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  1. I just don’t know what to think any more. We are very poor and it feels like the whole world is against us As well.
  2. That is a mess of a performance. No idea what our plan is at all. How on earth are we going to get 62+ points ?
  3. Thought Odubajo had another good game. Bad call to put him on Toney for corners, but he was excellent throughout and much improved. Bannan had a couple of good spells and worked as hard as ever. Badly missed 4 players - Lees, Iorfa , Brown , Luongo. As for Dunkley - who knows
  4. Pelupessy was the obvious replacement for Luongo. Can only pass short and sideways but he does put himself about tackled well
  5. Was always gonna be tough without Lees and Iorfa at the back, and Brown and Luongo in midfield. Fought hard, but struggle without 4 first 11 players
  6. Strange that he didn’t bring Kachunga in
  7. Yes - we need to change formation - they are good, but enjoying playing against this formation we have
  8. Bannan play the Luongo role, and Hunt go to Bannan position. Windass to play where kachunga played.
  9. Hope he can stay fit because he is a fantastic player. His tackling is strong, well timed and leaves one on the opposition. Slight shame when he is deep though because he can create and pop up with a goal or two when further forward.
  10. Figured it out about 25 mins in - when defending we played 4-4-2 and luongo sat as CDM- as soon as we got the ball at the back, Flint and Van Aken went wide and Luongo became the centre at the back. That meant that Odubajo and Harris went further forward to be wing backs and Reach and Kachunga moved infield. It totally bamboozled the commentators, and more importantly the Birmingham team. It was a really interesting way of playing and it worked today
  11. He closed down very quickly several times to force errors and Brum couldn’t pick him up when he came in field when obubajo went into the forward wing back position
  12. Loungo - what a performance that was! He played CDM when we were defending in front of the back 2 and when we had the ball played as middle of a back 3 to let Obubajo and Harris get further forward - very intelligent footballer and Monk can trust him to do exactly as instructed. If it was just a vote on the second half I’d have gone for Paterson - the number of tackles he won and tracking back he did - never stopped running and is very very strong - and great pace and power to get infront of Clayton to win the penalty. for 70 minutes we never gave them a second on the b
  13. How hard the whole team worked. Paterson was unbelievable in the second half with his work rate . Tired towards end but really encouraging how many tackles we made in that game
  14. Looking well drilled in this double formation - must have worked hard on it last 3 weeks - hope we have a plan B for when Brum work it out though
  15. When defending we are 4-4-2, with Luongo CDM and Reach and Kachunga playing as wingers. When we have the ball, luongo goes between Flint and VA who go wide, Obubajo and Harris go to Wing backs and reach and Kachunga find holes behind the front 2. I would imagine Brum will change something at HT to deal with it
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