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  1. Owly Mowly

    Sam Winnall

    He was on fire for derby, just hope he can regain that scoring form and we’ve got another scary prospect for the opposites defence!!
  2. I love some stats, and I actually read that from start to finish!! So, a win, and 2 draws would put us in a good place - I'm just going to get on booking.com for next May now!!
  3. Owly Mowly

    Starting 11

    Seems odd that Rice be infront of Lee, and Nielsen. But maybe it’s just to give him the squad experience
  4. Owly Mowly

    Starting 11

    MM said in an interview the other day that he was fully fit and reaping the rewards of that - unless he then went and got injured in training
  5. Owly Mowly

    Steven Fletcher's Skidmark

    Cracking knee slide! Always a risky celebration - very funny when they go wrong
  6. Owly Mowly

    Villa Man of the Match

    OMG though! Where did that performance come from? Reach was a different player, maybe due to having Joey in there? Fletch could have had a hat trick - how good was that spell just before we scored!!
  7. Pelupessy getting better every game
  8. It’s so frustrating isn’t it! I was starting to wonder if it was the blurry picture that was making us look so bad - but I think it would have been just as bad in HD.
  9. Surely we can’t play much worse than that can we .... can we...
  10. It just looks so lazy and slow. Forest not been good at all but winning comfortably
  11. Owly Mowly

    Is it just me

    I’ve not been that impressed so far this season, but I do feel that today he had a good game. Got plenty of tackles in and I thought he distributed the ball quite well
  12. Owly Mowly

    Today line up

    Glad to see Fletch start - he’ll get one today
  13. Owly Mowly

    Goals on Sky

    Both goals were really good first time strikes. Bannan involved again in what’s good for us
  14. Owly Mowly

    Well done Sheffield Wednesday

    What’s happened since Brentford?