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  1. Been impressed with our starts in both games but the high press and intensity and lasts for 10 minutes - then we drop off. It’s encouraging then frustrating
  2. Had a great day out with my son and loads of Wednesday fans. Celebrated a win and made some memories
  3. Liam Palmer is absolutely fantastic for us. Never let’s us down wherever he plays - he is such a valuable asset
  4. Byers has to be a starter! He wins so many tackles and has a knack for getting a foot in without committing himself fully. I agree about the changes being bang right but should have been 10 mins earlier - it was obvious we needed to get fresh legs to get closer to them
  5. Credit again to Liam Palmer - did a great job at LCB again
  6. We started really aggressive and created some good chances. After 10 mins we took the foot of the gas and MK came into it. Nice bit of quality won the penalty and great work by Fiz should have made it 2. Second half - it was obvious we needed more legs in midfield as we were giving them so much space to play their nice football and Stockdale came to the rescue. Byers and Bakinson coming on and Fiz moving forward changed the game and the last 20 were comfortable. Fiz was an absolute beast in that last 20. Byers has to start - he makes so many winning tackles and is great with the ball
  7. Stockdale: 5 Iorfa: 5 Heneghan: 6 Ihiekwe: 6 Hunt: 6 Johnson: 7 Byers: 7 Dele-Bashiru: 8 Bannan: 7 Windass: 6 Gregory: 6 Smith: 6.0
  8. At the game I thought Stockdale was at fault, but watching the goals back I think it was more defensive errors. All 3 goals free headers - unforgivable
  9. That is such a positive piece. Really feels like the club is listening and trying to improve in lots of areas - I wonder how much of that is down to the culture change that DM is leading
  10. Great OMDT! One more positive missed out … we have blue and white striped nets ! The planets are all aligned, it’s gonna be a 100 point season in the glorious blue and white and YELLOW!!
  11. It was a very enjoyable night. Rib Staton did a great job presenting and interviewing I thought and in the second half DM personality came across really well
  12. It’s allowing me in but can’t select seats anywhere.
  13. Stockdale Ihiekwe Henegan Famewo Hunt Bannan Byers Adeniran Johnson Smith Gregory
  14. Byers proved himself to be a very good ball winner which surprised me. With our options being Vaulks, Adeniran, FDB and Bannan I’m quite satisfied that they all like a tackle
  15. I remember his first couple of games for us being really dynamic with powerful quick runs. He then went into his shell - hopefully same at Derby - the derby fans think they’ve made he signing of the century
  16. We shouldn’t be a push over physically this season - we’ve really added some metal in that squad. Question is for me is whether that will have been at the expense of creativity
  17. I’ve only got 1 season ticket worth of points on - have to get to ticket office to see what needs to be sorted
  18. Anyone help with how these are calculated? I’ve had 2 different explanations of how it’s worked out - one saying it includes last 2 season tickets and another saying it’s this seasons at 230 plus any other tickets bought last season
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