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  1. With an attacking front 4 it was absolutely critical for Bannan to be on his game today. He was completely anonymous. 

    Pelupessy you would imagine is only in for Luongo who would have also linked play better. 

    Finally, Lees is a liability and makes Börner worse. Should have played Osaze. That’s the only criticism I can have for the manager today.

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  2. Giving interviews to the broadcast media doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and he fidgets which is a sign of nerves. Couple that with the fact that you know there are a million angry halfwits on Twitter dying to twist your words against you and I can imagine it’s more difficult than it looks.

  3. Monk has to severely restrain himself in press conferences and I think this draws unfair criticism.


    There’s no doubt he can see what we can all see - that these players, while very capable on their day, are so mentally weak it’s truly pathetic. Bannan’s laughable leadership style of screaming at everyone does nothing to lift heads and I actually get the feeling some of them would love to chin him! 

    Monk can’t come out and say any of this of course. He has to soak up the pressure for them because he knows it would be totally counter productive otherwise, and it’s not his style anyway.

  4. I think he said quite a lot for someone from the far east given my business dealings with them. It's usually an unwillingness to commit or guarantee anything to save losing face. Whilst he didn't say how much or how/who for next season, I think you can read between the lines and say he felt Saturday and he is going to do something about it. He's also a shrewd businessman who knew he had to do some stakeholder management today with his source of revenue - us the fans.

    This! It's all about honour for people from that part of the world. You can rest assured he means what he says!

    First post after a lot of lurking. Hi everyone.

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