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  1. I Totally agree with you.I posted something a while back about Jordan Rhodes laughing and joking with opposition after we got beat at Hillsborough.Like you I wasn’t offensive or rude but I was upset after we showed little passion or effort in the game.My post was removed and I didn’t understand why. Either this is a forum for people to express their fair opinions on any given matter or it’s some sort of dictatorship where you can only say certain things -then it isn’t a forum.in my view poor poor moderation like the team-poor
  2. It was interesting listening to a Chris Wilder interview a while back.if I remember correctly he said the qualities they look for in a player first and foremost is attitude ,grit and determination over ability.They look for characters with balls who fight for the shirt.Sadly we have no such players.
  3. I’ve forced myself to watch our games on red button and I -follow in the deluded Hope that they might click into form and create and score a few chances.Tonight I changed channel when the 3rd goal went in.I fear they’ve given up now.Brentford (even weakened tonight) are a good side but the key for me is that we show no hope of scoring enough goals to get us out of this.Whilst not prolific goal scorers should we have given Fletcher or Joao the contract they wanted as at the moment I really can’t see where the goals are coming from.I fear it’s League one.
  4. You might say I’m overreacting but what I don’t like to see at the end of a 6 pointer game is Rhodes giving and receiving hugs and kisses from Karanka and Gardner.I know he’s played for Karanka but I’d suggest leave the hugs and kisses for the players lounge where there’s no cameras.This is exactly the same as the Odabajo incident. Sums up lack of care and passion in this squad of no hopers.
  5. Let’s be honest he should never have been appointed in the first place.It’s not Pulis’s fault-he’s not going to say to Chansiri “Don’t give me the job” is he?Probably his last payday and Mr Chansiri has made a big mistake in appointing him.That said the players we have simply aren’t good enough..end of.
  6. I must admit I really have to force myself to watch the games but as a supporter it’s like a drug and you hope they improve but deep down you know what utter dross will be served up. We are in a mess and I really can’t see how we get out of it
  7. I think most of us can cope with the fact that we are a shocking team with no leaders,ambition and very little skill...no issue there. What we can’t cope with is the tactics and the manner in which we lose games.As poor as Monk was Pulis and his tactics are strangling any life we had as a club.We are far worse under Pulis and Monk must be weeing himself laughing watching it.Pulis’s tactics are one dimensional and we don’t have the players to play his way.We will be well and truly cut adrift soon if Chansiri doesn’t realise he’s made a mistake.Pulis won’t resign as it’s probably his last decen
  8. Please someone tell me how on earth is Joey Pelupessy employed as a professional footballer.He plays like a little lad in the park up against the bigger lads always a yard or two short and easily getting knocked off the ball.
  9. Never have I seen such a group of inept players who play like lambs to the slaughter every game .No leaders no passion no nous.Get rid of the lot of them as they’re not fit to represent our team.No doubt we’re on our way down to League 1..we’re a joke at the moment
  10. The tackle looked worse than it was but they never learn.You shouldn’t be making tackles like that in the middle of the park..gives the ref a decision to make and we always come off worst One thing our players need to do more is to get round the ref when our players receive a bad tackle..play to win at all costs but we’re not ruthless enough to do that...maybe Pulis will instil that in them.Good point all considered.
  11. This beggars belief. To any fair minded person it shows absolute malicious intent on the part of the EFL against SWFC. They are clearly looking to punish SWFC differently to how they propose to deal with Derby. If an offence was committed and a punishment is required it should be applied in the season 2018/19. This "delay" on the part of the EFL is nothing to do with SWFC ...if the EFL can't properly manage its processes and procedures to deal with matters like this it should be disbanded. This report gives me great confidence that we will successfully appeal this. If the EFL and a panel of
  12. Blackburn aren’t a bad side ..as bad as that performance was we’re playing Luton..bottom club ..no hopers..Monk must go if we lose tonight
  13. What is happening to our club?Never have I witnessed such an abject ,gutless and clueless performance as the one tonight against Luton.We should have been 4 down at half time.We can’t play 3 at the back so why do we do it?I agree something major has happened in the dressing room..no leaders, no passion ,never learn Renewed season ticket last week..god knows why. Monk needs to go I’m afraid..it just ain’t happening..
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