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  1. I don't get this comment. Surely we're allowed to celebrate a good win, but also look at where we can improve as a team? If that improvement means accepting that individual players are weak links, aren't we allowed to make that observation? It's not personal to Rhodes, but why can't we make the point that his contribution to last night was minimal, and that it's typical of his contribution over the time he's been with us, therefore as we've talked this to death we have to accept we need to move him out as soon as possible? Or are we expected to just mindlessly boo when we lose and cheer wildly
  2. It’s helping no one for him to still be at Hillsborough. His confidence looks zero and his contribution is negligible. For whatever reason he’s just not able to contribute at all in any way. We’ve all said it a million and one times but whatever happened to the player he once was, it’s gone. No point in slagging him off. Quietly drop him, free loan up to Scotland where we can score a shed, and sell him if the chance arises, or allow his contract to expire whenever. The Rhodes project has ended, it’s a failure, let’s move on.
  3. Does this involve any goose carrying? If not, major weakness in the format, and for that reason I'm out.
  4. Nailed on winner. Simple but genius. Fun for all the family. Hosted by Bradley Walsh, probably.
  5. Read earlier / later / whatever Request for the whole thread to be deleted makes this a strong 7.5 flounce I’d argue.
  6. You need “that lass” on the Kop for that, sunshine. Move along....
  7. Fair comment. I do feel I’ve become a little fixated with the t**ty lip on over Lidgate.
  8. North Stand legend has it that’s all part of the match day experience in the rarified atmosphere on the South. Sniff......not for me. I prefer lukewarm pies and nuclear coffee with no lids. Or coffee
  9. Free Hug and “There There” service at half time?
  10. Yes, we’re about as taken for granted as you can be. No chance the club will recognise the depth of the support over the past 20 years in general. None. Not even a little bit. Zero. Zilch. Zip Now, cough up for your 15 year Premiership Return Ticket and count yourself lucky. Note; comes with free lid for coffee cup on the North (coffee not included)
  11. HE would want us to give Monk a chance. That should be reason enough. Do not presume to question HIS wisdom....
  12. ....and if it doesn't all go to plan the first few games, let's remember that it wasn't Monk who put us here, it was some disloyal cabbage-faced ratbag who left us well and truly in the merde just as we were about to start our season. Big thanks to Bully, by the way. I'm sure he's disappointed at not getting the job but I don't think it would have been right for him and this way his reputation isn't too damaged by the muck n bullets of management, and the inevitable sacking that would come. Fantastic Club man, but not a Manager for us. Great news we're planning to keep him involved
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