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  1. Not the best of performances but it's 3 points in the bag and top of the league WAWAW
  2. You don't want any of the top teams pulling away we need to stay on the heels of the leaders or indeed be leading the way.
  3. Exactly the teddies have seriously been thrown out of the cot since the Millwall game, Rhodes couldn't score in a barn door etc.....
  4. This is the ultimate reality of the mindset of 79% of fans they have mastered the art of negativity. (Yes I'm very precise with the stats)
  5. Take your placy 90 and ride as fast as you can off a cliff see what happens.
  6. You have to keep up with the pace from the off dreadful starts have cost us dearly in the past.
  7. 3 points tonight and we are back in the mix for top spot. With the quality of play we know we can produce and IF Forestieri can get back to form alongside Rhodes we have a real shout. We now have a pace in the team we was desperately lacking. Bullen stays for at least 10 games for me we've already played 3 and accumulated 6 points. The signs are there we are on for a good season and will finish strong unlike Leeds who will be falling apart come Christmas. Roll on this evening WAWAW
  8. Solskjaer? Chansiri is giving Bullen a chance to see how fairs they will have no doubt had talks. Give him the job now in Chansiri's eyes is a risk now wait and see how well he performs then decide if an offer is worth making and Bullen will know what's at stake and where he would prefer to head career wise
  9. Another ludicrous post! Can people please think before posting.
  10. What a ridiculous post! Wednesday played great today regardless of it being a 1-0 loss Millwall never let teams naturally play football it's all about thuggery! It seems as if the lads are gelling nicely it was obvious the attempt to take Keiran lee out of the game. Play like that against any of the top teams we will win the majority. It's only 3 games in the signs are there fo a good season. #Beleive WAWAW
  11. Yes I've since purchased a wallet.
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