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  1. My all time favourite Wednesday player... saw him make his debut and I cried the day l heard he was leaving us for Rangers! Happy Birthday Zico ....
  2. Just seems a shame that we have wasted a whole summer... but agree we need a change!
  3. Unfortunately this is true... the decision to get rid of Carlos should have been made at the end of last season... getting rid of him now does not sit with me comfortably... as it it means a new manager does not have a pre season to work with the squad and make the necessary adjustments...
  4. After the Hull play off defeat it was clear that a few changes were needed to give us a real chance of promotion last season.... Carlos earnt the right to implement those changes. However unfortunately he has failed to recruit in the right positions, and has failed to utilise the squad at his disposal to achieve its potential. This culminated in our inept performance against Huddersfield at the end of last season and in my opinion this would have been the time for us to part company with Carlos. The fact that he is in place at the start at this season is a decision we may come to rue... but l do not believe that we can dispense with a manager 1 or 2 games into a season, so l am afraid we are going to have to hope that he can find it in himself to implement the tactical changes necessary for us to progress. I do not believe this will happen and hope that his stubbornness and poor man management skills do not mean we lose some players (Winnall, Abdicate etc) who could make a real contribution to Wednesday in the meantime....
  5. Chelsea are making Kurt Zouma available on loan... he would be a real asset at centre back if we could convince him that a season winning promotion from The Championship would be a real achievement on his cv....
  6. If you really don't think that Carlos's tactics in the Semi finals had no part in the reason we were not in this final then you are completely delusional !
  7. I admire your optimism and I hope you are right. If Carlos is capable of learning from his mistakes then we are in for a great season....
  8. The manager l would have liked to come to Hillsborough is Gary Rowett, l think he is the best young manager in the Championship, unfortunately when he was available it would not have been the right time to recruit him, as l think we had to let Carlos finish this season, given his performance last season and the fact we were always there and thereabouts this season. As it stands l am not sure that Carlos really wants to stay in Sheffield, l think his heart is set on a return home to his family, also his performance has indicated he has taken us as far as he can go... his team selection, recruitment and decision making during the game has to be questioned..... l think now is the time to wish him well and part on amicable terms. He has been without doubt a real positive at Sheffield Wednesday in the last 2 seasons. The manager l think we should have a serious look at is Gary Monk. No Leeds manager can feel fully secure in their job and I think given the squad we have at our disposal and the funds that Mr Chansiri offers to his manager that we have a real opportunity of attracting a manager with the gravitas and experience that Gary Monk possesses. I do not think we should undersell ourselves.... Sheffield Wednesday with the funds and players we have available is a really attractive prospect for a lot of top level managers and what we need to do, is make sure we get the right man for the job...
  9. Kieran Lee... does deserve a thread.... He has been a really consistent performer and a model professional for us. I would imagine that he is a good influence in the dressing room and someone that younger players should look up to and model themselves on. The Championship is a really demanding league and Lee is a player who has the stamina to cope with those demands and is definitely a player l want in our squad for next season. Given that he is 29 this summer l am not sure that too many Premier League sides would want to buy him, but other teams in this division would be very keen to get their hands on him. I hope whoever is in charge, looks after him and makes him an integral part of our squad.
  10. I will be honest when l started this thread it wasn't intended as a scapegoat thread, all l was trying to say was that we bought a player who was fit and in form and probably buzzing at the thought of joining a club like Sheffield Wednesday and somehow along the way we have managed to knock the stuffing out of him... l just feel that if we did not want Sam Winnall we shouldn't have bought him...
  11. I cannot imagine how Sam Winnall is feeling at the moment.... When he signed for us he had scored 11 league goals for Barnsley, but he obviously saw us an opportunity to further develop his career. A few weeks after he signs we then sign Rhodes and it must of being clear that he was going to drop down the selection pecking order. He played really well against his old club but then gets totally dropped from the squad, then with 10 min to go on Wednesday night, he has to suffer the ignominy and humiliation of Nuhui being sent on to save the day for us. I know that in modern professional football there is little room for sentiment but l do feel really sorry for this young man.... who came to our club with the best of intentions and has been given little opportunity to show his talents .... I am a bit ashamed about how we have treated him and tbh l am sure he probably really regrets joining us now.
  12. The theme of this string is exactly right... recruitment is a major problem for us, we seem to spend our money haphazardly, without thought as to how these players will fit into our squad and contribute... there too many examples of players we have bought only to find they do not meet our needs... Mr Chansiri should be tearing his hair out when he looks at the players he has put into the squad and got absolutely no return from.... l really hope the summer is a period where we clear out the deadwood and make a few quality additions in the areas where they are needed.
  13. Go l am afraid... He is a fantastic bloke, articulate and has been a great representative for the club... but his decisions at times are bizarre e.g. Bringing on Nuhui. Unfortunately l don't think he has the ability to take us to the next level, l wish l thought otherwise but l don't.
  14. The other player we need to keep hold of is Tom Lees... he is a tremendous Centre back and l am sure that a few clubs will be looking at him!
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