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  1. Owly Mowly

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I’ll get these now for wife and daughter.
  2. So what’s happening with Westwood?
  3. Owly Mowly


    Still not seen him have a really good game- he doesn’t play any role that you would want from a centre mid at all. Game passes him by with him not offering anything - sounds bonkers, but I think Jones would offer more with regular games
  4. Owly Mowly

    Membership renewels

    No way. Me and my son have season tickets and my wife and daughter always get membership - not at £90!!
  5. Owly Mowly


    It was a very frustrating night for him. Poor quality around him, nothing quite can off for him, he got kicked to pieces and then elbowed in the face. Ok, he should have kept it together, but the lad has certainly got some passion
  6. Fighting outside after aswell. Copper went flying over a fence to huge cheers!
  7. Anyone know what the back is like? Solid blue or striped
  8. Owly Mowly

    It's a goddamned beauty!

    What’s the back like?
  9. Owly Mowly

    Acne Bard

    Finished 5th in Dutch league last season
  10. I understand all those saying it’s only a shirt, and it’s about the players who put it on etc... but after 2 seasons of what we have had and the debacle of this seasons availablity, an available shirt that goes back to stripes will give us all a lift, I believe, and will be another reason for us to get behind the blue and white wizards next season
  11. Yes very true, but imagine us starting well, sitting in the top 3 after 10 games - the atmosphere will be so positive, I believe we would ride that wave through the season
  12. We really need to get a good start. Lets, for the first time in forever, get a solid start and sit in the top positions early on - then we will believe, players confidence will grow and if we get up there early I think we will be tough to stop
  13. I know we have to move on from all the CC stuff,but I can’t help feel great about the fact that it’s all falling apart after the Swansea fans and the press loving him up about his wonderfully charming sound bites and entertaining interviews. The new manager feeling has worn off very quick for Swansea, and I’m really happy about that - would love for them to fall through the trapdoor.