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  1. Mate is a Lincoln fan and he absolutely loves what the Cowleys have done at Lincoln (obviously) - he’ll be devastated if they leave. Their record is amazing
  2. I agree with this. I think Reach will offer more cover for Moses that Murphy will. Only one I might change would be Lee in for Luongo
  3. It’s my first proper league away game with my son today - we are buzzing about going and being involved in the atmosphere - please give us a day to remember for the right reasons. He’s watched many celebration videos from away games and is desperate to be involved in one himself
  4. Think Harris and Murphy could get 10 each, add a few from Lee, Bannan and actually Luongo has had 2 chances in the 2 home games. Then what the strikers bring...
  5. 3-0 win and our rightful place back at the top of the league
  6. Wonder if a team coming from 3rd tier of German league be able to cover 100% - hope so
  7. Thought we’d missed the chance to get him out on loan - hope the wages are covered
  8. I’m amazed to see this statistic! I just had blind optimism and hope before - now I’m actually believing we could be right up there. PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR US WEDNESDAY !!!!
  9. Actually feels like we got options - and good ones too!! Lets just hope we stay long term injury free
  10. QPR fans loving this guy. Sounds like everything we been missing
  11. I do think as a late sub, Nuhiu offers more than Rhodes. Nuhiu has turned a number o games late on because of his style - I don’t think Rhodes is a game changer at all
  12. As soon as something doesn’t work for him in a game he totally switches off - seems he has no grit and determination. Lots of ability but just not strong enough mentally
  13. Done think it particularly matters to be able to see the numbers. Maybe for TV, but the fans know who is who anyway without a clue on the back of the shirt
  14. Bannan was behind absolutely everything. Bormer looked decent and good in the ball. Harris - how good is it to have a player you are excited by when he has it at his feet - gonna be a great signing. Moses - only a friendly but worried me - gave it away in dangerous areas onabout 3 occasions. Pace rescued him twice but not a third time. Beey encouraging - need a LB - where is Penney??
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