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  1. I want Carlos out as much as anyone now, but this, really?!
  2. Indeed, overall form over 6 matches we're 9th, over 10 matches we're 10th. In the last 6 only Wolves and ourselves are unbeaten etc etc.
  3. Fan vote team selection

    You also missed A. Winger (with pace)
  4. Matias Joao and Abdi

    People repeatedly have a dig at Abdi as though he's chosen to be injured. Everything I've seen about him suggests that he's a consummate professional and considering how short a playing career is I'd imagine he probably is gutted not to fit enough to play. Even if he is happy to pick up a pay cheque not playing at all doesn't do much for your prospects when your contract expires. It's hardly a McGugan situation.
  5. Just Visiting

    He's been on and posted to be fair.

    Charge your phone up mate, it ain't going to last to the end of deadline day!

    Do we? I'm not saying we don't but there seems to be a hell of a lot of assumptions around transfer fees and what we pay our players on here. Never seems to be backed up with anything though.
  8. Micah

    Wow, what a delightful soul he is!
  9. No doubt folk on here will be complaining in a few weeks that we haven't signed someone with enough experience at the back, such is Owlstalk
  10. in an ideal world

    You were suggesting selling FF, Hooper and Rhodes though (plus Nuhiu and Joao - not going to disagree there mind), there's having too many cooks and then there's piling all the pressure on one person to cook Christmas dinner for 50 people! As much as I like Hutch he just plays too deep for me, that combined with poor distribution from the back makes it difficult for us to get forward in numbers. Having said that it looks like the 2 new CB's can play a bit so that may alleviate things a little.
  11. in an ideal world

    Sort of get where you're coming from and there's definitely a case that we have too many strikers but you have to factor in for injuries, suspensions, general fatigue etc as well as needing different types of striker based on differing tactical challenges. Whilst I think we have too many midfielders that are too similar I actually think the blend of strikers is very good at the club and used right gives us all sorts of options. I just think we have most of (some would argue all) the tools to do the job but aren't utilising them properly as it stands. Obviously this brings us right back to the Carlos issue but then that's been discussed/ranted in about a million other threads.
  12. in an ideal world

    Surely that depends on how many the 4 of them get? Does it really matter if the goals are spread around (I am in no way suggesting we're scoring enough at the moment but I really don't think that's down to the quality of striker).
  13. in an ideal world

    I'd be inclined to agree that Hooper won't get 20 goals but he offers a damn-site more than that to the team. Close the bleeding transfer window please, these posts are getting painful now.