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  1. Bottler Owl

    Hooper, Lee & the other Injuries

    I'm proper gutted for Lee, normally have very little sympathy for modern day footballers but aside from being a quality footballer he seems a proper grafter and a nice guy to boot.
  2. Bottler Owl

    Press Conference

    Sleeping giant - tick!
  3. Bottler Owl

    Press Conference

    The cricket question was a b it cringeworthy!
  4. Bottler Owl

    Press Conference

    Says we're not going to in 5-0 every week, Bruce out!!
  5. Bottler Owl

    Championship Goal of the Year

    Definitely the Neves one for me, think I clicked the wrong one by accident though...
  6. Bottler Owl

    Front page of Star tomorrow......!!

    The forum is such a stupid stupid idea at this stage, just put out a statement FFS!
  7. Bottler Owl

    Ou est le presser?

    That was painful! Almost felt sorry for him when he was being asked if he was on borrowed time... almost!
  8. Bottler Owl

    Ou est le presser?

    Facebook page
  9. Bottler Owl


    Loovens time was certainly up and he just didn't have the legs anymore but man are we missing his organisational skills, Lees looks a shadow of his former self without Loovens next to him.
  10. Bottler Owl

    Just seen the goals - Pathetic

    I know his legs had gone and he was getting pelters from some fans at the end but it's become more and more apparent how much we miss Loovens organisational skills. Not saying he would've been able to do a job had he stayed but I think not having a suitable replacement for him is a far bigger miss than Hutch or Westwood, Lees looks a shell of his former self without him at his side.
  11. Bottler Owl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Yeah sounds about right, the financial situation and the fact that we're poo at the moment will certainly put a damper on his value.
  12. Bottler Owl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    You're guessing there as much as me. You may be right but there's every chance of at least getting our money back on him if not making a modest profit (I agree talk of £15m is pie in the sky), same can't be said for the majority of other players at the club.
  13. Bottler Owl

    Pulled the plug or selling

    Got to disagree here, whilst I do think he is a bit overrated he's the right age and is one of the few purchases that actually has some sort of resale vale. If we'd made more signings like him rather than those in the twilight of their career I think it's be much easier to sell our way out of some of the problems. Pure guess work but I don't imagine he's one of the top top earners either.
  14. Agree with the OP, has his hands well and truly tied behind his back. Agree the chopping and changing of personnel can be frustrating but as pointed out this bagged us just 1 defeat in 9 before these last 2 disappointing games. I get that this approach isn't that popular and people like a established team but I think you'd struggle to get much agreement as to the best combo of players and formation between fans. Jos has made a career, and several promotions to boot, through being flexible and pragmatic but we have to remember this isn't a team built in his image and he's working with the tools at his disposal. I honestly think the way forward would be to cash in on Reach AND Forestieri (though I fear we've missed his peak value) as well as jettisoning the out of contract big earners to allow Jos to build a side he wants which I'd guess would include a number of young hungry German and Dutch players. The cries for Westwood et al are completely pointless and I very much doubt it has anything to do with Jos in all honesty, even with them I doubt very much we'd be looking at promotion and who knows what the financial implications around playing them are. It's a strange situation for sure but one that I doubt we'll be privy to for a long time yet. Whatever the approach it'll be a lean couple of seasons unless we unearth some gems along the way, we'll win some, draw some and lose some. Said at the start of the season we'd finish 13th and I've no reason to change my mind. All just my opinion mind!
  15. Bottler Owl

    Trust in Jos

    Basically this! I remember the where will we finish thread around the start of the season and the vast majority were predicting bottom half, mid table at best with a fair few predicting a relegation battle. Long way to go but after a poor start he’s done really well. obviously room for improvement but if someone offered me 6th at this stage I’d have snapped their hand off especially when done alongside the blooding of several youngsters and without several of our ‘star players.’