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  1. Owly Mowly

    Gary Hooper

    What we would give for a fit Lee and Hooper available. So hope it’s possible, but worry that they’ll never be back to how they were.
  2. Owly Mowly

    SWFC v SUFC Moved

    Lucky me! I’m working that weekend, so couldn’t go - now I can !! YAY
  3. Owly Mowly

    Team v Luton

    Need to give some a rest, it’s been an intense last few games. Dawson Baker Pudil Lees Fox Pelupessy Onomah Jones Boyd Winnall Nuhui
  4. Owly Mowly

    George Boyd.

    Boyd and Matias Both make very intelligent runs in behind the full backs which gives options for the pass. Once in the first half Bannan found Matias and then In the second half boyd got found inside left and put in a good cross. I wonder what Bruce will do when Joao, FF are back? Will he change formation to fit these in?
  5. Owly Mowly

    Wednesday v Orient 25/10/80

    I remember that game. I was only 7 and can remember feeling gutted giving away a 2-0 lead
  6. Owly Mowly


    But then another advert with a date on had it the right way round - someone must have entered it in the wrong way
  7. Gone for Boyd - what a great game he had - to say he hasn’t played much football his levels of fitness are a huge credit to him
  8. Owly Mowly

    Starting 11

    Interested to see how Boyd performs in that position after good reports from the WBA game.
  9. Owly Mowly

    Starting 11

    Hope that’s right
  10. Owly Mowly

    Minute to reflect

    WIll think about you as Hi Ho blasts out today. Really sorry about your loss.
  11. Ready for a good positive Hillsborough atmosphere. Let’s hope crowd are up for it, team start well and we know it always goes well when that happens !
  12. Owly Mowly

    Well done Morgan Fox

    Tough to give these performances when he knows the crowd aren’t with him. Could make a huge difference to him if he feels that he has turned the Hillsborough crowd in his favour - that takes some doing!! Well Done Morgan and hope he goes from strength to strength
  13. Owly Mowly

    WBA Sky Highlights

    Looks like Brunt poked it in between Jones legs who just bloody stood there and did nothing. Why didn’t he just swing a right boot at it and clear it upfield
  14. Owly Mowly


    He gives us that tough spine in the middle that puts doubt in the oppositions minds - he can hurt them, and they know it! He is also always available to receive the ball - just watch his movement to make an easy pass possible for his team mates. Add to that his personality on the pitch and will to win - he is a must in the first 11 when fit
  15. Owly Mowly


    I’ve been impressed with his work rate, his clever runs in behind always give defences problems too. He can finish well too and has that ability to score a screamer. Just hope he can stay fit for the rest of the season