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  1. Stayed too long for me but I still like him. Was part of some great memories, that first leg against Brighton in particular.
  2. I think the problem with shipping Rhodes out isn't necessarily that DC wants too much per se but unless you get a certain amount for him (particularly on any purchase) he actually ends up damaging the accounts due to apportionment based on how much his value has plummeted.
  3. That's literally his thing! Got a lot of Forest mates (living in Nottingham as I do) and they all mention his ability to get in behind the last defender... then miss sitters.
  4. With the current squads, quite possibly, but as many have said on here (and plenty seemingly have ignored), if you give them the backing that all Premier League teams get via TV money then they would be some of the bigger clubs. They have huge support and are wildly known throughout the world when compared to the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton etc. I guess it all depends on what people define as a big club, in my opinion it isn't the amount of TV money you get.
  5. Are they just trying to emulate the senior team here?
  6. This can't be right, aren't they on the longest unbeaten streak of all time?
  7. Perhaps, I think most set ups are aware of Rhodes' pros and cons, he's hardly an unknown quantity in the Championship. Could possibly be that though.
  8. Seems strange that he's been playing a fair bit in pre-season if that's the case. Why not give the others more game time if so?
  9. Reach definitely looks like he's bulked up a bit.
  10. Loved that on this one they said he'd been calling them to rage at how he was portrayed! It was hilarious but he's a massive jeb end for sure!
  11. My beans are adequately chilled, the office is pretty cold today. Fixed the above for you.
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