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  1. Nice bit of xenaphobia there. I mean, Klopp has spoken out about it in the past and has again today but don't let the facts get in the way of your prejudices hey?
  2. Full Collapse - Thursday Artist in the Ambulance - Thrice From Here to Infirmary - Alkaline Trio Metallica - Metallica
  3. I laughed my head off when they scored the winner last night, fully accepted league 1 now, farcical.
  4. Also watched this recently, best thing I've seen for ages, so well done. The final episode was great but episode 3 did me in, me and the wife were just silent for ages after like we were in mourning!
  5. He had a philosophy of how he wanted to play during that first season and the transfer committee seemed to bring in players that managed to fit this mold such as Bannan, Hooper, Forestieri etc. It was really the second season when we started spunking mega money on has been wages and players that didn't fit the system where it all started to come undone I think. Obviously we can debate until the cows come home how much of that was down to Carlos.
  6. So many thinly veiled agendas going on on both sides of the argument here. I wasn't a fan of the appointment of Pulis but can see why it was done, obviously 3 points from 5 is very disappointing and we need wins fast but... I do think there has been an upturn in our quality against some tough sides (admittedly this started vs Bournemouth) and I'm not going to judge a new manager on 5 games against generally pretty tough opposition. Come 10 games in I think we'll have a better picture with the following to come; Huddersfield (A) Barnsley (H) Forest (A) Coventry (H)
  7. I'm not sure I can forgive his errant use of capital letters mid sentence to be honest!
  8. I was thinking this yesterday, would suit his style of striker to a tee in this division.
  9. The minus 12 points aside I'd say this team has enough to stay up, alas I think this will be too much to overcome, just not enough goals in the team imo. I'd like to see a 4231 formation of sorts. Dawson Palmer. Iorfa. Lees. Reach Luongo Bannan Kachunga. Brown. Windass Patterson Personnel subject to change of course but I think the 3 behind the front man would have enou
  10. Yeah that was a pretty uncomfortable watch!
  11. Another vote for Sex Education - absolutely brilliant, so many good themes and characters in a weird setting. The Boys on Amazon is great - another superhero series but completely different in that the superheroes are in general complete tails, hilarious and pretty dark at times.
  12. Stayed too long for me but I still like him. Was part of some great memories, that first leg against Brighton in particular.
  13. I think the problem with shipping Rhodes out isn't necessarily that DC wants too much per se but unless you get a certain amount for him (particularly on any purchase) he actually ends up damaging the accounts due to apportionment based on how much his value has plummeted.
  14. That's literally his thing! Got a lot of Forest mates (living in Nottingham as I do) and they all mention his ability to get in behind the last defender... then miss sitters.
  15. Interesting, I actually thought it was alright, classic Gavin and Stacey really which is to say it's pretty funny without being amazing imo. Pam's still the best character for me.
  16. With the current squads, quite possibly, but as many have said on here (and plenty seemingly have ignored), if you give them the backing that all Premier League teams get via TV money then they would be some of the bigger clubs. They have huge support and are wildly known throughout the world when compared to the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton etc. I guess it all depends on what people define as a big club, in my opinion it isn't the amount of TV money you get.
  17. Someone should use this joke in a best mans speech or something...
  18. Me and the family are doing 10 days in Portugal in April, flying in to Faro and out of Lisbon, likely hiring a car for at least part of it. Any tips and ideas for must see things? Roughly on the agenda will be some beach time in the Algarve, Serra da Arrabida Natural Park, Sintra and Lisbon but after more ideas. Cheers!
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