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  1. Coincides nicely with Forestieri's return, he's a nightmare for defenders who like to play out from the back when he's in the mood.
  2. Thought Bruce shut Giddings up pretty well to be fair.
  3. Never mind no Winnall, I think playing without what little pace we have available is a big mistake.
  4. I'm proper gutted for Lee, normally have very little sympathy for modern day footballers but aside from being a quality footballer he seems a proper grafter and a nice guy to boot.
  5. The cricket question was a b it cringeworthy!
  6. Says we're not going to in 5-0 every week, Bruce out!!
  7. Definitely the Neves one for me, think I clicked the wrong one by accident though...
  8. The forum is such a stupid stupid idea at this stage, just put out a statement FFS!
  9. That was painful! Almost felt sorry for him when he was being asked if he was on borrowed time... almost!
  10. Loovens time was certainly up and he just didn't have the legs anymore but man are we missing his organisational skills, Lees looks a shadow of his former self without Loovens next to him.
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