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  1. All the locals away from resort love it.Think its some kinda greek thing...
  2. Yeah mate there used to be some swings on snicket at side.the paths still there but part of somebodys back garden
  3. certainly have mate.still go in sportsman most weekends,hoggy now and again.nowt changes ont hacky hehe
  4. Haha i wish pal.51ont outside 20s in the mind!can just about remember last seasons kit first time round but was too young to be bothered about it but can remember the silence when i asked me dad about it!whereabouts you living now mate?
  5. Yeah born there moved away then moved back.used to be a blades area in the main but grew in a strictly owls family apart from one who recently married in!there allways one eh haha
  6. Given this a solid 8.brill to look like wednesday again.not too keen on elev8 on the socks but hey i wont be wearing em and from my seat on the kop i'll just see stripes,black shorts and blue socks.feelgood factor back for new season,bring it on! UTO
  7. Renewed before original deadline.cant imagine not going and at less than 20 quid a match on kop couldnt even consider not doing.
  8. Yeah was on the kop watching the leeds debacle and leeds were spilling on after goals but didnt hear about any real trouble.was in the rawson before when thier tram come thro'.well,you knew it was them but was well escorted and no trouble.point is every club still has its numptys but we live in different times now and were still being outlawed for what happened all those years ago
  9. Cant understand why its ok for deristrictions for certain occasions over the years at hillsbro i.e wycombe,brighton semi,leeds this season etc.?also euro 96....
  10. Thats hilarious the brides nighty bit!point taken,ill stay where i am.They will still make maybe 10 anyway just couldnt do initial outlay.just means they wont be sat with me but can live with that...anyway i mentioned about a tent near the don instead of a mortgage,nice down there so norwich fans say.....
  11. Got me thinking this.if were talking a dressing room scene,surely need a legendary manager in there as well?
  12. Cheers for that info mate.does make sense.was only thinking of changing cos lads i go with ar'nt renewing due to getting mortgages and other commitments so going on my own and was thinking try and get on end of a row instead of in middle.
  13. Eyup all.have watched from afar for years now,registered a while ago but not posted till now so here goes!just renewed my st on kop and wanted to move seats but as soon as i clicked on a seat it kept sending me back to sign in.So i ended up going with seat ive got now and went thro' straight away.just wondered if anyone else had any probs??
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