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  1. Absolutely agree - such a kick in the teeth for DC. I bet he feels devastated about the way SB has returned the goodwill he has been showed by our wonderful football club. In a way, maybe this episode will galvanise our club and if we can get the right man in go from strength to strength
  2. This gets even more ridiculous for Ashley - he would have to pay us more forBruce that the offer he made to Benitez!!! You couldn’t write it!!
  3. Can someone get to the training ground and see if he is there today? That’s gonna give us the answers
  4. I did aswell!! He was telling me over breakfast that he was sorry but it was an offer he couldn’t refuse! My dreams have changed so much from what they used to be 30 years ago!!
  5. So reassuring listening to SB. I can imagine that we’ll benefit from his relationships with other managers to give us a chance of getting some top loan players. Would be great for him to the man that puts us back in the big time
  6. There’s a couple along herries south
  7. Within a few days of the window opening - be a deal or 2 done
  8. Oh dear - that footage doesn’t look promising does it- doesnt look a natural
  9. Absolutely right - he doesn’t have a football brain - he gets in the wrong place and the game passes him by - this is also the reason that he rarely finds a good forward pass and plays it simple. Tries very hard, just doesn’t read the play which always has him chasing the opposition
  10. Matias always gave 100% and he had his moments and scored a few goals. I thought he might have been kept - it’s going to depend on who comes in - let’s hope we quickly forget these released players due to the success of the new arrivals
  11. As I drove home I couldn’t really think of who should get it - totally forgot about a great performance from Westwood. Really good after the game too - he was having a kick about with his young child but still came over for photos with the fans. I hope SB can talk him into staying
  12. In his interview he said they had some banter after the Fletcher Villa miss. He said he wanted to take the next one - then when FF missed the first one he said he was having the next one whatever - what a lad!!
  13. We’ve not seen enough of him in a Wednesday shirt to know I don’t think. His spell with Derby tells you he has goals in him and became a crowd favourite there. Something not right for him here
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