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  1. Wednesday need a strong character as manager. Ron, BigJack, Wilco, Bruce, Carlos could pull it off - can’t think of anyone else who has. Megson perhaps could galvanise the club, and I do think Holloway would be popular in the position.
  2. I thought we were ok today. First 15 pretty good and closed down well. Their goal knocked us badly bu then we came on string towards the end of the half. Sending off then screwed us. Even so, I thought we continued to battle for something - the second goal was a tad unlucky. It will turn I’m sure of it
  3. All I ask is commitment from all 11 - that would be start
  4. 4-4-2 Dawson Palmer Borner Iorfa Fox Reach Bannan Hutch FF Wickam Winnall
  5. Be interesting to see how many are there today. Weather shocking as well as the football. Will there be a Dunkirk spirit in the ground? Me and the lad are just heading off now - I’m praying again for some spirit on the pitch - but not expecting it I’m afraid
  6. Always go thinking “We might be great today” - even though that is hard to imagine right now
  7. I’ve never left it this late - me and the lads season tickets not yet renewed, but I’m sure I will do it tonight. Problem being currently that we are just not excited going to the game - but it’s our “day out” together. Probably better ways to spend £530 - maybe, maybe not - hoping the excitement returns soon
  8. He does get very repetitive and doesn’t come across like a natural at interviews. Just hope he comes across alit better on the training pitch
  9. Booo He’s gonna be the one that fires us into the play off places I tell ya
  10. Bannan looked better yesterday when FF and Da Cruz came on. He needs players around him who have the vision of what he sees. Imagine being a creative CM with no movement around you or clever runs for you to find - Fletch often makes those runs to make a pass possible for Bannan - when Nuhiu, Winnall or Rhodes play that doesn’t happen. And it’s impossible for him to find wide men as they are double banked - tough for him at the moment - hope it’ll change now we have the new additions
  11. Harris and Bannan are our threat and now oppositions just snuff out those 2 and that stops any creativity we have. That is why the 2 of them have struggled last few games - once we get other players on the pitch who are a threat it will give the 2 of them more space to play
  12. Opposition now know if they snuff out our wide players there is no other way we will score. So double up on both wide men, as we aren’t going to break through the centre as we have a static front man and no centre mids breaking the lines. This is why Harris has struggled lately
  13. Players arrived on a coach all together -that’s new . Something to break the routine maybe
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