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  1. Reach definitely looks like he's bulked up a bit.
  2. Loved that on this one they said he'd been calling them to rage at how he was portrayed! It was hilarious but he's a massive jeb end for sure!
  3. My beans are adequately chilled, the office is pretty cold today. Fixed the above for you.
  4. Love that all these people that know how much each player is on, good to have so many in the know experts on here I remember listening to one of the many football podcasts a few months back (can't remember which one now, might have been the Football Ramble) that had an interview with an agent, they talked a bit about how complicated the contracts often are due to appearances, goals, clean sheets different trigger points etc so whilst a specific players contract has the potential to be say £30k a week the base element of it is likely to be well below that figure. Having said that, I'm not disputing that there will be some hugely overpaid players at the club (in football terms!) and it's probably a good guess that players like Hooper will be on some of the biggest ones.
  5. Coincides nicely with Forestieri's return, he's a nightmare for defenders who like to play out from the back when he's in the mood.
  6. Thought Bruce shut Giddings up pretty well to be fair.
  7. Never mind no Winnall, I think playing without what little pace we have available is a big mistake.
  8. I'm proper gutted for Lee, normally have very little sympathy for modern day footballers but aside from being a quality footballer he seems a proper grafter and a nice guy to boot.
  9. The cricket question was a b it cringeworthy!
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