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  1. Has MM still got the receipt? Get the club back under warranty?
  2. Lees and Hutch looked bothered. That’s as close to a man of the match I could get
  3. I have never felt so non plussed watching Wednesday in my life. I’m actually bored - can’t ever remember feeling this disengaged with my wonderful beautiful football club
  4. Still looking like 50 points would do it - that’s got to be the aim - can we get 22 points from 16 games? 7 wins and a draw?
  5. I emailed the club and had the standard response about high demand and my call will come. This refund was only a small one from my sons ticket, but this seasons will be a significant amount of money! How ping will that take to get back?
  6. Easy one - Hutch was the only player that had a good game (Lees did ok). What is wrong with Rhodes - not one manager has given him a run of games? Seems bonkers - play him regularly and he will get goals - something must be wrong though for many managers now to not stick with him
  7. I want to go back to that mini bus travelling down the M1 in 1991
  8. Lees had an outstanding match - he won every challenge. Osaze looks a very good player - strong, quick and dynamic. The rest were poor. Rhodes and Patterson worked hard but we just didn’t get Harris and Reach into positions to cross
  9. Looking up as far as 16th now on 33 points. Lots more teams in the mix now
  10. Everting crossed for a good outcome by 5pm - results have not been the kindest lately. Hopefully Derby and Brum get beat today
  11. I’m still waiting for my sons refund - I might send an email too. Very poor to be left this long without it being sorted
  12. I’ve been working on 50 for a while now - that would be 22 points from 18 games. Very very achievable. Usually more than 46 points would be enough I think.
  13. Gonna be tough to continue the winning run at home. It’s one of those that needs the good old statement - “be appy wiv a point”
  14. I think all season he has been good. Yes, his final delivery is after frustratingly poor, but he still adds so much to our play ... - energy to get up and down - rarely gives the ball away in tight spots cos he has strength and quick feet - pace to run the ball upfield to relieve pressure - team player
  15. I imagine that the dressing is a decent place with him in it. With Hutch and Westwood too there are a few more strong characters in there to keep heads up
  16. They lack quality but are no pushovers. Worked hard and did make it difficult
  17. I liked the front 2 and how they played. Thought they both looked dangerous and worked really hard. Keep them going together and see if the6 can strike up a partnership. You would expect that if we get balls in the box that both will continue to score a few
  18. He seems to have come back from Cyprus a more chilled chappie. Very few crazy challenges in the games so far.
  19. After a cracking performance from him - how many headers did he win tonight? The camera was on him as he left the pitch at the end and he was ecstatic - clenched fists, congratulating team mates. Love to see that sort of passion - he’d love it with the fans there to celebrate with him. Really like our Chey - hope he can keep fit
  20. Harris comfortably. He is having a very good season and was chomping at the bit after being benched
  21. Yes we’ve realised that we aren’t playing superstars in this league - we can actually try and win!!!
  22. Good listen that. Hope that fighting spirit remains and drags us out of the scrap. 20 games where we need to win probably 7 or 8 of them - let’s get them quick
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