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  1. Imagine a front 2 of Hirst and Di Canio in their pomp!
  2. Good - Hooper sitting Terry on his backside and leading up Reach's wonder strike. Bad - The utter capitulation against them lot as our defense parted like the red sea!
  3. I'd need more than £27 a week clean Megson and Chapman's balls!
  4. When did you fall in love with our club?

    1989, a 3-0 win at home against Charlton was my first game I went to. My late mum's husband took me and I had jam sandwiches in the stand and watched Hirst score twice and Dalian Atkinson (RIP) score the other. Was hooked from then and Hirst became my hero. Bad season mind but the following one was alright I guess!
  5. I'll be honest, I'm not sure De Bilde's got the legs for it these days.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday Injury Update

    I sense he won't play for us again this season Can see the club cashing in.
  7. Is it though?! It seems pretty standard to ease players back via the U23's, gives them game time at a much lower intensity where not giving 100% isn't the end of the world.
  8. Same, Better or Worse?

    The time was right to go but I have no doubt that we'd be way better off than we are. Massively frustrated still but not in any real danger.
  9. Early team for sat

    This would be pretty close for me.
  10. Did you catch Mr Chansiri with your Mrs or something? I've agreed with a fair few of your points in the past but you're going after him like he's the devil incarnate. I don't think anyone's suggesting that he's not made some (serious) mistakes/judgments but I don't for one second doubt his intentions.
  11. Are you not in danger of being in breach for several years then? If the purchases don't work out you have no way to change things up.
  12. Good to see you're being magnanimous about it all.
  13. The kinky things people get up to on days off eh?
  14. If it's as bad as it appears then I think Fessi will be sold for sure as he'll likely fetch a decent price, maybe Bannan too?