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  1. I understand all those saying it’s only a shirt, and it’s about the players who put it on etc... but after 2 seasons of what we have had and the debacle of this seasons availablity, an available shirt that goes back to stripes will give us all a lift, I believe, and will be another reason for us to get behind the blue and white wizards next season
  2. Yes very true, but imagine us starting well, sitting in the top 3 after 10 games - the atmosphere will be so positive, I believe we would ride that wave through the season
  3. We really need to get a good start. Lets, for the first time in forever, get a solid start and sit in the top positions early on - then we will believe, players confidence will grow and if we get up there early I think we will be tough to stop
  4. I know we have to move on from all the CC stuff,but I can’t help feel great about the fact that it’s all falling apart after the Swansea fans and the press loving him up about his wonderfully charming sound bites and entertaining interviews. The new manager feeling has worn off very quick for Swansea, and I’m really happy about that - would love for them to fall through the trapdoor.
  5. Owly Mowly


    He is playing great fooball because he is properly fit, playing in a position that suits him and loves playing football! SIMPLES
  6. Owly Mowly

    Bursts of applause

    A lot of encouragemt for Baker aswell today
  7. Owly Mowly

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    Great statement. Feel that we may have learnt a lot from this tough season - from adversity we will be stronger
  8. Strikers want that ball early - not waiting and waiting and waiting for the ball to be played - they know it’s gonna come early - they can gamble
  9. Owly Mowly


    He is fantastic. Never thought he would come back so strong. He is a game changer like no other in our squad. I hope so much that Jos can get Matias fit, because he also looks so likely to create with the way he goes at the defence - I think he’ll be the type of player Jos will want next season
  10. Owly Mowly

    Thanks for your support

    I thought the way it was done was brilliant from the club. Really high quality the way it was done and a true credit to both players. Excelent interview with Alexandersson at half time too - club been reading Owlstalk?
  11. Owly Mowly

    Succesful football.

    That is so weird ! Just posted similar on another thread!
  12. The last couple of Home games, I think we are starting to see how we will aim to play under Jos. This isn’t going to be about a lot of possession, but keeping solid and organised as priority 1. When we have the ball, we look to get it moving quickly and dynamically and ok, we may not keep the ball every time that well, but will be trying to get the ball in the net as quickly as we can - without any of the sideways passing we have seen earlier this season. This is why joao and Nuhiu have benefited in recent games. This style certainly doesn’t fit Ross Wallace’s style of play, and will need players who think quick, get head up, look forward for incisive movement. Next season = low possession stats but plenty of goals and wins (We hope).
  13. Owly Mowly

    Highlights From Sky

    Pelupessy fantastic play for the 4th goal! Druving running, quick passing a lovely cross.
  14. Owly Mowly

    Looks quite busy for Sunday...

    Just wait near front of whichever stand you’re in - they come round the front of all stands
  15. Owly Mowly

    Skipper next season

    I think Pudil would make a great captain