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  1. Agree with the OP, has his hands well and truly tied behind his back. Agree the chopping and changing of personnel can be frustrating but as pointed out this bagged us just 1 defeat in 9 before these last 2 disappointing games. I get that this approach isn't that popular and people like a established team but I think you'd struggle to get much agreement as to the best combo of players and formation between fans. Jos has made a career, and several promotions to boot, through being flexible and pragmatic but we have to remember this isn't a team built in his image and he's working with the tools at his disposal. I honestly think the way forward would be to cash in on Reach AND Forestieri (though I fear we've missed his peak value) as well as jettisoning the out of contract big earners to allow Jos to build a side he wants which I'd guess would include a number of young hungry German and Dutch players. The cries for Westwood et al are completely pointless and I very much doubt it has anything to do with Jos in all honesty, even with them I doubt very much we'd be looking at promotion and who knows what the financial implications around playing them are. It's a strange situation for sure but one that I doubt we'll be privy to for a long time yet. Whatever the approach it'll be a lean couple of seasons unless we unearth some gems along the way, we'll win some, draw some and lose some. Said at the start of the season we'd finish 13th and I've no reason to change my mind. All just my opinion mind!
  2. Bottler Owl

    Trust in Jos

    Basically this! I remember the where will we finish thread around the start of the season and the vast majority were predicting bottom half, mid table at best with a fair few predicting a relegation battle. Long way to go but after a poor start he’s done really well. obviously room for improvement but if someone offered me 6th at this stage I’d have snapped their hand off especially when done alongside the blooding of several youngsters and without several of our ‘star players.’
  3. You forget it’s voted on
  4. Bottler Owl

    Undr the Cosh - Nicky Weaver

    Yeah, good podcast that. Magic Sponge with Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith was great as well but that seems to have gone, old episodes definitely worth a listen though.
  5. Been listening to the Undr the Cosh podcast of late presented by Jon Parkin and Chris Brown. They interview ex footballers and the last 2 parter is with Nicky Weaver, the first episode covers mainly his time at Man City but the second half covers his time at Wednesday. Bit of an insight into the time under Megson and both parts cover loads of stories around the drinking culture in football during the late 90's/2000's. Really interesting and very very funny! (Worth listening to both parts).
  6. Bottler Owl

    Gary Cahill Linked

    Jos has pretty much kiboshed this one.
  7. Bottler Owl


    Is it though?! I'll give you Westwood and Abdi mind
  8. I think we'll see Forestieri and Westwood go in January plus a shedding of the out of contract players and a rebuilding project from there tbh.
  9. Bottler Owl

    Bannan wins Goal of the Month

    Well played everyone...
  10. Bottler Owl


    They weren't exactly complimentary about Bannan to be fair...
  11. For gods hake, I swear 1 in around 50 threads devolve into fish puns.
  12. Rather him be dull and get the job done on the pitch (obviously that remains to be seen) than be a 'chilled out entertainer' in the press conferences but with dull football and and a shocking approach to fitness ala Carlos.
  13. I like Jos a lot. I just hope he doesn't get hounded out and is here long enough to rebuild a team in his image. Will take a couple of seasons to be in a position to even start the rebuild realistically though.