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  1. We’ve pretty much handed the logo over to Bellroy and October’s Very Own - two premium brands who are doing quite well off of it. OVO, a company founded in 2011, are now taking legal action over the logo of a company founded in 2013 (Bellroy) and demanding a share of profits... IMO Chansiri and his lawyers should honour the legacy of Robert Walker and his amazing design - and get involved.
  2. Nando is probably low on confidence... I want a manager who is going to put his arm round these boys and blow smoke up ‘em for a while. Same with Rhodes. These two should always be ahead of Nuhiu because in my opinion they are technically better footballers...
  3. A mate of mine has international membership to Palace. £40 for the year with discounts in the shop, local hotels and a digital copy of the matchday programme. I subscribed to iFollow last season, but due to the poor quality of streaming, probably won’t bother this season. I paid £5 for the Hull game and every couple of minutes the picture went... I’d be straight in for an international membership... and a digital subscription to the match day programme. I’d love to give my money to the club, but they make it so difficult...
  4. Chansiri on the back, just the badge on the front and get rid of elev8 and 'The Wednesday'... and I might have bought it.
  5. When I was a lad, I remember listening to the match on the radio and wishing that my old man had enough money to take us both. Sometimes I'd get the bus to Hillsborough on a match day, soak up the atmosphere, have a look around the shop and come home again. Football was a luxury. Is a luxury. Some people can't afford it. I couldn't, but I could afford the bus fare. The key is to make as much money from as many people as possible. If they can't afford a season ticket, can you sell them a half-season ticket? What about a cup ticket? A match ticket? A £10 match ticket? A weekly draw to buy a match ticket for £5? If they can't afford a replica shirt can you sell them a training shirt? A polo shirt? A tshirt? A tea towel? A sticker? If we can't afford salmon, at least sell us a tin of tuna.
  6. Westwood's outfit made the away kit look great!
  7. Not working for me in Safari but working in Chrome...
  8. Tonight's game was a decent advert for Championship football and a decent advert for Sheffield Wednesday. Watching the Wigan game with my Australian (non-football fan) mate was embarrassing. A performance like that tonight wouldn't have earned us a point.
  9. We're a top 6 side but never quite look like one. FF's hasn't quite got his foul and flop game going and while there's a fine line between 'playing with an edge' and being a tool. Hutch is way over it.
  10. My biggest regret was falling asleep before kick off... dreaming that Wednesday had won 2-0 with a couple of cracking goals from Lee and Forestieri and then waking up, checking the final score and not knowing whether I was still dreaming.
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