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  1. I agree - last 2 home games against 2 strong sides and we came away thinking we could have 6 points from them - that tells me we have it in us to be top 6 with some comfort. Add to that a good show at Cardiff we should have won and we have to remain positive about the fact that we will be involved in a play off push for sure
  2. A lot depends on how lee and Bannan can get hold of the midfield. If we can get the ball in to Harris and Murphy we could get some delivery to the front 2 - let’s be positive
  3. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Harris Bannan Hutch Ff Fletcher Nuhui
  4. I feel sick about that result - same feeing after the Cardiff game. We just can’t do it can we - I am so angry - should have been celebrating a fantastic position tonight, instead it’s gonna be a painful evening again
  5. So does that mean we have a manager who can explain a way to play and the players can execute? I remember Tom Lees saying more than a year ago that we had to find our own way of playing and maybe finally we have that! You would expect the consistency to continue with us being well drilled and combative.
  6. Iorfa was absolutely outstanding! Back 4 now of Palmer, Borner, Iorfa , Fox looks so solid. Great foundation to build on .
  7. Got to be trying to move out Rhodes and Winnall if possible. Free up some funds to get a different type of striker in and still would like to see a left back come in
  8. Very very frustrating !! Trying to stay positive though - we have a chance this season for certain. Stoke will be on a high on Tuesday, but we can beat anyone in this division
  9. Westwood Odubajo iorfa borner palmer reach luongo hutch bannan harris fletch
  10. It doesn’t cost a fortune to engage a fan base - regular good quality and interesting social media works!! Well done Wednesday digital team!!
  11. “One Julian Borner” would do or ”Borner”... repeat
  12. I am really hoping he gets a proper song that more than about 100 will sing. Never gonna hear it with volume unless the lyrics change - call me dull, but Julian deserves a song that will be loud and proud
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