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  1. Chorley, then Cheltenham or Blackpool pleas
  2. Not sure if anyone has already put this - my son and me go to Sainsbury’s! Mac cheese, full breakfast and a pot o tea. We are missing it badly - it’s the routine that you come to love and the odd things you do. On the wall outside Sainsbury there is a penny stuck to the wall - we touch it for luck on the way to the ground (not worked that well in recent times to be fair)
  3. He does make some clever runs too. The run for the goal against Boro and yesterday was unlucky twice with a curved run in behind. I don’t get the “ not a striker” label, I think he is useful next to Windass or similar
  4. Is Jack Clarke still looking for a championship loan? Looks sharp for Spurs
  5. Thought he’d showed great composure on the ball and got stronger as the game went on - same as Galvin
  6. Liam Shaw - trending number 1 on twitter !!! We are massive!
  7. When he played in the advanced role against Boro he looked excellent - would score a few goals in that position
  8. Galvin gets it on a normal day, however that wasn’t a normal performance from Shaw - it was extraordinary - after the bit of skill early in the 2nd half he was brimming with confidence and played like Messi for the last 30 minutes
  9. Yes Shaw was awesome and that run and assist was amazing! However great perfomance from Galvin and Brennan too
  10. Galvin done really well for his first game. Shaw looked excellent and assured. Joey positioning has improved so much in the last few months and his awareness of where to be has improved a lot. Great finish from Reach, thought he’d missed the opportunity
  11. Very good coverage on BT red button. Much better than sky.
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