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  1. Bottler Owl


    Is it though?! I'll give you Westwood and Abdi mind
  2. I think we'll see Forestieri and Westwood go in January plus a shedding of the out of contract players and a rebuilding project from there tbh.
  3. Bottler Owl

    Bannan wins Goal of the Month

    Well played everyone...
  4. Bottler Owl


    They weren't exactly complimentary about Bannan to be fair...
  5. For gods hake, I swear 1 in around 50 threads devolve into fish puns.
  6. Rather him be dull and get the job done on the pitch (obviously that remains to be seen) than be a 'chilled out entertainer' in the press conferences but with dull football and and a shocking approach to fitness ala Carlos.
  7. I like Jos a lot. I just hope he doesn't get hounded out and is here long enough to rebuild a team in his image. Will take a couple of seasons to be in a position to even start the rebuild realistically though.
  8. We will finish: 13th Who wins the league?: Leeds Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Hull, QPR Top goal scorer: Forestieri Will Jos be in charge?: Yes Stand out players?: Bannan Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: Forestieri to be sold in January but still finish our top scorer
  9. Bottler Owl

    What is really behind decisions?

    Listened to this last night, would urge everyone on here to give it a listen. Seems pretty much on the money as it were. Think January will see some of the names out of the door.
  10. A stab in the dark - Mr Chairman probably said not to.
  11. We're shagged financially so on the basis you'd need to sell a sellable asset who would you sell (or at least attempt to) - Lees, Bannan, Forestieri or Westwood...?
  12. Surely translated that reads they are/were trying to shift Westwood (understandably considering the financial situation) but evidently a deal/suitor hasn't been reached (yet).
  13. Bottler Owl


    Jos strikes me as the least egotistical man ever! A lot of the time I think he's just been put in an awkward position.