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  1. Is that a potential new signing Derick 55 from Livingston
  2. I had a quiet word with him from my living room didn't seem to work mind.
  3. Then if that's the case move over let me have a go!
  4. Anyone else see the trouble on Herriers Road last night about 5 minutes from the end of the game? It happened where the burger vans are there was a que of cars all of a sudden several elderly men come jumping on to this Clio shouting get him out car whilst smashing at the windows they eventually dragged a lad out that was only young and start laying into him whilst other car members were saying he's only 16 leave him! Not sure what had happened to cause this? Look like 2 thugish lookong bold headed tw*ts!
  5. Let's not get ahead of ourselves still early doors yet! Then again we ae going to win the league I've seen posts on Facebook saying so.
  6. You expect me to read all that at this hour? Don't you know I'm in a different tablets and have bed at 9 if I think on I'll try again later.
  7. Who has a private one? This looks the business.
  8. I've moved since buddy I'm in Swadlincote Donisthorpe now.
  9. Do the seats have good views? My eyes are terrible!
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