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  1. Must have been pre-planned. Cashless stadium innit. Can't even get a pie with a £20 note. Not that you could anyway, they're £21.99.
  2. This is true. I was with @eDDie who can back me up. Walking past a past-middle aged man eating his chips who decided to shout abuse at my Mum and then try to leg me up. I remembered my self defence... had his knackers bruised onto my thigh for over a fortnight after. Police arrested him, happy days. That said, I also once was spat on for being female and punched / had my finger broken right down the centre (still can't bend/use it properly) a few years back at Peterborough by a SWFC fan. Goes both ways. Maybe it's my face.
  3. Yep, 100%. That's exactly it. Or maybe I heard about the kerfuffles behind the scenes and thought better of it? Was I right?
  4. "Are you Victoria's boyfriend" Bit weird Yeah the sword guy was weird. The older dancing couple who won were well odd - she was with her boyfriend...
  5. I do hope you mean because he's pretty..... Was Garrido in our hotel? I didn't see him. It's on a Monday so book the Tuesday off now.
  6. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2719450/Sam-Hutchinson-relishing-life-Sheffield-Wednesday-Chelsea-injury-nightmare.html
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