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  1. no worries , have always got a supply of at least 6 bottles , trying my best to convert the unwashed
  2. Booths in lytham have hendersons Owlsman
  3. work in Preston quite a bit so managed to get some tickets in the home stand does everybody still meet up in the Sumners pub before the game ? UTO come on you not very popular coloured winged wizards
  4. Excellent OMDT as always Pauli Really hope Carlos unleash's the DOGS OF WAR from the off tonight 5.0 up by half time would mean i could lay off the valium/Grolsch UTO WAWAW
  5. Today's the day - gulp!

    All the best speedy recovery WAWAW
  6. Carlton Palmer

    get well soon Carlton
  7. need a win to keep the momentum going Work in Preston quite often so beating them today would make dull Mondays a bit easier Come on you wrong blue too thin white striped wizards !!!!!!!!!!!!!!