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  1. Just put on another thread, Pelupessy seems to struggle to read a game and gets himself out of position. This is why he looks absent in games and he ends up trying to tackle from the wrong side. Game passes him by - this is why it’s beem such an improvement since Hutch returned - what on Earth was Jos thinking
  2. Just said exactly the same - but maybe we’d have ended up with a different replacement
  3. He adds very little. His positioning and reading of the game is poor - he always seems to be wrong side
  4. I fear that injuries are going to be the undoing for us. Badly need Hutch fit, he is so much more influential than Pessy
  5. Sometimes Atdhe looks terrible, sometimes he puts in performances like he did today. I do think his good performances have come as a substitute mostly. He looked up for it - that couldn’t really be said at Bolton
  6. Great win for Rotherham in the last minute
  7. Derby’s next fixtures look easier than most. Home to Rotherham next
  8. I can see us getting results at Leeds and Norwich - neither are world beaters.
  9. It certainly would be. Of we can get 3 points from Blackburn and at Stoke it’s getting very close
  10. Yes, if he is fit enough. Thought he looked like he pulled up on the left late on
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