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  1. It depends how you denote a big club. If it’s on fan base then I would say we are. If it’s on recent success then no.
  2. Even if Bannan wanted to stay there a rebound to be champ clubs in for him - we have to accept that at 31 years of age he will have to go for the salary and we will have to accept an offer
  3. I will look forward to going back - might not look forward to what will be served up on the pitch, but there is much more to going to Hillsborough - history, family, friends, hope, togetherness, and the odd splash of excitement and joy
  4. For me and my son though it’s our time together - good or mostly bad on the pitch, it’s what we do together and what I did with my dad. We could try and find something else to spend our money on I suppose but we still will go in hope of enjoying some memorable days together
  5. I think when we went into league 1 last time there was an upturn in attendances and a galvanising of the fan base. Can’t see that this time, but a lot will depend on the next 2-3 months
  6. I am just hoping that when my son and i are on our way to the matches come august we can have a feeling of excitement to see our team play
  7. I’m not over it at all - I’d accepted it a few weeks ago but after watching that today I can’t help re living how we could have done it! Then I try to be positive for next season, but it’s impossible to be - I can’t see how we can compete next season - we’ll have next to no players in place in time
  8. I’m still waiting from June 2020 for last refund. Im not sure how they can roll forward to next season when everyone will have used a different amount of credit on ifollow for this season.
  9. I honestly thought when I read that, that there was a punchline that said ... this is what we want to hear him say, but he will never say this! I’m amazed actually with the honest content - do I believe it - not really but what else can we do?
  10. Blimey! Is that it? Only players left under contract?
  11. The club needs to be very proactive in the coming couple of weeks - give some certainty with the manger position, the players that have left the club and what the policy will be for rebuild. We news that leadership and positive intent quickly
  12. He is the one player at the moment that I fully respect and admire in the squad. How hard it’s been for him playing amongst the conditions he has this season, but he has never failed to give his all. He will always be fondly remembered in the future by me whatever ever happens
  13. Yes presume they still go ahead with other games - wonder if it’s ever happened
  14. If it carries on raining like this game could be off. What happens if one of the games is postponed? Do they have to postpone the other one too for fairness?
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