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  1. They have had so many mixed messages .... The nerves of tomorrow are really showing though for all our family!
  2. Does anyone know if club colours can be worn on level 4? Asking for my dad and brother ...they are having last minute worries ...
  3. Work done .....👏🏻👏🏻
  4. Me too Kate.... No specific mention of balloons or inflatable toys ....
  5. I can't see where it specifically mentions such a ban on these items .... The SWFC link however does state that ..I am confused !
  6. Any one got a sound cloud account that they can put a playlist on to share on here so we can all listen on the way down?
  7. All I can see in 16degrees and showers on my App. Lets hope its wrong :)
  8. This is true .... My face paint has more chance of running down my face if it rains .... I will settle for a win with runny face paint !!
  9. Looks like rain tomorrow now :( Well according to Met Office anyway..... It HAS to be sunny ... It's the Play Off Final !!!!
  10. At work today ...... can safely say it wont be a productive day! I was awake at 4am thinking about tomorrow! ....
  11. No worries, just want to spread the word.
  12. Apologies for duplicate thread here.. Mods please remove as already been discussed.. my error here
  13. Little Hillsborough posted this on FB: A lifelong Wednesday fan - hardly ever missed a match due to his love of the club wanted nothing more than to see his team back in the premiership sadly lost his his battle to cancer last night after only been diagnosed 13 weeks ago - Terry Robinson aged 56 had a ticket for Saturday's match to go make another memory with his family before he passed away, unfortunately this can never happen, ideally we would love a minutes applause (56th min) like they do at hillsborough to celebrate his life and add to the memories his family hold - will be greatly missed by his family and friends. is there anyone I could contact to make this possible ?? share to every one! * lets make this happen*
  14. This sounds like a plan 😂👍🏻
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