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  1. Who has evidence on here? Do you back up your posts? Do you ? I am merely saying its a good source. Sorry I don’t have any thumb prints
  2. I am not into arguments, and I don’t want to get into any angst. I asked OT for a ticket as I was just back from Spain and the best place to ask. Have a a great evening my fellow Owls and enjoy the game tmrw and keep safe. Debs
  3. I would also take bully .... but he has met with DC.
  4. I know, I know! But honest to god its a good source who actually chatted with him .
  5. I know its another one of those but it is a very reliable source.
  6. I can’t give anymore info right now. But a very good source tells me he has had contact.
  7. Why DC has not given the whole place a good lick of paint and a tidy up is beyond me. Looks tired and pretty sad. He has the money. Sorry if I am sounding out the know but its looked sad and run down for years.
  8. bugger just seen sold in my excitement!
  9. please message me and we can arrange to meet up if its still for sale!
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