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  1. Happy Christmas to all my fellow Owls. Also to the Middlesbrough fans for tomorrow and, dammit it’s Christmas Day, even them over the other side of our City. I hope everyone has a lovely day with those they love. Is it me or is it dusty in here.....
  2. Thanks everyone for your help. I call the Middlesbrough ticket office (who were, unlike ours, still open!) and they said I was on their list of dimwits who shouldn't be allowed anything sharp or unsupervised trips (or as they put it "Fans who failed to collect tickets". They were friendly and very helpful. Upshot is I can apparently collect on the day from their ticket office with some I.D. Now I need to make peace with Mrs F, with whom I had a proper teddy-thrower about this when she got the opening times wrong. I know.....on Christmas Eve. I am a bad man. Wish me luck..........
  3. Ticket office is closed on Boxing Day but you think there maybe some chappie I can physically pick them up from outside?
  4. I bought two tickets on Saturday for my 10 year old son and I to go to the game on Boxing Day and, like a proper berk, got the ticket office opening times totally wrong today so now have no way to collect the tickets I paid for before the game as far as I know. I have an email confirmation but not much else. Apart from praying for Divine Intervention at this time of year, anyone any ideas how I can get the tickets or otherwise gain entry to the game?
  5. All sorted, watching on iPad with my ex-pat brother. I don’t mean his name was Pat and now it’s Will. It was never Pat. I don’t know why you even asked about Pat, I don’t know anyone called Pat. I am Urby. Thanks all for your help.
  6. Right.........at the risk of sounding like Thicko McThickface.........I've downloaded the iFollow app but the "subscribe" button send us to the website and the website send us back to iFollow. In short, aaaaaaaarrrggggghhhhh!!!! Do i need to register before i can buy the CAD9 match pass? Can someone please, literally, hold my hand and walk me through this link by link? I know, pathetic, right? Ah, well.....
  7. Must have had a rough night, he looks badly drawn. I'm here all week.....
  8. Does anyone know a Bond supervillain i can befriend? Does anyone know a really big binocular shop? Why DID we sig Urby? Who was Urby? Am i Urby? Are we all, in a very real sense, Urby? Should we all be Urby? Is " I am Urby, you are Urby, you useless bunch of Urbys" the correct use of His name? My head hurts
  9. Hooky, can you get those big binoculars to Ottawa within the next hour and 30 mins?? Please say you can......
  10. Suplimentary question; does anyone know a really big binocular shop? :)
  11. Fellow Wednesdayites Does anyone know the best way to watch the match today from Canada? Please don't say "really big binoculars". Live stream or some dodgy TV channel in a bar would be good. Anyone aware of any bar in Ottawa that's likely to have the match on where we can watch, 10am local time? Thanks in advance
  12. I went to the last one and interesting as it was, I’m not at all sure that the Chairman was really listening to the degree that he would change the way he did things in the future. My view is that if you want to ask a question and get it off your chest, by all means go and say your bit, but don’t expect any concrete action points at the end or things to be done any differently afterwards. These meetings are not minuted nor action points generated at the end as far as I can see, so there’s no way at all to measure how useful they are beyond a talking shop.
  13. I’d have him back if only to see the fireworks when one of his strikers told him they felt a little low on confidence and please could they be excused penalty duty? Lights blue touchpaper......stands well back..... Its a YES from me. If we’re going to underachieve let’s do it with some blood n thunder, rather than a whimper.
  14. I’d buy that today, if it were available. Which it wouldn’t be. It’d be “due soon”.
  15. Best line of the night from Sky commentary; "These are two string teams going well with ambitions for the Playoffs". One can only assume he was doing the commentary from the studio and watching the wrong game, pr he is on strong mediation. That was a shocker of a game.
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