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  1. What worries me most about his interviews is whether he is any different in his verbal delivery to the players and staff,. I just can’t see how if he talks in a similar fashion on the training ground and in the dressing room that he inspires a team ethic and desire to be creative and hard working. The performances on the pitch portray the lack of clarity and inspiration Moore shows in the media. I can’t see Moore being able to turn us into what we need to be to get us in the top 6
  2. First 20 minutes against Fleetwood and Shrewsbury is the only 2 spells when I have thought we’ve looked decent. There have been spells where we’ve been workmanlike, but most of the time I’ve watched in despair about how clueless we look
  3. BPF Palmer Iorfa Dunkley Johnson FDB Bannan Dennis Shodipo Gregory Berahino
  4. I thought he would have started with those 3 tonight and was even more keen for him to do that at half time. FDB or Dennis could play right if we went 4-4-2. Palmer and Johnson / Brown at full back. in the 3-5-2 when Hunt or Johnson got the ball there wasn’t a wednesday player anywhere near them - when we went 4-4-2 we looked much more balanced and had players available to receive (all be it Cambridge had dropped off )
  5. Absolutely correct - this is the sort of language that gets the fans behind the team. He seems to me to be a very ineffective leader and that’s not a good trait to have as a football manager
  6. He kept saying how they were more likely to score in that second half and they deserved to be infront - they hardly got out their half and Wednesday were dominant. I don’t know what he was watching
  7. It’s not going to get any better with Moore, there is nothing I’ve seen in 13 games so far that gives me hope of improving performances. There is even less I have heard from him that makes me think there’ll be improvement either
  8. He was excellent again tonight - man of the match by some distance
  9. Problem is we play too much football in our own half which is great for poor opposition as they are just organised and close us down and we make a mistake - it’s so easy to play against. We need to get the ball up to Gregory and Patto and play from there - this is when we create more chances are will score more goals. Moore is complicating things for us when it’s actually quite simple in this league
  10. Brown for Johnson Dennis for Wing If there are no changes then I give up
  11. I thought it looked like a blatant shove in the back and Paterson was incensed by it - not found it to watch it back though
  12. I still maintain that Wednesday need a dynamic big character as a manger to be successful - Jack, Ron Carlos(ish) and maybe Howard - all big presence with something about them - we need to find that again Thought Bruce was it too , just ended too soon
  13. I really don’t won’t to be rude about him because he seems a lovely chap, but I just can’t imagine him having a creative innovative plan for setting up a football team, let alone explain what it is
  14. I’m now playing Moore bingo... Every interview begins with”yeah, No”, then “in terms of going forward” are the 2 you will hear every time! What does “in terms of going forward” regarding every single question mean ?? Does he actually sound coherent when explaining the tactics to the players? I just can’t see it
  15. Apart from his tactical inability, just the simple part of playing players in the right position seems to be lacking. Bannan on the right !! What a joke!!
  16. And we will challenge near the top of the championship next season
  17. We will win the league. First time we will see a Wednesday team as champions
  18. I have to rub my eyes to believe where we have got to with the squad in such a short space of time and with no money to spend. I look at that team last night and am very pleased with it and then I think of the players we have that weren’t in that tram last night and think - we have to be top 2 - surely! You would very much expect our performances to improve as the season progresses and when it’s Saturday / Tuesday through those winter months the strength of the squad should reap rewards against thin league one squads
  19. I’m still very hopeful that Shodipo is going to be the main man an the left - looks a very good player.
  20. Tough one but I’d play Johnson there - Palmer has been excellent but having that left foot on that side helps the balance hugely. So Palmer or Hunt at right back?
  21. I was really impressed with his work rate tonight too. Never stopped from first to last minute. Great strike too - reminded me of those that Nigel Worthington used to score from that position
  22. Wildsmith- 7 spectator Palmer - 8 he has started season so well. What a great run through for his goal and smart finish Iorfa - 8 just immense - poor Newcastle lads couldn’t do anything against big Dom Brennan - 8 very very good on the ball. Seems to have a lot of time Johnson - 8 never stopped all game - great finish for his goal Wing MOM - 9 excellent. Working hard to win his place in the team. Strong in the tackle and what a pass for Palmers goal! Again - never stopped moving for 90 minutes Adeniran - 7 gave it away a bit but he has such quick feet, energy, and great movement for the first goal to flick on for Sow. He is going to be hugely important this season Dele - 7 decent against weaker opposition. Confident on the ball and scuffed a couple of efforts that looked good chances from distance Sow - 7 very good first half. Won the ball back well, looked dangerous and can go both ways. Good run and finish. A couple of sprints to help at the back was encouraging too. Corbeanu - 7 Not sure yet after tonight. Had his moments, but didn’t look as clever on the ball as Sow, looks more direct and strong rather than tricky Kamberi - 6 didn’t have a good game but continued to work hard for the 90 minutes. Byers - 7 what a nice footballer he looks. Great movement to receive the ball, plays clever passes and the simple passes too. - he looks a very good footballer. What pleased me tonight was the attitude - closing down all over the pitch, some nice football and once when Newcastle broke forward and we looked in trouble, no less than 6 players sprinted to get back and win the ball back - and that’s in a papa john trophy game!! This team has the desire we’ve been hoping for! That was a very encouraging display
  23. The longer games go on the more likely we are to score. We will be much stronger than league 1 teams with our options from the bench
  24. Love reading these. Be great to see some nice pics of you all riding the donkeys and playing the slots
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