but that ship has unfortunately set sail.
  9. Haven't you heard we've singed Jermaine Johnson on a FREE.
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